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02-14-2010, 12:47 PM

* Holster weapons when not in a combat situation. I feel like an idiot materialising with my phaser out.
* Server stability.
* The AI officers get stuff on terrain way too much.
* Is there a reason for the 2 characters per person rule? Get rid of it.


* More ship-based drama. By this I mean alien invaisons on your own vessel, etc. How about the possibility of being boarded during combat when your shields fail?
* A bit more detail on the planets you're visiting and fewer 'twins' walking around.
* Central maps so you can view where you're going, not just where you are.


* More varied missions. It seems a bit strange that a Star Trek game reveolves so much around killing. Perhaps (during space battles) enemies could attempt to flee when their shields fail? Hrm - that could be race-specific maybe? Like to Orions doing a runner while the Klingons would battle on?
* More content. At the moment everything seems a bit superficial. Adding more NPC's and extra factions would be great.
* Add some Captains' perogative. For exammple if you salvage something 'suspcious' from a ship, it opens up a mission chain with wider implications on the Federation.
* Have races with a storyline connected to their homeworld somehow. These would be optional, but would give greater realism.
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02-14-2010, 12:52 PM
AUCTION HOUSE/EXCHANGE!!! forgot about that one... a sort by price feature.
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02-14-2010, 01:12 PM
short term
1, make the prices lower (if possible).
2, free servers where you can play for free.
3, add more ship details to the website.
4, give players the lifetime, or 12 month substriction options.

mid term
1, some ground vehicles.
2, options to have a big away team (not that important but good enough to add).
3, more playable factions like romulans, cardassians, etc.
4, to be able to actually build bases for colonists.
5, faster warp drive options (not that what we have isn't good).

long term
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02-14-2010, 01:19 PM
short term:

* fixing server side problems/glitches the way you are doing so far
* adding a "crafting progress" in memory aplha
* more info (a more detailed manual, info in skills, buffs and debuffs, weapons, even ships)
* sensor sweep on target (gatter more info about crew, weapons and skills of enemy based on how great is your sensor and/or scientific officer)

mid term:

* more varied missions
* interactive consoles in the bridge (to access stellar cartography, or starfleet database with a lot of data about the game or the star trek universe)
* ships interior: capitan's room with trophies, storage room filled with the items you have, ten foward where you can talk to your crew and do social missions, engineering, all of them able for boarding missions

long term:

* guild related system: a fleet filling certain reqs (money, size and respurces) can build an outpost close to a neutral zone and invest resources (credits, exp point, anomalies, etc) in upgrading the station "tier" and weapons and capacity
* guild misisons: defending the guild base from other faction attacks (pirates, borg, klingons, PVP, PVE you name it) or gaining control of a portion of the neutral zone to gather resource boosts, crew or skills for the base. There can be battles within the same faction or in the same fleet in the name of "training exercises"
* Gamma and Delta cuadrants: that means total map overhauling and a new level of size in tha game universe, with captured borg transwarp hubs, stable wormholes, Q creating some fun sending you to the other side of the galaxy, and epic misions
* Playable factions from gamma and delta quadrants: there are a lot of races from voyager series that can be made faction (borgs can't be factionable since the hive mind and the lack of depht, same with dominion since it's a race based hierarchy), but kazons can and i'm sure there can be a new gamam quadrant faction.
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02-14-2010, 01:19 PM
Short Term:
1 -- Add searching, sorting and filtering options to the Exchange. Perhaps I've been spoiled by EQ2, where I can sort the listings by any category and filter the listings to exactly what I want. Boolean searches (ie: a search for: phaser +VI -VII -VIII +Crt == a listing of all Mark VI phasers with Critical damage, without having to skim past the VII and VIII weapons and those that don't have Crit damage) would be a massive improvement over the current WYSIWYG search functions. Being able to drag and drop an item from your inventory to the search listing would be a massive improvement as well, rather than having to type everything in manually. Adding minimum and maximum price filters so you're not inundated by the million credit+ items when you only have a few thousand to spend.

2 -- Chat channel filtering and cleanup. Although it's nice to have access to chat from every single instance of the zone you are in, it's a massive distraction when the people in your zone are trying to coordinate their actions different than the people in zone #234.

3 -- No auto-engaging of enemy contacts in open space. Give players a dialogue popup asking if they wish to join instead. At the very least, try to "encourage" the enemy contacts from loitering near the sector borders, so we're not pulled in as soon as we enter the sector.

1 -- Faster travel options. Boost the speed or add more transwarp conduits (perhaps tying access in to missions). Reduce the reuse timer on the transwarp to Sol as well, perhaps adding additional destinations as mission rewards in various sectors.

2 -- Better mission flow. I was finishing up the mission series in some sectors without having finished the initial missions in the series. There seems to be no set order for them, which makes the story get somewhat jumbled, like reading page 4 before you read page 1.

3 -- Improved mission types. The relief effort missions are a nuissance in their current form -- these would be done more often if the on-ship replicators would produce the required supplies and if the mission rewarded the player a sufficient amount to cover some of the loss of buying the supplies. Diplomatic missions seem... non-existant... on one mission I had to settle a dispute between feuding vendors, which was a step in this direction, but most mission content is generally ground battle, space battle, resource harvest, relief effort.

Long Term:
1 -- In-ship content. Captain's quarters, crew quarters, ready rooms, briefing rooms, ten forward, astrometrics labs, sick bays, transporter rooms, even just generic hallways -- all the different places we've seen throughout the different series. This could make for an excellent way to get credits out of the economy as well -- buying decor items (plants, chairs, consoles, art, etc) to decorate the different areas of our ships, as well as buying different "themes" for these areas (like the different bridge styles).

2 -- Social content. It's not an MMO if we're all out soloing in PvE/PvP -- add some reasons for us to get together -- add some games in Quark's or the starbase lounges for us to play against each other, add some holodeck content (little group adventures themed on any number of things), give us reasons to come together outside of killing some random target.
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02-14-2010, 02:01 PM
Short term
Definately need a better sorting tool on the Exchange for sort lowest to highest price at least unless i missed it right now the system is completely ineffective

I dont have any mid term

Long term
it would be interesting to add holodeck missions. Add a morale system where the bridge members will preform better on high morale and worse on low morale. Then we could relive the classic moments just like picard in the big goodbye when he played the character dixon hill on the holodeck that is.
and have us access the missions by going to the bridge where we can talk to specific bridge officers that need more morale than others and ask them to join us on the holodeck which could then be accessed by the one lift door on the bridge.

and yes after posting this and reading the reply right above mine i realize i repeated the whole sorting on the exchange
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02-14-2010, 02:12 PM

Nacelles on intrepid ships should move when warp

More variation in appearence of space missions. No more really thin asteroid belts where if there is a base in the middle of it you have to defend it, if its at the end of it its a ground mission...

More ship customisability


Global events - klingons take over the Sierra Sector for example

Memory Alpha fix (crafting system)

Missions involving your own crew


Re-think ground missions 100% they are terrible. More diverse surroundings - there has been 1 mission that was vagyuely interesting at the start where you had to talk to people and then you got asked questions on it. The combat is terrible.

Make the choice of starting character have abilities for endgame. EG Engineers can actually build and design NEW technology. Scientists can develop new abilities for the crew, Tactical Officers can create their own Attack Patterns with specific bonuses (or develop something like The Picard Manuver and teach others it)

Planets, colonies, - would be good too see empires expand and contract.
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02-14-2010, 02:14 PM

* autofire for ground combat
* Server stability.
* endgame content


* finish the ground game, the graphics and AI is horrible


* fuly explorable ships with mini games, e.g. holodecks
* open up the entire galaxy for exploration, less instances, more datacentres.
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02-14-2010, 02:26 PM
Short Term Request (Have not read all post yet):
More Skirt Options in General.
Bug Fixes
More C-Store items

More areas of my Ships to Explore

A System where I can "Overhaul" and "Refit" a Lower Tiered Ship Increasing its abilities by One Tier at a time, Basically a way of upgraded your older ships up to match the higher tier ships by giving them more consoles and bridge officer slots maybe even adding weapons ports, Of course this would be a costly path and more a labor of love then anything else I love some of my older ship designs and would like to be able to use them at higher tiers instead of just tossing them like used garbage with the current way things are, This could even open up Trading/Selling Ships that have been Upgraded much like BoFF's can be.

Long Term :
More Factions - Playable Romulans Please! I love their ships!
More Ship Choices
More Ship Customization
Player Housing within their ships: IE a Captains Room where I can hang my medals and keep my pet tribbles.
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02-14-2010, 02:38 PM
Server stability.
^see above ^

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