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02-14-2010, 05:53 AM
I have played for a week and i have got a few ideas in mind:

short term goal
1) we have a bridge that we can go to so make bank and exchange so we can access them from there.
2) also fighting missions fine if you are klingon be federations about exploring more of those please

med term goal
1) more selection on ships types federation made up of many worlds there would have been more
styles than the 3 per rank that you are showing even on the klingon side mercary would have had
their onw ships.
2) little more choices on the faces and stuff for the characters somethings to make people stand out

long term goal
hey wake up this is Star Trek give us Holo-decks name of game people likes to show off they like
trophys. pets are good but been done out the wazoo, one thing everybody likes is a place to show
what they have achive not just in a title. add trophys into the game in form of holo codes that people
can place into a holo-deck that is like a study on federation side and fest hall on kingon side so anyone
that is visiting a friends or fleet bride can walk into and see what they have done.
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# 552 More "Trekish"
02-14-2010, 05:54 AM
I'm an intermediate gamer at best. I joined up for life more because I'm a Trek fan than a game fan, so I don't know enough about MMO's to complain. I do, however, have a few suggestions that could make this experience closer to the subject material.

1. Instead of just the "Map", there should be "Stellar Cartography". Each time the player explores an unknown system, it should now become known, and appear in the UI. Finding the mission shouldn't be as hard as completing it.

2. Sensors and Tricorders should actually do what they were written to do. They should detect lifeforms, radiation, etc. and show them on a tricorder display. There could be different types of tricorders as well. Medical, Geological, Tactical etc. Too much time wasted stumbling around planets to find a plant. Even though one must only look out for the pointy rock formations.

3. Please add a bit more variety to these "Exploration Missions". How about, instead of static objects, a couple of big, scary new lifeforms that the player would have to vanquish at the end of a mission. Like a "Level Boss". Something like the Delta Vega creature that chased Kirk in the latest film.

4. How about more dialogue? Let some of the major characters speak a little. Like the holographic doctor.

5. Please fix the uniform bug. I've been in the same dirty, sweaty uniform since I was an Ensign, although my hair looks great.

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02-14-2010, 06:14 AM
Short-term request:
1. Fix the mission content already in game.
2. Add in more in depth options for uniforms.
3. Auto holster weapons while at starbase, on your bridge etc. Beaming down to spacedock with a weapon out is a bit out of the norm for Star Trek.
4. Increase difficutly of ground / space missions
5. Add more people to the instances. It seems quiet half the time.
6. While we know you guys are busy, more communication would be appriciated. Even if it is to say hey, we are here and do look at what you guys are talking about.

Mid-term request:
1. Larger Sectors with more planets - Universe seems waaay to small as it is.
2. Make exploration actually involve some... ehm... exploration <borrowed but needs repeating. Exploration should be entering an unexplored system and surveying everything in it, from planets, to anomolies, to nebulas, to the star its orbiting. Trek is a huge universe, and not everyone wants to be Captain Kirk.
3. Neutral Zones should be larger, and unless allied, the moment you cross it you will have ships sent to intercept you.
4. Added ranks with expanded skills / new skills
5. Some type of State of Affairs information network that lets people know whats been going on in the Universe. (Plagues on Kronos, New civilization doscovered, Update on the Federation aid to Romulas etc. This can be something that is jsut randomly generated that lets us feel like we are apart of something larger and that other things are going on around us.
6. Communication from you guys

Long-term request:
1. The different powers engaging in Diplomatic relations resulting in new mission types / territory changes etc.
2. Larger Universe with more planets.
3. More Playable Factions - Romulan, Cardassian, Ferrengi, Breen, J'em Hadar, Founders etc.
4. Interiors for player ships.
5. More options for Fleets - Player owned, or at least controlled, stations.
6. Sector space needs to be a LOT larger. It would be nice to have secor space as one completely linked instance. For example I can go from DS9 to Romulas without have to change through 4 instances to get there.
7. Borders than cannot be crossed without extreme consequences.
8. Sub-careers - Section 31, Starfleet Inteelligence, Medical etc that opens up completely different types of gameplay. Example - A tactical officer who decides to take an assignment with starfleet intelligence with missions stemming from clandestine operations in enemy territory, to stealing a prototype enemy starship or technology.
9. Diplomatic missions that could result in changes to the entire quadrant (Federation - Romulans ally against the borg, hirogens etc).
10. When you actually enter a solar system, it will be logged in the computer / Stellar Cartography that you have been there and know exactly where it is. It annoys me when I get a mission, and have to explore the known galaxy to find the system. If starfleet is giving me a mission, they should know where it is at.
10. Communications from you guys

A lot I know, but I think this game has the right idea. Its limited now but I think, in this case, that is a good thing. It allows you guys to hear the feedback from the people and really add depth and substance to the game.

Thank you for what you guys have done so far.
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02-14-2010, 06:17 AM
Thanks for putting this post:

Short term:
1. When in ground missions and you cycle a weapon, allow me to stay locked on my original target. When you cycle, it de-selects target.
2. Allow bridge officers to be visible while on Starbase 01 so our friends/other players can see them.
3. Lower the "price" of changing costumes and ship modifications. It's a bit high and shouldn't really matter--it's not real money, so making the changes doesn't really "cost" Cryptic anything but would allow more game fun.
4. I keep getting automatically sucked into fleet actions when I'm en route to my mission. I don't select "enter" but get sucked in anyway.
5. When an item can't be equipped, provide an answer as to why. Very little is explained in this game so far.

Medium term:
1. Make maps a little clearer. At Starbase 01, warping to mission doesn't always take you directly there and it can be confusing when trying to find where you're supposed to go.
2. Consider a strategy guide sooner rather than later. Reviewing the player tells shows that 99% of them are players just trying to figure out how to play the game--where stuff is, how to get to specific locations, etc.
3. On a related note, free respecs: so little was explained in the game that we made decisions about slotting that we now regret and wouldn't have made if it had been explained more clearly.

Long term:
1. Content for ground missions needs some outside-the-box thinking. Changing the narrative doesn't make it a different mission; it's pretty much ENTER-KILL-CLICK BLINKIE-EXIT, regardless of the storyline. Change how the player actually interacts with environment to achieve diversity. This was the problem with City of Heroes. Many don't even read the storyline, but even if you do, there's little difference in terms of actions performed. Some ideas:
1A. To reach a location, character must hop across ice flows/precipices/etc., with the chance of falling. Even little stuff like this throws a twist into it, but makes players use more diverse skills.
1B. Consider other vehicles on the ground; single-pilot fighters, ground speeders (think Star Trek: Insurrection), water craft, etc. Combat on these vehicles would be different from the usual. Perhaps have a BO arm a cannon mounted on the back.
1C. Combat variation: consider all hand-to-hand sequences in missions (perhaps weapons don't work). Perhaps a player gets captures and has to duel a foe in order to be freed (think Amok TIme).
2. Create a zone in which ship sensors and targeting don't work. Players are forced to rely on visual contact and forward firing (think the Nebula in Wrath of Khan). It could be a voluntary zone, but would make things interesting if you don't know what could emerge from that gas cloud. Risks are higher, but rewards can be higher too.

Thanks for asking. I hope you incorporate some of these in the future.

Val E. Forge
USS Winnisquam
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02-14-2010, 06:21 AM
Short Term:

1. Change space to allow your ship to roll and loop. Currently, you can only go up at a certain angle, and down at a certain angle, which means we do several complete spirals to level off so we can battle enemies that are straight below or above us.
2. Crystalline Entity is an abortion compared to earlier fleet missions, I am not complaining about the complexity of the fleet action for it, but I am complaining that basically a kite and circle and avoid the shards. So basically the only loot for that 2 hour long time sync really isn't worth it. Previous fleet mission, you got loot from most things destroyed leading up to main objective. But with Crystalline Entity, you avoid the shards for the most part that don't drop anything anyways.
3. More customization - hairstyles, skirts, dresses, eye attachments for all races, like a joined trill/trill can't have eye attachments, make up for all female races, right now they are limited to specific few. As far as lore goes for dresses, Whoopie wore many different dresses and she was a Betazoid. More long hair styles for both men and women, right now men have dreads and pony tails for long hair styles, that's it.
4. Make each bridge officer ability on a seperate cooldown from each other. IE: If I use 2 tactical officers for my escort and choose to use high yield and high yield, or high yield and high yield 2 or high yield and spread, these shouldn't be on the same cooldown, because you still have a global cooldown for torpedo launcher anyways. Same for beam abilities and cannon abilities, tactical, science and engineering teams.
5. Balance the Klingons and Feds for space and ground, right now it's severely Klingon sided.
6. Allow for customizable formations for ground bridge officers, that's usable with rally point.
7. Allow for bridge officers to holster weapons when not in use.
8. Change contribution points from being strictly DPS to a true contribution system so that Science and Cruiser Class ships can have a chance at being top dog on the fleet action contribution chart.
9. Give us bigger ground PVP maps that are more wide open fields, perhaps something similar to Breaking the Planet, where we can capture turret points that will help us against our opponents.
10. Give us a respec at level 11, 21, 31, 41, and 49 and a merchant we can buy respec's from.
11. When you abandon a bridge officer to upgrade from one to another, return half the bridge officer points and starfleet merits used for promotion.
12. Do not touch death penalty.

Mid Term:
1. Add more ship customization, Saucer, Hull, Bridge, etc. Add more ship war patterns, IE: Aries, Orion, etc. Make colors more prominent on ships, note: This doesn't mean make it glow neon, the dull paint job works, just would like to be able for it to be more prominent, maybe with a slider bar.
2. Overhaul the Bridge of our ships, I can see our bridge being turned into like a Housing system and I am all for that. Our bank should accessible from our bridge. Or add a hold in our ship for storage.
3. Add mission that board your ship, and you have to defend it.

Long Term:

1. Add more story line.
2. Add more Content.
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02-14-2010, 06:28 AM

- Fix bugs, less downtime.. (duh)
- Fix uniforms, can't force models so the ones we deign/display aren't seen when aromour or kits are on, taking off kit etc EVERY time you beam somewhere so you can see your uniform is annoying.


- Uniforms again, can we have a force models button in the menu to make EVERY player have YOUR uniform.. It would make them all uniform.... As an option it would be great, making the whole 'military' have the same uniform, what a concept!! Still leaving it open to others who want to have whatever on display though...
- Why can't my escort fly 90deg up and down? If the enemy is right below or above I have to fly away and then come back as my cannons won't have the right angle to attack if above or below as I CAN'T DIVE OR PULL UP ENOUGH!!!!!
- Ship classes that mean something, at different levels ships have different slots etc, but why not have the 3 (or more please) in every rank class have DIFFERENT slots, make it more of a tactical choice of ship rather than a 'congrats on the promotion, here have another slot or two...'


- Exploration, say when you get to 25 star Admiral (or whatever) you can get flung waaaaaaaaaay out into the middle of nowhere by yourself (like voyager etc), make it a looong mission to get back with AN INTERESTING storyline that isn't generic ie; you make friends/enemies with different races along the way, will effect the rest of it...

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02-14-2010, 07:10 AM
1) Tell us how to create a Rally point with a slash command so we can bind it to a key.
2) Tell us how to create a Rally point with a slash command so we can bind it to a key.
3) Tell us how to create a Rally point with a slash command so we can bind it to a key.

In fact, PUH-LEASE Tell us how to create a Rally point with a slash command so we can bind it to a key.

Can't you just put the name of any button you're mousing over in the dang TOOLTIP?

Oh, and did I mention, Tell us how to create a Rally point with a slash command so we can bind it to a key.
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02-14-2010, 07:38 AM
wonder how much of this they could do and how much this beyond their abilities.
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02-14-2010, 08:30 AM
instance difficulty select, such as the one in city of... game gets boaring quickly when i need to get freinds to log in and fleet up just so i can increase the number of enemy ships and have a good fight in a solo mission

more fleet actions

tell us what you are changing and stop saying it's not a patch, todays not a patch changed the enter system text to "open door" most of us dont care what your changes logs look like just show it to us, the player base can then point out errors
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02-14-2010, 08:57 AM
Short term: Start Trek Miniskirts/Short Dresses NEED to happen soon. This will make people very happy.

Mid Term: Ways to gain Respecifications.

Long Term: More ways to level through content. Particularly as other Factions.

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