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02-15-2010, 01:32 PM
Long - More factions... take ppl away from the federation.. Rommies,Cardassians,Terran Empire anything to spread the numbers out. their space.. uhhh... i dunno add some more blocks to the rommies spoon heads etc etc throw in nimbus III , then we has a 3 way pvp

Mid - New uniforms

Short - playerable Undine
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# 632 In my opinion...
02-15-2010, 02:19 PM
Short-term requests

Not much I can think of to be honest as I havnt come across many bugs that really effected gameplay, so well done with that guys! But if theres one thing I could suggest I guess it would be (maybe not short term but even so) to make the bridges smaller!!! Its like your stood in a warehouse! Not very immersive...

Mid-term requests

I guess it would have to be to expand the galaxy!!! I've seen it mentioned on here countless times. Star Trek is about exploration amongst other things. I dont want to provoke anyone to have a rant at me but something like the EVE star map system would be pretty cool. I really dont get along with the 'warp' space screen when you are travelling from system to system. To me it feels like I'm flying through some virtual mock up of the internet or a data stream?! Again, an open universe like in EVE would be far more realistic and would really give the sense of epicness which I think Star Trek deserves!

Long-term requests

Ok, few to whack down here so bare with me...

First, the ability to walk round your ship would be fantastic, and I guess this goes hand in hand with being able to command your ship from the bridge (I know this would take a lot of work but maybe a combat and non-combat system could work? So you can command from the bridge when not in combat and then revert to the current outside view when you are?).

Secondly, not everyone wants to be in the federation! Plenty more factions please! Bajorian, Trill, Romulan, you name it. Also, being able to fight for the dominion would be fantastic.

And lastly... Just an idea, it would be a lot of fun to be able to (again, I read this on another post) target certain parts of enemy ships and then beam aborad for a deck to deck battle! Possibly resulting in capturing a ship which you could possibly sell to say Ferangi? (Not sure on the spelling there!).

Anyway, just a few ideas.

Keep it up guys! I reckon theres a lot of potential in Star Trek Online!

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02-15-2010, 02:24 PM
Short Term Request - Fix the graphical issues with ships, examples: Soverign, Intrepid, and Defiant class, along with Luna class, etc.. lights, hull.

Midterm request - More Fleet Action, better space pvp maps.

Long Term request, this is from another thread i made yesterday.

Everyone remembers the iconic warp scene's in any Star Trek show, TNG, DS9, Voyger, even the TNG films. My point is. Instead of bringing the camera to an angle and show us warping out of systems why not when we hit the warp out feature give it a little more UMPH! or Style!

For example if and everyone has seen the infamous scenes on TNG where the enterprise D comes about on a 180 degree turns and warps out. Or in the TNG film ST Generations where the Amargosa Star goes super nova and Picard orders the Enterprise out of the system you see the ship glisten as its coming about to head to Warp 1.
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02-15-2010, 02:25 PM
Short: Rewards listed with Mission Text in jobs list.

Medium: R&R activities - could even be just card games.


Construction, including mining, space stations, outposts, settlements - even with replicators someone has to supervise the assembly of all the components.

Designing, including off duty clothes, posters, sculptures, furniture - what gets sold is the design plans - replicators make the stuff.

Holosuites - let me head to the Old West for an hour
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02-15-2010, 02:27 PM
Short Term

1) Respec
2) Less invasive / disruptive tooltips / and rollover item info

Mid - Term

1) Model of the Phoenix (First Warp ship) in the C-Store with a few slots relevant to the ship (engine, engineering device)
2) Model of the NX-01 Enterprise in the C-Store again with a few slots relevant to the ship
3) Model of the Ship crafted by Sisko that uses solar sails to reach warp

As you can tell by the above, I am in this for the video making / screenshots :-)

4) Steeper climbing / banking angles for ships
5) A livlier DS9 with proper bar entertainment
6) Holodeck simulators for spaceship / ground tactic testing with choosable parameters / scenarios
7) Asteroids that are actually dangerous so you actually have to fly properly / or shoot your way through

Long term (wishes for the game)

1) Open up a galaxy with no established / named planets and proper exploration... make a random generator like Braben did with elite and let it loose!
2) A full ship to wander in, with cusomizable ready rooms with items / facilities bought in the CStore / ingame cash
3) Ability to land on planets as opposed to just beaming everytime.
4) Engineering / Tactical / Science crafts for improving / customising equipment to yur own taste
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# 636 Fix please
02-15-2010, 02:56 PM
short term.
1 fix what is broken ie the fleet bank, decals for ships
2 Fleets need a zone big enough to hold the fleet!

1 We have 250 member fleets, how about giving us something to play with other than a broken bank slot!
2 raids
3 How about a starbase for the fleet? Or maybe fixing it so I can walk around my ship "as advertised"

Long term
1 Fleet pvp
2 expand on what you have, more content better drops, make crap items crap but blue items way better!

I'm sure there are more but thanks.
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02-15-2010, 03:12 PM

- Keep up the good bug finxing!
- More C-Store goodies to buy for everyone
- More NPC's to talk with
- The BO's have to get some personality


- Intelligent quests
- Implement a 3 D Minimap
- Bigger Groundmaps
- More to see in the established Federationplanets.
- Get rid of the blue grid in the deep space missions. We want something to see on the Hyperspacemap.
- Fully upgradebale ships to higher Ranks


- More Factions which would engage more in PVP. Like Cardassians, wo would fight the Feds and Klings, or Romulans wo would figt all the others
- More PVP Encounters, liike Capture the Flag with more parties wehen another is showing up and attack the standing positions.
- Envelope thre different classpathses, who would make the same questing intresting beacuse of his diferent point of view
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02-15-2010, 03:50 PM
  • Cursor getting stuck as a certain shape or icon, constant corrupt cursor errors.
  • Option to auto-holster weapons and auto-hide armor and kits in non-combat areas.
  • Sort items in the exchange by the columns.
  • Better in game description of the effect of each skill, as well as equipment. I would use the web site to look stuff up but Ösaying that the current ship info has not been updated in forever or even completed and no decent updated wikiís. Iíll beg for better in-game info.

  • Get rid of Sector Space donít need it and I donít want it.
  • Warp straight to locations using maps on my shipís bridge. Essentially use the View screen for moving between mission instances.
  • Random Exploration mission generator that allows more than a repeat of the same 4-8 missions.
  • Completely redesign Skill trees - Separate Ground and space trees. Let us level them up individually, so we can specialize in space and ground without sacrificing either's playability. Also add miscellaneous skills like Diplomacy, Archaeology, and etc.
  • Also remove Rank from being tied to the skills a rank should only be earned for completing a special mission. Ship tiers should only be tied to having a set rank in skills relevant to the class of ship you wish to pilot.
  • More NON-Combat npc/creature life on planets.

  • Customizing ship interior, Captainís quarters with trophyís picked up from gameplay.
  • Ground cities to explore.

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02-15-2010, 04:46 PM
the "rapier" quest is a good example for ship interiors have the corridor on the bridge leading to the lift which you can use to go to the shuttle bays? cargo bays(which maybe you can dump stuff in) ? mess hall, engineering uhmmm... random room with windows
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02-15-2010, 05:25 PM
-LIberated Borg face-plates have optional optical laser mounts. It could fade from sight after reaching three feet from the model so as not to clutter everyone's screens.
-Ability to reset skillpoints to respend.
-Ability to view Sector maps of a star system I am not presently in. (part of auto-pilot)

-Ability to auto-pilot across multiple systems.
-Possibly more Liberated Borg uniform parts, like a mechanical arm cover. Along with maybe a uniform like the one in the advertisements of the Borg Bridge Officer(The black body suit)

-NPC's making more note of my character being Borg in conversation options. Especially if I ever enter in a conversation with the Borg themselves. (Not a big deal just something I'd like to see.)

Other than that, just keep up the good work with updates? It's nice to actually be able to log on every few days and see some things fixed like the uniform skirts.

And I don't know how feasible it'd be, but maybe introducing Borg as playable faction in an expansion down the line? I understand it might not be possible to do. Or anything I could do to modify my ship to make it more Borg in nature, maybe a holding beam on a high level ship or just an "assimilated" skin for the ship. Just some stuff I'd love to see if it wouldn't hurt the game but not going to quit or anything if it doesn't happen.

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