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# 561 Most important thing to fix
02-14-2010, 09:02 AM
Hi guys,

haven't read through the whole forum but this is the most important thing for me:

1) Sort out the ground combat, selecting a target an auto firing is so mind depressingly boring it will make people stop playing this game. It simply makes you feel "sick", I love star trek it's the only reason i'm continuing with it. They need to change it so it's more like a first person shoot em up, you need to have the option to aim MANUALLY.

The space combat is ok, the ground combat part of missions makes me feel "sick" it's like having to do something pointless again and again and again
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# 562
02-14-2010, 09:08 AM
Short term.
Adding the missing 2 buttons (9,0) for the first two toolbar choices.
Adding autofire for all basic attacks for ground and space (All phasers and basic ground attack)
Team mates always load into the same instance.

Better bridge detail (proper viewscreen, ready room)
Sitting in chairs.
Full axis for ship movement.

Smaller corridors, doors (So we dont feel 2ft tall)
Higher detail textures for ships, bridges, stations, LCARS
Overhall of the boring and pointless sector block travel system.
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# 563
02-14-2010, 10:03 AM
I know this is a tad late, but . . .

Short term:
-Adjust the loot tables. Maybe add some credits to them, maybe tone down the batteries I keep getting. A bit more variety.

Medium term:
-Fix the skill point system. Right now, it acts like currency - limited amounts of currency that gets lost every time you sell a ship or boot an officer. That's bad.

Either make it a real currency system where the supply is unlimited, or make it a system where you get a full refund whenever you get rid of somebody you've invested in.

And oh, yeah - it would be nice to reset the skills and redo them. Especially critical for first time players, who may not know the skill system and may regret some of the decisions they make early on.

-Better diplimatic missions. I think they tend to be a bit too linear - it would be nice if the player can make some choices rather than the current "talk to NPC A, talk to NPC B, talk to NPC A again" format.

-Work on the collision detection.

Long term:

-Increase the pace of the missions. They're pretty slow right now.

-The bridge is a good start, but it would be nice to have larger ship interiors. May also make a good place for more missions. Not asking for complete, detailed, but at least have the most important decks.

-Simplify the currencies. Not sure why we have so many of them.
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# 564
02-14-2010, 10:43 AM
Short-term requests

Remove cap on # of starships you can have. Even as I level up I want to be able to keep my older designs for appearances and also for when I play with low level friends (so we'll fight as equals if I so choose).

Mid-term requests

(1) Add a death penalty so Escorts won't just fly in, die, fly in, die, rinse and repeat. This hurts the loot drops for everyone else and you should simply care about having your character killed. (2) Add a perma-stun option so people who feel it's un-trek to kill can be happy too. (3) in distributing loot for team/pvp/fleet actions add heals into the scoreboard calculations not just dps (4) Allow respecs.

Long-term requests

Have some missions be able to completed in different ways based on choices you make, kind of like one of those choose your story books. Right now the kill everything regardless of whether or not it makes sense missions are balanced by wander aimlessly around a map scanning things (bores me to tears) there are dialogue driven missions in-game so I know they can be done, please do more of them as an alternative to the first two.
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# 565
02-14-2010, 11:05 AM
make this game harder
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# 566
02-14-2010, 11:39 AM
Short Term

1. Sittable chairs
2. auto holster weapons during non comabat
3.better explaination of what console bonuses actually do.
4.Reduce the exorbitant cost of bank tabs- come on 1.2 million for a second tab
5. Fleet tags and emblems for uniforms and ships
6. SLOW DOWN PROGRESSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mid Term

1. More ship types and options
2.better death consequences- sip combat not respawning at full health, maybe some system damage, something more than a few second time out. begin with something more like personal combat where you need to find cover and get some healing done.
3.Fleet own-able star-bases
4. ship interior missions
5. more ship interiors (capt. ready room, 10 forward etc.. I would like to decorate my own ready room)
6. fleet actions with a point ie end bosses or specific victory conditions, as well as grouping fleet members together in a fleet action ( perhaps a Queuing area that drops all members registered for the action in the same instance)

Long term

1. Truly unexplored space with planets , systems, and races that we can add to the universe ( new sectors that get added to the map etc..
2. fully customizable PLAYER crafting system, even if it has to be done at Memory Alpha, with more options and all.
3. open PVP area ( aka Neutral Zone )
4. Playable Romulans and other canon races
5. Many more exploratory missions
6. Diplomacy rating for your captain and varied options that come with a higher one...not all solutions need to come at the end of a phaser.
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# 567
02-14-2010, 12:04 PM
Short Tern .... FIX THE CAMERA --- Make a Follow Ship and Follow Character options ..... PLEASE!!!!
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# 568 Short Term
02-14-2010, 12:11 PM
fix the ******n servers
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# 569
02-14-2010, 12:11 PM
Short Term - STOP ALL THE SERVER CRASHES. Beef it up or refund us time.
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# 570
02-14-2010, 12:26 PM
Short Term:

1) Please fix the graphics bugs associated with random Away Missions. Examples include lighting issues in subterranean caves, mobs and BOs falling through the surface of the planet, Unreachable Anomalies.

2) Turn radius increases for all ships; both NPC and PC; multiple examples in TNG , DS9, Voyager and the varied movies show the ships turning at high speeds. Inertial Dampeners work to alleviate the problems with getting something so big to be able to move so quickly; why not fix said problem right away?

3) Correct pathing issues on BOs. Nothing gets more annoying than having to wait for a BO to catch up for a fight after he's gotten snagged on a wall or a plant.

Mid Term:

1) Add more diversity in the character creation menu. Noses, hairstyles and ear shapes in particular.

2) A better assortment of colorations for the ships is needed; ones that make said ship look more streamlined for example.

3) More star systems per sector; with possibly larger sectors.

Long Term:

1) Enable visitation or random missions to all star systems; regardless of having had visited it in a past patrol mission.

2) Add an option to the game to allow travel via sector space from the bridge. Setting a course for a system could easily be done at the helm station via a LCars interface showing something like this:

Sector Block : XXX
Sector: XXX
System: XXX

Once engaged, simply have the sound of the warp core fire up and the viewscreen set to the standard 10 forward view of warp speed streaming stars. I have noted this as a common desire amongst the majority of posters and I feel it is needed for the feel of Star Trek.

3) Add more starship types. Steamrunner Class, Akira Class, etc. All are wanted by varied people throughout the game.

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