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02-15-2010, 09:13 PM
I preface this saying that I know that the only thing STO and Champions has in common is the engine on which they were built. With that in mind I do make a couple references to Champions but only for comparison of what I would like to see the engine do in STO.

Short term

-Fix my cursor. I'm tired of it, randomly, changing to the last thing I drag in my inventory.
-Respec tokens. Or do like Champs and give one free respec and then pay for the rest in the c-store. Or unless you really foul up the specializations then we should get a freebie.
-Fix the Ferengi traders in sector space. They're being jackasses and crash me to desktop when I talk to them.

Mid term

-Fix my random crash to desktop. It's wide and varied, so I can't go into detail about it. Although, it is seperate from the Ferengi CTD.
-You actually touched on it in the OP. Make death mean something. It's rather boring knowing that I can just auto-magically reappear all spiffy and new again. Except in PVP or at the very least very reduced.
-Crafting, that just needs to have a major overhaul. It's not crafting so much as it is hoping you get the random stuff you need besides the items you buy. There's a real penalty to grouping if you're after items. Most of the time you have four other people that are full impulsing to the same anomaly.
-This kind of fits between mid and long term. But, make planets explorable. I want more than 2 sq km of ground to look around on. Give us more than "Scan plant A" oh wait, "Scan more of plant A" ad nauseum.

Long term

-Give the players the ability to make their own Episodes. Set up where, be it a space or ground mission, enemy density, enemy level(equal to or above or less than by say a margin of +5, -5 to the player level), and joinable by your party, whether that be your BO's or your friends.
-Boarding party. I would love to see a random generated instance when you and your party are fighting it out in space to board the ship you are fighting. Disable it to a point that you get an option to board it. Make it a flagship, capitol ship etc. Would be nice to see that in some form happen.
-More options to disable(sort of along the same lines as above) a ship vs total destruction or more specific targeting of ship parts and subsystems. Or to capture the vessel vs destroying it. Hauling it back to Starfleet for interrogation and scrapping. Could be a way to help the crafting by dismantling an enemy ship for resources. Or upgrades to your current ship.
-Uncharted space to explore. New systems, more ground(yes, I'm repeating myself), new and varied enemies.
-More Leonard Nimoy voice overs!

Okay, that's about all I can come up with in a few minutes.
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02-15-2010, 11:12 PM
Short Term

Fix the Action Bars. Extend them to cover 1 through =, and give me a save system so I can actually switch ships without having to spend 15 minutes reorganizing icons. I can't believe I have to put "Please make my buttons work right." in a list of requests. Boo.

Some decent filters for the exchange. Even the ability to click columns and organize by name and price would be a huge step forward.

Give death harsh penalties or take the self destruct ability out of the game. Casual suicide could not be LESS Star Trek. If you want noble sacrifice in the game, great, but make it an actual sacrifice, because what you have now is about as much in the spirit of Trek as giving Champions characters a "tie up and execute prisoner" ability.

Medium Term

More Klingon PvE.

More content in general. In two weeks of intense play I managed to reach the level cap and run every mission the feds have. Since there's not much of a difference between the 3 classes, and there's no real PvE on the Klingon side, there's really not much to do. Two weeks after launch I'm already bored and back to playing other games. That shouldn't even be possible in an mmorpg.

Diplomatic and scientific mission solutions. Star Trek is 90% diplomacy and (pseudo)science puzzles. I think this would go a long, long way towards fixing the insanely boring ground missions. As it is, I actually pray for rock scan missions as I launch away teams. We all know how sad that is...

Long Term



Tholians. Tholians. Tholians.
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02-15-2010, 11:20 PM
Short Term

Autofire capable for all weapons

Mid Term

Autofire capable for all weapons

Long Term

Autofire capable for all weapons.

I probably wouldn't use it for torps but it is a must for all beam weapons. It is monotonous to have to pound a key to constant fire a beam weapon.
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02-15-2010, 11:51 PM
Short term:
1) UI-Improvements (tooltips, quest/scenario-descriptions, ...)

Mid term:
2) UI-Improvements (more reactive and more informative UI (see scrolling combat text (wow), combat log save to file)

Long term:
3) Class Balance (pvp)

Nothing hurts my player experiences more than, when:

* I don't know what to do:
** i.e. szenario descriptions are bad
** Ground-PvP: I often don't know what team I belong to (the gui says red/blue team, but the other players are yellow, orange, ...)
** Space-PVP: We have to take over battle objectives, but what symbol represents my side ? Most of the time I realize what team I belong to, when the first flag switches.

* keep me informed:
** when I am hit by an i.e. viral matrix, I would like to have a big message on my screen for several seconds
** when one of my subsystems failes, I would like to have a big message on my screen for ...

* keep me in control:
** the worst thing is loosing control over your avatar. Please keep the effects of croud control to a minimum.
** Last night I participated in a ground pvp scenario, there was one player who kept me stunned with his melee weapon (the klingon thing...). He lured around the spawn points and killed me and other players without any possibility of resistance - that is no fun. Please introduce an immunity or diminishing returns for all kinds of ground control
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02-16-2010, 01:01 AM
short term
1. draging items and equiping them takes to long and it lags. takes a few seconds to actually equip and some times it doesn't
2. holsted weapon when beaming in. i don't plan on shooting up the earth starbase.
3. add a few more end game repeatable daily quest just to give us losers with no lives who are capped lvl something to do while you work on the rest of the stuff
4. make it so i can equip dual cannons to my assult cruiser. it says i should be able to but i can't for some reason.
5. better discriprions on skills
6. respec option

mid term
1. more end game, some raid style attacks on borg shipyards or something like that
2. make more of a difference other then cosmetic for ships of the same type. make there be a diffrence between a sovereign and a noble class
3. revamp the scale of everyhing. planets are a little bit bigger then a few dozen kilometers. im sure in the show that if the galaxy was divided up into the few sectors that the game is they would span hundreds if not thousands of light years. besides last time i cheacked out galaxy is something like 70 000 light years across
4. more levels to starbase
5. turbo lift doors open
6. make it so there is bigger differences between classes. it doesn't feel like cruisers really "tank" anything and lets face it when it comes to hull value ya its got more but not significantly, ex i know a deffiant class ship is made of more durrable construction then say the starting cruiser so the added hull value is good but by comparison a galxy its freaking tiny! yet it has something like 2/3 of a galaxy hull vaule when it can fit inside ia galaxys saucer section alone? lol anyone else see a problem here?

long term
1. z axis movment. stright up and down barrow roll, loops, ventral and dorsal shields maybe
2. multi level sectors. have sectors on top and bellow each other. thing of it. just add one above and one below the main sector, add a level slider on the side of the galaxy map to switch wich level your looking at and have it when you fly to the top of one you transition into the bottom of the sector above it. easy way to triple the galaxy playable space
3. more star bases and stations, there is a starbase 114 so where is the other oh idunno 100 of them?
4. bigger universe. more random exploration and star systems to just fly by and see.
5. big star bases. k i know it would be anoying to get around but this goes back to the scale thing. starbases in the show are huge. massive! in Next generation the enterprise docks inside one and has room to spare inside!
6. interrior to ships with things to do in them, and have them scaled to the size of the ship obviously
7.boarding parties where you can take command of them
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02-16-2010, 02:23 AM
Originally Posted by rich1701 View Post
I only have long term hopes for this game

Bridge: I want the bridge to actually have a function, I want the UI integrated into your bridge as an option and use it to navigate sector space.

Missions: I want the missions to be much more than, scan this... destroy this... Why is it that the solution to every problem is to eliminate it with your weapons? That isn't what being a starfleet captain is about. Points should be awarded to resolving missions without conflict too. OR just disabling ships rather than destroying them??

Voice acting: the gaming experience would be greatly enhanced with at least the mission givers having a voice.

Ship customization: This is sadly limited compared to character customization. It would be nice if equipment actually changed the look of your ship. I would love to see Ship customization on the level of Galactic civilisations II.

Weapons: Starfleet ships with disruptors? Sorry but that doesnt work for me. Disruptors are Romulan and Klingon weapons, they should not be compatible with Federation Tech.

Galaxy Map: The scale of it for me, is far too small, It takes a couple of minutes to get from earth to DS9. That's just silly, it really should take much longer than that IMO and there are far too few planetary systems. More please.

Planet size: IS it really enough for a planet just to have a 2kmx2km tile map to represent it? All i ask for is for the high profile planets to have at least two different towns you can walk between with traders and items for sale you can get nowhere else.

Have you not noticed? Planets only have a surface area of about 50 square kilometers. You can have 1 person in front of a planet, one person behind and they will be about 8 km apart. Try it.
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02-16-2010, 05:32 AM
Short Term:
  • Sidekick System: During closed beta it was there, I could group with buddies from different levels and play together content of the game without having to care that one is flying a Galaxy class and another one only a Miranda. I WANT IT IN AGAIN! Without it I have no contact with my friends who play more than me and are already Captains or Admirals. I can't join them because I get blasted by the first beam attack and if they join my missions they blast everything with just one or two torpedoes.
  • Races and Genders of Bridge Officers: Currently it is impossible to buy from the BO vendor a male andorian science officer. I'd like to have for background reasons the option to choose from any race and any gender a bridge officer. Right now I'm forced to do a workaround by getting an Alien BO and make it appear like a male Andorian science officer.
  • Red Alert Claxon: Give us the option to choose from different red alert claxons. The TOS/TNG one is good, but I'd also like to love to choose the red alert signal tone from the Voyager or Defiant. Surely it'll give some more immersion.
Mid Term:
  • Excelsior and Nebula class: It's unbelievable that a Star Trek game appears on the market without any trace of the famous Excelsior class. Or for that matter the Nebula class as well. If we got already the Miranda and Constitution class, why isn't there anywhere the Excelsior? During the 24th century were the Excelsiors and Nebulas two main work horses of Starfleet. And don't tell me the Vesper is a look-alike of the Excelsior. The only true similarities between the Vesper and Excelsior are the nacelles and deflector dish, the rest is not!
  • Exchange: A filter system for the exchange would make it easier to find the appropiorate things I seek. For example if I search for personal weapons and don't like to spend more than a certain amount of money I'd like to have the option then to limit the search to items that are below the amount I want.
  • Starfleet Weapons: Starfleet ships should use Starfleet Technology. I'd recommend to add a bonus to phaser based weapons on Starfleet ships to make them more attractive than other weapons. I dislike to see that Starfleet ships are using disruptors or tetryon based weapons. For the Klingons you could build in here a bonus for disruptors.
Long Term:
  • Bridge: Right now the bridge is only an instance where you can chat with fellow people. Give the bridge a function, let you direct your ship from the bridge like you can command your ship in Star Trek Bridge Commander (an awesome game).
  • Content: Add more content to the game. We have the cosmetical Wormhole at Deep Space 9 which could function as portal to the Gamma Quadrant and let you do there quests and storyarcs. Or we have still many Alpha Quadrant species that aren't truely present yet. The Breen, the Ferengi and don't forget the Tholians! They are all promising powers that are good for an adventure.
  • Add buildable Starbases for Fleets: Like in your old game City of Heroes/Villains you were able to build your own base. A fleet has always somewhere its fleet headquarters on a station, like Deep Space 9 functioned as one during the Dominion War. Your fleet could start with a remote listening outpost and gradually expand it further. After you have spent enough amount of credits/merits you should eventually be able to get a bigger starbase and maybe the last step would be a spacedock for large fleets.
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02-16-2010, 06:48 AM
Sorry for not reading over 600 replies before I post my topics :-)... So I think some of them might have been already told...

Short Term

1 Most important for me is USABILITY of the inventory and bank... AUTO-STACKING... What this means: I have 4 Antimatter things in my inventory, the bank holds a stack of 20 of them... I really would like to double-click or ctrl-rightclick or whatever to have the stack shifted from my inventory to the bank and vice-versa... To be forced to drag&drop (with all those almost-similar-looking-items) is not so handy...

2 A Mailbox Indicator, just a small envelope near the minimap that says "Hey, you have mail, visit a mailbox"... But to be honest... In the 25th century, with all that tricorder stuff and BEAMING living persons it should not be much of a technical issue to have FULL ACCESS to my mailbox from ANYWHERE - including item attachments... they get beamed or replicated or whatever... why to we have to visit a physical mailbox 400 years in the future? Even today amazon sends your packets TO YOU at home... I simply do not need to go to any mailboxes...

3 A crafting indicator ... "74% to Tier 2" ... a graphical bar, whatever... ANY RESPONSE in memory alpha where I stand would be nice

4 Ship coloring... I play a liberated Borg with a Borg BO... my first ship was the USS Rubik (Rubik's Cube ) and I wanted it to be colored entirely Black and green... you know, it's hard to leave everything behind you, only because you are "liberated" from the borg collective... well... beside some hypersmall green stripes there was nothing to see from the "coloring" of my ship...

Mid Term

1 RESPEC option - maybe through a quest, maximum once per week or whatever... it's up to you - but we HAVE TO respec! this is not an option, this is a must-have

2 RELOG to another character is *NOT* a Log-out from server!!! I do not want to be in the login-queue only because I switch to my Alt for a minute (maybe to look something up), and then switch back.

3 No point 3... But I had 4 short-terms anyway

Long Term

1 Repeatable Endgame-Content... Give us something where we can make "runs" on... Think about "Mephisto-Runs in Diablo II" or "Shadow-Lab runs" in wow (but they took too long)... something short and sweet... something where things drop and that don't take longer than... lets say 10-15 minutes... Short Fleet-Actions that take only 10 minutes... something like that

2 Give us any "super-uniques"... I means mobs (i.e. Ships or Ground mobs) that are always there... again... think about mephisto, diablo, ragnaros, name any superunique from any mmo... I couldn't find one so far in the entire game

Thats all from me
cheers, H
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02-16-2010, 07:47 AM
Addition to my short term list:
- Daily reset timer, make the dailies reset on a 20h basis or on a set time, say 3 am every day. Right now with the turn in of 24 hours after talking to the NPC to turn it in we miss out on a day every 3 - 4 days.

Please change this next patch.
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02-16-2010, 08:12 AM
I've been playing a couple of weeks now. I've read the previous post so I'll try to avoid repeatition.

Changes I'd like to see not in any specific order of time frame, you guys are busy I know.

- Space is three dimensional, tht said I'd like to see ships capable of 360 degrees of movement along the lateral, longitudinal, vertical axis. Understand keeping everything 'right side up' as it depicts in the ST series but it isn't necesary. Sectors should also follow suit as space is three dimensional.

- Enable the ability to choose first person or third person view of our character. I know you guys must have gone through alot of effort in character creation, but for me, immersion really happens in the first person perspective of the universe. A recommendation would be to simply allow me to use my mouse scroll wheel to expand into myself view wise and visa a versa out to a third person perspective.

QUESTION: What would it take to 'hear' rather than read the 'scripted' text. I always thought this detracted from immersion factor but I can only guess that this is an internet bandwidth limitation of some sort. Thought when wideband/highspeed came out that this would have been solved by now.

Guys (Cryptic) I'm an old guy that grew up watching Jim Kirk and every series since, I gotta say this kind of thing has been along time coming. You guys have done a great job, this is a good place to start. I'm really excited to see what the future (and you) will be developing and growing. Thanksagain, best of luck!

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