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02-15-2010, 12:51 AM
Short Term
1. Bug fixes
2. Server stability
3. Improved quest variety on patrol/explore missions
4. Character respecs. Especially since there are so few character slots on an account.

Mid Term
1. Fleet actions past the CE. The ones in the Laurentian system seem pretty well designed (though maybe a little repetitive) I really had a blast doing the space one there though.
2. Revamped exploration system. I just plain don't like the implementation of it now. It doesn't seem right that theres these unexplored anomalies that can be planets or unusual readings just scattered about at random, disappearing once someone scans them or enters the system. Also, if these systems are unexplored, why the hell are there so many federation colonists/bases on these planets.
3. Better tooltips and quest dialog. Some quest dialogs are unclear or inaccurate on where you have to go, and this needs to be corrected. The tooltips are just horrible. In my opinion, pretty much the worst implemented thing in this game and totally unacceptable. See bottom of post.

Long Term
1. On ship quests. This shouldn't even be hard to implement. You just make maps of major ship classes and then have missions to do on them like solve the mystery of the hallucinations or fight off the borgs that just beamed to your ship. Or whatever. As a matter of fact, the majority of the shows took place inside the federation ships, so I'm really surprised that this isn't in the game.
2. More ship customization options and officer/character options. Not very critical, but this should be something that constantly expands in terms of options players have available to them as the game gets more developed.
3. Expanded Klingon content. Also, consideration on adding other factions as well. (But not until Klingons are complete)

My favorite. +0.1 Accuracy. What the hell does this mean. +0.1%? For all weapons or just this one?
Skill points don't say what they do. Ok. So i put another point in Polaron weapons damage. Yes this increases my damage. By how much? Well I know i got an extra +4 bar height on that little chart. Is that a fixed number? A percent? Some other crap? I'm glad the skill tells me "increases polaron weapons damage". That really helps.
Ok now lets say I drop some points in Starship Shield Efficiency. Examples Include: Emergency Power to Shields and Extend Shields. Is that a complete list? How about saying: This skill effects: (list). Oh, and there is also no mention of how each individual point affects any given ability. Sometimes it effects the cooldown, sometimes the potency, sometimes the duration, and sometimes a combination of the 3. Saying it effects any given ability isn't enough. We want to know HOW MUCH it effects that ability, in QUANTIFIABLE terms. +52 is not quantifiable. +12% polaron weapons damage is. Adds +52 damage to average polaron weapon attacks is.

Bridge Officers: The ability training menu needs to sorted better, with clear indications of the ability type (i.e. Science, tactical, engineering) as well as Ground or Space.

Overall: I want to know what I'm getting out of the skill points I put in, I don't want to guess. Especially since skill points are currently non-refundable. From what I understand so far is you have this 'stat' that is some sort of number. This number effects certain abilities, and it effects each one differently. Hell I wish I could write the damn tooltips for you. Argh! it drives me crazy!! Oddly enough, the tooltips on the mouseovers on your bars ARE detailed enough. This is the kind of thing that should be in the skills menu tooltips, and you should be able to see exactly how each point you invest in the skill effects each ability that skill is tied to.
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02-15-2010, 12:54 AM
More loot.

Why is this game so stingy? And the loot I have been picking up is seriously MEH. I often do ground missions where I slaughter something like 60 Klingons, and I might pick up two or three crummy items, most of which I don't even need.

I think it's perfectly fair to point out that in World of ********, I would normally get more loot from a single foe than I get from a whole mission in this game. I don't know why people complain about needing more storage, I have never run out of room yet.

I have played many, many games, and I have never played one that was as skimpy with rewards as this one is. Seriously, it's not just unusual, it's beyond ATYPICAL, it's positively ABERRANT.
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02-15-2010, 02:50 AM
Originally Posted by zinc View Post
Awesome thread guys.

Short Term:
Want to, but can't write a response on every single issue in here - to be honest, we're trolling and spending our time tracking the issues down to get you fixes ASAP. The gold spamming, the fleet banks, the commodity missions, memory alpha issues - all those things we're trying to address as fast (and more importantly as smart) as we can.

Mid Term and Long Term:
I'm, right this instant, using this as one of the main threads to gather update suggestions from. Keep it coming, keep it coming.


Short term, mid term and long term request: DIFFICULTY SLIDER, DIFFICULTY SLIDER, DIFFICULTY SLIDER as soon as possible
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02-15-2010, 03:14 AM
short term- Fix the server disconnects!!

Medium term- Fix the ruberband effect when you lag

Long term - see short and medium term.

Honestly guys, your killing me with the server DCs. 40mins tonight of constant server disconnects, I couldn't even complete 1 mission....seems to happen regurlarly this time of night.
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02-15-2010, 06:32 AM
short term:

- More stuff at memory alpha, i have so many mineral samples. techryon particles etc, etc in my inventory but i never seem to have the items for the upgrades, for example im commander at the moment and most of my stuff is Mk V and all the things i can upgrade at memory alpha are either Mk IV or Mk VI. so more stuff to upgrade at memory alpha please.

- Make the exchange better, with sort by options in the results pain and shift click to paste items into search fields, nice little things like that to make it less of a chore to use the exchange.

- Better descriptions for ability upgrades, skills, components etc. make it more clear what a each item or skill is making better.

- Being dragged into DSE's while i'm trying to sort out by BO skills or somthing in sector space is really starting to get on my ****, you should only go into DSE;s if you want to go into DSE's.

Mid Term:

- Star cluster exploration, more variety please, exploration at the moment is usually:
go to planet, spend at least 1000 energy credits so they can have better shield generators or somthing
go to planet, scan 1 strange thing, now scan another 4 strange things, wooo
go to system, scan one broken ship, now scan another 4 broken ships, wooo
go to system, talk to people, defend them from 4 waves of bad guys
go to system, get ambushed, clear system of all bad guys.
go to system, find 5 anomolys

so after doing these explore missions a few dozen times, it makes me sad

Long Term:

- 2 words, Sector space. i've complained about it before and i'm going to do it again now. sector space should be a combination of sensors, astrometrics and the navigation system but should not be the place we spend most of our time when playing the game. you should consult the sector map before leaving a system to choose a destination system at which point you are given the option to either watch your ship from normal chase cam as it warps, roam your ship until it reaches its destination, or go to the ready room where you can look over skill points inventory items etc until you reach your destination.

in the event you do not have time to pick another system and you just need to get out of your current system as quick as possible you should have an option to warp to dead space, empty space between systems, where you can stay to mull over what to do next or whether or not to install that new phaser array you just picked up. you can then take your time to pick your next system and warp from there.

things that exist in sector space at the moment can still exist, enemy sensor contacts, friendly cargo vessels etc, you will be able to see them in your sector map and plot an intercept course. theres no need to spend 70% of your time in the un-imersive, ugly sector space when you could be watching stars whizz past your ship at warp or pop down to the mess hall for so replicator fun or the holodecks for some ground mission training.
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02-15-2010, 07:42 AM
I am generally happy with the game, but have a few requests, whch seem to be short term ones.

1. Give us a 1st Officer, with his own console where he can use any Commander (4th level) skill he wants from the entire game. It would be hs only "skill" while at this console. But since he would be come part of the command divison, this fits with cannon parts of star trek.

2. Better sorting on the exchange.

3. Do not allow "running" in space dock. Dumb I know, but I think you should be not allowed to run in any starbases.

4. Increase the torpedo firing arcs from 90 degrees to 150 degrees. This would allieviate any turning concerns and make it a smidge easier for them to fire.

5. Increase the warp core output of the Cruisers to +5 per system, or allow the "extra" power to be micromanaged. The few extra points I get is wasted by being forced to systems in relatively weak amounts. Engine power is one of the most useless things. I could much better use that 3 points on my weapon systems

Anyway those are a few of my changes, I dont have any real long term ideas, these are all things I feel could be changed relatively quickly and easily.
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02-15-2010, 08:45 AM
- Re-spec
- Option to sort the exchange by price
- Skill descriptions that don't blow
- Bug fixes for the 23523523 bugs

- More content that isn't random generated and doesn't run by the exact same scheme as all the other copy/past missions (go to system X, collect one Y, collect 4 more Y, destroy 4 Z). This is ok for bread-and-butter quests but it should not be the only kind of mission there is. That was cool back when Diablo 1 was released, now... not so much. Go level a WOW character from 1 to 80. Now THAT's the way I like it. Many quests are still "collect X" but every 5 or 7 quests are different, interesting and you notice a human and not a random-script created them.
- A meaningful death penealty
- Interface (especially for skills) that doesn't look like it was designed for a console game (or designed by a mentally handicapped monkey that forgot his glasses at the banana store)

- Exploration / Diplomacy (basically so I notice I'm plying a Star Trek game and not a random shoot 'em up with Star Trek skins - which currently is all that STO has to offer.)
- A crafting system that deserves that name
- A player driven economy instead of boring NPCs. That's not even 90ies... that's early 80ies.
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02-15-2010, 09:29 AM
I check my email while browsing the forum before logging in to play the game as I hardly ever find myself near a station to check it in-game. I'd like a report spam button there as well since all i've received are gold farming site ads so far. Not necessarily game related, I know, but it would be nice.
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02-15-2010, 09:47 AM
Short Term;

1; Lets see some more variety in Klingon ships by way of adding in the already existing Gorn/Orion ships to Klingon ship vendors. /cheat-2suggestions-in-1 would also be nice to have bridges for those ships.

2; A few of the Federation ships could use nicer looking components (Im looking at YOU tier 3 Cruisers.)

3; Deployable Ablative Hull Armor as an end-game (no pun intended) shield type.

Mid Term;

-1; (My biggest request, this one is the most important to me out of all of these)
make most or all planets re-visitable after missions there are done, if for no other reason than for RP, socialization, and to show off your wonderful art-work for more than 15 minutes.
Instancing should make this fairly easy right?

2; A Nebula class type and an excelsior class type for the Fed side, a Klingon science type ship for the Klingon side

3; Some outside portions to Quonos

Long Term;

1; Expand the Klingons to match the Federation

2; Open PvP/War-zones/Contested Zones/Territory control etc. Some system like that

3; Romulan playable faction (I'd kill for a Norexan. Oh yes....)
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# 620 Short-Term Suggestions
02-15-2010, 09:50 AM
I only have some short-term suggestions -

1.) More character slots! Since there is a skill cap, and basically 3 classes between 2 factions, we should have more than 3 slots. Even the ability to purchase additional slots isn't working yet, to my knowledge.

2.) Look at particular zones (such as the Azure Nebula) that cause considerable lag for some video cards and/or systems (mine included). Just some particular zones, but movement in those zones is painful at best.

3.) Condensed kit descriptions, especially at high levels, when some kit powers are literally so far down the list that they are off screen and unreadable.

Make it so!

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