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02-08-2010, 07:36 AM
Short term:
  • Completely redesign Skill trees - Separate Ground and space trees. Let us level them up individually, so we can specialize in space and ground without sacrificing either's playability.
  • More variety in repeatable missions - Patrol and Defend are just a start. I want random story arcs that involve both ground and space. I don't want to see destroy enemy ships 0/10 for the rest of my career. I want stuff like Stop the Battleship, then board it to arrest the captain..... stuff like that
  • Make stat numbers actually make sense to the players +7.5 emitters doesn't really mean anything. Neither does +23 Deflector array. Consolidate them into trees.

    Science - covers scanners, deflectors, emitters
    Engineering - Covers hull repair, shields, and power distribution
    Tactical - Covers Weapons, targeting sensors, and ship security (anti boarding party resistance)

    Improving in a skill would improve one of those three trees. Consoles could be used to fine tune certain aspects.

Mid Term:
  • More story based episodes --With the wealth of story lines you have to draw from, the lack of story based episodes seems odd. Almost every episode of Trek that has ever been made could be rewritten for current gameplay. Just take bullet points and turn them into content.

Long Term:
  • Greater variety in ships - You have a good start, but Each tier of ship is exactly the same with only cosmetic differences. Make flying a Discovery over an Intrepid actually mean something. Different ships should excel at different things. Make choices matter.
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02-08-2010, 09:30 AM
Short Term:

Game needs an actual manual.

lessen spammy chat, or hearing radius or whatever it is.

A few minor things like clickable seats and minor graphical tweaks.

Medium Term:

Missions that force players to work together, be it in terms of rescuing a stricken players ship or what have you. Maybe away teams.

Improve the chat. different windows for fleet/friends chat. So that I can open or minimize them too.

less combat, the ability to disable or have surrenderings ships. Or at least make combat a choice at times, rather than an inevitability.

Long Term:

Allow higher level players to gain access to periodic rare items for their outstanding work for starfleet!

Far more explorable places to go, maybe even in discovering somewhere new you get to make your own new race of aliens for Star Trek or something

Give me the option to go au natural. ^.~
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02-08-2010, 01:19 PM
Bump for the evening, since I will (hopefully) be leaving work soon to go home and play
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02-08-2010, 01:54 PM
Short term
  • More communication from community staff regarding developer awareness of currently outstanding bugs and inbalances.
    This also includes picking up on areas of confusion and setting the record straight in a official capacity through posting in forum threads, rather than waiting for the players to figure it out and for the news to spread by word of mouth.
  • Afew small missions added in the late LT level range, as well as one or two extra missions around 4-5, as I have found myself with 1 mission left or even sometimes none afew hundred skillpoints short of levelings whilst following the mission chains. Would be nice to not have to do repeatative exploration missions or repeatedly grind fleet actions just to hit the next grade to receive more missions.
  • A 'all in one' patch that goes some way to tidy up the small unimportant niggles left, such as Romulan frigates being branded 'Bird of Preys' exactly like Klingon ships, mission texts using place holder 'XXXX' as objective destinations.

Medium term

  • Same as short term, more communication from community staff in regards to relaying development news to the community on the forums themselves (Rather then leaving everyone clueless untill the next inpersonal news post is made).
    This also includes picking up on areas of confusion and setting the record straight in a official capacity through posting in forum threads, rather than waiting for the players to figure it out and for the news to spread by word of mouth.
  • Improving AI for away missions significantly, as well as improving NPC AI in space to make ships less likely to beach themselves into debris and other objects.
  • Getting all fleet actions in working condition, making objectives clear and accurate and addressing small glitches regardless to how insignificant the development team think it is to ensure that the experience is all it should be for the actual players

Long Term (One thing pretty much classes as three)

  • Broadening the range of tools available to players in missions, this includes Improving exploration to feel more like exploration and less like scanning randomly spawning blots of light in the middle of a gas cloud.
  • Introducing more diverse objectives in all mission themes - So combat isn't all killing, but also has more covert ops sabotage of enemy shipyards, more disabling ships to retrieve classified information on enemy asset deployments.

    Non-combat isn't all just walking up to large glowing object and pressing the same button as always and watching a timer, more missions based around dialogue and conversations to resolve disputes and gather information, more scientific missions to explore ruins, interface with computer systems of long dead civilisations to learn what happened to them.
  • More unique mini-story missions providing a range of options on what kind of path we wish to focus on, so rather then jumping from one space combat mission to another mission which is planetary walk abouts, players have a wide range of missions on offer so they can pick missions tailored for what it is they enjoy without having to worry about obtaining skillpoints to progress.
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02-08-2010, 01:56 PM
short term:
- why do i beam off my bridge to go back to piloting my ship?
- perhaps sitting in the captains chair
- away team officer pathing
- rep tracking, IE memory alpha
- greater explanations for everything (took me a couple days to figure out what a deflector dish was for)
- level cap's or damage reduction for higher levels in lower level sectors (level 40's camping crystalline entity)
- auto-join a raid group in fleet actions

mid term:
- id like to be able to walk around my entire ship, not just the bridge,
- quests having to do on my ship (Borg beam aboard, go mop em up)
- in a group when someone dies, don't have the ship explode right away, make it dead in the water (with a release button or something) and a party member can come revive you (fix hull, repair systems)
- neutral rep factions (after a certain amount of rep gain, they allow you into their space and perhaps unique items that race/faction has)
- raid groups (doing the crystalline entity with pugs is lame)

long term:
- customizing ship interior, say i find a super cool alien artifact that would look awesome in my quarters
- holo-deck training (testing new weapons or combos and such)
- more fleet action "bosses"

I know most of mine have to do with the ships interior and such, but correct me if I'm wrong, isn't the majority of star trek on a ship? and being able to customize your ship interior, or even walking around your ship would keep me busy for hours. It would be the equivalent of a house in other mmo's
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02-08-2010, 02:07 PM
•More life’s – Environmental & Ambient life, creatures, insects, npc civilizations, pre and technological advanced socieity, more substance and real physic in systems, both in space and on the ground.

•Eliminate the need to purchase commodities items when doing quests, if you get assign to provide medical, communications, etc supplies – I should not have to pay for these, first inventory space is limited, have to go back and purchase them, and then come back to finish the quest. We should be able to use replicators right then and there.

•Fixes the Pet AI path

•Eliminate our abilities to see the other side’s while flying in sector space, there should be an element of surprise as we travel. This is important in PVP

•PVP Fighting - Remove the abilities that allows the opposing sides to see name icon/tags of the other sides, this is a beacon, where certain players get gank immediately because the other side can click on the icon and find out what type of ships they flying.

•Fix the CRAFTING system – it does not work, it does not make sense, does not engage the players, it is frustrating you have to keep harvesting and talk to Cpt Romaine, buy equipments, and repeat it all over and over again. I still have not gotten past the 1st stage to access the other crafting NPC yet.

• Fix the Widescreen POV for people playing with three monitors, pov is off in ground combat, and when you customize or create a new character, you cannot see them in widescreen, you have to move to a single screen.

•Community Developers Events- have them play as an enemy force and invade certain zones that will engage the community – where those who engages and win, will get special equipments, etc.

•More diverse contents and story line, not every quests or systems, have to be combat all the way through the mission chain.


• Combat Fighting, it really should be based from a bridge view, not a camera view, being able to rotate my cam pov or always following the target, take the STO combat feeling out of it, I should be fighting from my bridge, using radars, and other technological like sensors along with my BO to track and figure out which direction the enemy is going.

• Fixed CD, cooldown, on certain science ship skills, eliminated some of the shared time, and decreases the amount of time to trigger another.

• Give Science ship another slot – like a special science weapon slot to do burst damage, or increase some core science abilities, science ship are the only ship that do not get any extra ship slots, escort have one extra forward slot, cruiser get another weapons slot in the entire ship line.

•Fixes PVP & Fleet actions points systems – awarding players only on DPS contribution, and to the highest, is unfair to other players, who play more of a support role or may have done others things, which help the highest players, they may have weaken the other guy, where they got killed, but the other players was killed by someone else and they get the credit – unfair.

•Give us the abilities to assign different formations styles to our Pet, - Follow me, Single File, Wide Column, Flank Right, Flank Left, point person, cover me, move to corner, box formation, stacked formation, left formations, etc. The Pet Way Flag system is not that great

Allows us to beam down to any planets or large objects

More intelligence information when you scan, I should be hearing M3 class planets, oxygen 80% carbon 15, %, population 1 billions, etc.


• More Open PVP Zones, Systems and Sectors, that are not instance, where if you travel into these area, make it seamless, and any factions can warp into any system in this area, and not know what to expect to find each others, and awards points for holding systems, the longer they can hold on to the system, better access and rewards to certain technologies,

•Players housing, contents – let players create contents for certain system.

•More diverse contents and story line, not every quests or systems, have to be combat all the way through the mission chain.
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02-08-2010, 02:09 PM
just one of each:
- Short term: Difficulty setting
- Medium term: full PvE experience for Klingons
- Long term: Ferengi faction based on mission profit
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02-08-2010, 02:51 PM
This is a great thread, thanks!

It's very useful to see feedback presented so clearly and efficiently.
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02-08-2010, 02:55 PM
Short Term:
- Lag fixes/new server hardware and software optimizations
- More hotkey slots per row or a real 3rd row of hotkeys
- Respec
- More in-depth skill description
- Option to turn off Sector Map grid UI (it's killing immersion)
- Option to turn off multi-item selling prompt

- Engine update to allow for full 360 pitch in space
- Option to get rid of grid interace while in Sector Space
- Flight stick and throttle support

Long Term:- Removal of skill cap
- All planets accessible for away team exploration
- Real planetside environments (eg. fauna, etc.)

Bold item is really important to me. I want full 3D flight, not flight on a 2.5D plane as it currently is right now with the limited pitch of the spaceship.
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02-08-2010, 03:07 PM
  1. Improve pathing abilities
  2. More life on planets
  3. More episodic missions
  4. Random hail missions, get a hail from starfleet to go on a mission.

  1. Finish off ship classes, Excelsior, Nebula, Gagarin (Grissom).
  2. Make each ship class mean something/specialization
  3. Work on bridge crew, Old school Connies had five bridge officers not three!!!
  4. Allow assignemts of crew to Chief Engineer, Chief Medical, etc...
  5. Push Rear Admiral rank back and make it Commodore (seems we are missing a cannon rank). Make Admiral achievable with updates.

  1. Expand the number of systems to explore.
  2. Remove the exploration sectors and just make them regions so you can travel way way off into deep space.
  3. Add more systems, currently there are very few with not much to do in many except patrol.
  4. Customizable ship (house) interiors with full deckplans and interactive NPC crewmembers. Assign people to quarters shifts, etc...

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