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02-17-2010, 08:45 AM
Short Term

Fix ship sizes to be more realistic. The excalibur seems smaller than the Constitution etc.
fix graphical bugs and server stability
Make it where I can click on a seat to sit in it the current emote does not work correctly to sit in chairs
Fix PVP so there cannot be spawn camping and fix it so that teams are EVEN BEFORE the match starts.

Medium Term

Make bridges fully functional so that we can fight from them. Make my Bof's more ineractive. More content for Klingons and Feds but especially Klingons.

Long Term

3 playable factions with full PVE and PVP support with open world PVP for control over sectors. Guild made Starbases and more of a payer driven economy. More sandbox stuff like resource gathering and crafting.
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02-17-2010, 10:07 AM
Hello Trace and the entire Dev team.

As to this thread, I have written an entire review/request on your gaming feedback thread. There, are a lists of bullets all ranging from short term, mid and long term fixes/requests. This took me 6 days of hard work and time to complete. I am pleased to say that it has been up for two days and is already approaching 1000 views and I expect it to top the charts for the General Game play section very soon.

I would very much appreciate it if it could be passed along to the Devs and to anyone else who cares to read a very well written review/request(s). The reason it took 6 days to write is because I conducted live Ventrilo meetings with over 60 people, all gamers/ testers for each bullet on that post. It is getting very positive feedback and will continue. I apologize ahead of time for the amount I wrote though if you simply view the bullets it is easily readable.

I sincerely hope that it will be read and worked on and if at all possible I would very much appreciate an in forum message or in game message that it has been received and is being reviewed. Any other thoughts of Cryptics; I would really love to hear from you guys. Thank you in advance for your time and efforts.

You guys are all aces in my book!

Captain PrOx out...

Direct link to thread:
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02-17-2010, 10:13 AM
Short Term:
-add more weapons to the vendors. in particular you should be able to buy phasers of all level ranges and types from federation vendors. it seems a bit odd that I can't buy a heavy dual phaser canon from the medal vendor and need to go with disruptors and admiral. this'll also have the side effect of curbing the insanity of priceing on the extange.
-Speaking of the extange allow us to sort by Price.
-More character slots

Medium Term:
- More Fleet Actions
- More endgame material
-greater numbers of episodes at lower levels (this'll make leveling alts in the future easier)

Long Term:
-Playable romulians
-episodic Klingon content
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# 704
02-17-2010, 10:17 AM
  • Respec Option (seconding this suggestion)
  • Increase stack size for batteries to 20 instead of 5...they are so common and take up valuable cargo space
  • Allow players to drag/drop stacks to the replicator and actually sell the whole stack instead of just 1 of the stack (conversely have that motion bring up the sell x number of items dialog box) so i can sell a whole stack on the fly instead of having to drill down into the replicator to do it
  • Increase cargo hold space overall by 20%
  • Warp streaks in sector space. We're moving at warp, not impulse...visually present it that way
  • Raid control tools - Basic Raid grouping (size of game would suggest having a raid group of 50 would be prudent), raid communication, raid assist, raid formation - all these tools would help with raid encounters
  • Loot Distance Increased - when you're in a cruiser it can be a pain in the rear to get to your loot. By the time you spin around, fly back to the loot, and spin around again, your group/fleet has already engaged the next mob....this game is in the age of long range transporters! If Scotty in the 22nd century can beam 3 people from 2 locations onto 1 pad, then i'm sure 25th century transporter technology can beam a cannon or torpedo launcher to the ship from a distance greater than 10km
  • Sort skills from Bridge Officer Trainers better. Right now some skills for space are on top and bottom of list for each rank. Color coding of skills for Science, Tactical, Engineering.

  • MSD-esque Display for your Ship Load out - Right now, the ship loadout "paperdoll" wastes a ton of space, looks like it's modeled after the crew paperdoll, and does nothing to make the player feel like they are modifying ship systems. Add an MSD for each ship tier/class in the Status screen and apply the consoles/weapons in their logical locations.
  • Seemless Sector Map - right now, it feels too much like a pizza box. Space is VAST and should feel that way...borders and box shape to sectors makes it feel way too small...the whole galaxy map should be its own persistent map, and the player should be able to zoom out as far as the galaxy map view.
  • Open, non queued, real time PvP maps where once you enter, you are flagged for PvP...what the Neutral Zone SHOULD be right now (seconding this suggestion)
  • Allow players to use ship replicator to replicate new uniforms. So instead of having to travel to a main starbase/outpost, players can modify/create/change their uniforms right from the comfort of their own ship. Have it access just the modify uniform screen only, and allow players to use this to swap out uniforms on the fly. Right now, it's a pain every time i want to update a uniform, i have to travel all the way back to a starbase
  • Playable Cardassians, Romulans
  • More PvE content for Klingons
  • Holodeck/Suite to allow players to play custom battle scenarios for fun/practice (would be nice)
  • Update the exchange with better price sorting features. (seconding this suggestion)
  • Give players the ability to select more than one item from a stack, or buy more than one item at a time from vendors. (seconding this suggestion)
  • Ability to set a transwarp location. (seconding this suggestion)
  • Ability to inspect other players. (seconding this suggestion)
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# 705 Some new ideas
02-17-2010, 10:40 AM
Short Term:

Saving in the middle of a Episode.
When logging off in a episode the game saves the mission rather then starting prior to mission start.

Easter Eggs:
Missions that are not only invisible but also not documented.

Sector space:
Remove all lines in sector space. Replace star systems with just the correct stars.
Example. Vulcan = 40 Eridani = Tristars (orange, white, red).

Planets are normally to small to see. However if there is a crowd that wants them we
can have little dots that represent Gas Giants in the system.

-Add warp trail

Running into objects (part 1):
Running into objects will bump the ship into the opposite direction and will
cause a base amount of damage to the shields. Rather then going through, over, under, around it.

Death penalty:

Star Trek Experience indicator -1 (each time you die the time to respawn is doubled)
Star Trek Experience indicator -2 (lose gear in cargo)
Star Trek Experience indicator -3 (lose a bridge officer)
Star Trek Experience indicator -4 (lose gear on ship)
Star Trek Experience indicator -5 (lose you ship)

Or to make things really interesting and a feeling of being more realistic, add Death penalties together.
(level 3 - Double time, as well as losing gear and officers)

Note: Star Trek Experience indicator is my replacement for a difficulty setting. (see below)

Mid Term:

Running into objects (part 2):
Add a damage modifier depending on the speed.

Reasons to come back to STO:
Certain times of the day a time deplacement will open in a random location and if
you enter it will load a mirror universe mission.

At level 10 (20, 30, ect) you can choose your next ship. As you more along the level you can
see it being built. With it being finished when you get to 11.

Ship can be subjective to PVP raids if logged off for a certain amount of time.
-Items can be taken
-Offices can be taken hostage

Doing science experiments can be done on your ship rather then
taken to memory alpha but it goes on a time indicator where memory alpha is instantaneous.

<need more suggestions>

Long Term:

Internal parts of the Ship:
Starting with level 2, it unlocks a working bridge.
Level 3 unlocks a working engineering deck.
Level 4 unlocks some other part of the ship.

This will help with the wait getting to level 11 for your new ship.

Klingon PVP:
Make PVE ships available to players. It would be very interesting if during a
klingon PVE mission if the ships act different because humans were on the helm.

Star Trek Experience indicator (rather then a difficulty level)

Instead of just adding more ships, add "Murphy's law" into the missions:
-A bridge crew member becomes ill and then is temporary unplayable.
-Warp engine problem causes your power to drop down 50%.
-Star explodes right after you beam down to a planet and you have to run through your

As well as:
-random ships in the area
-mini missions (example. freighter warps in while fighting the Gorn and now you
have to complete the mission as well as protect the civilian freighter)
-Klingon alliance (Gorn ship attacks as a tank while birds of prey attack by decloaking from

Other Suggestions:
Add Scout ships as an ship option after level 1
Add animal life to planets
Add alien runes that have tech that can be salvage
Add a daily federation news cast.
Add voice over mission text.
Add a northern unexplored sector. (genesis device)
Allow Admirals to go into a future mission creator.

Where are the Hydran Kingdoms and the Lyran Star Empire? :p
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02-17-2010, 10:50 AM
Almost all the ideas are good ones.

  • MORE MISSIONS for Federation Admirals, Klingon players of all levels.
  • GET the promised servers up and running so we don't have loads of lag on peak times.
  • MORE bank account space, more inventory space, more space in the exchange.
  • Ability to sort exchange items by price, type, date put up for sale and seller.
  • FIX game bugs: bugged missions, delay in changing out ship systems, assigning powers and cargo to players, having to request an officer several times to get him/her, etc.
  • Allow player characters to change name in game.
  • Remove level caps, remove charge to change ship name.


Add team-only missions.
More puzzles to solve, not just run around scan and look for shiny things.
Ability for players to become starbase or sector commanders and assign missions.
Longer levelling times for all levels; making admiral should take hundreds and hundreds of gaming hours. it should not be possible to make admiral in less than six months even for full-time gamers. Admiral is a very special rank; let's not be top-heavy in admirals.
Make Cardies and Roms playable.


Make Borg, Undine playable.
Allow ships of all races to go anywhere in space, but if they enter an enemy stronghold, they must be prepared to be drafted into PvP.
Continue without a severe death penalty, as having one would just lead to controversy.
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02-17-2010, 11:08 AM
Long Term:

I would like to see a First Officer feature implemented.

It could work something like this:

You would promote a bridge officer to be your "Number 1", and can be of any profession (Science, Engineering or Tactical).

Now each ship (both Fed and Klingon) would get an addition universal station that is one rank below you, maxing out at commander (so no Captains for Admirals), exclusively for the first officer.

Now here is the kicker, if you want to change out your First Officer (let's say you had a Science 1st, and want a Tactical 1st), you would have to discharge them before you can promote someone else to keep people from console hopping.

This way people can have the first officer (officially) that they have wanted, and could also have access to higher level space Boff powers that they would not otherwise be able to use in their chosen ship(especially now with the skill cap) or additional ones if you choose a First Officer that complements your ship choice (e.g; Tactical 1st with and Escort).

It doesn't even have to start with LTC, it could start at the Capt. rank if the devs thought it would be best.

I don't know, it sounded like a good idea when I was in the shower.

Mid Term, I would like to see less linear advancement from Lt onward (or maybe that would cover both mid and long term) as well as a more thought out "crafting" system. the one we have now is more like another form of currency to buy better stuff.

As well as better, more OPEN PvP. When I say open I mean other people's idea of open, not your's Cryptic. Neutral Zone, flagged systems and the like, not scenario arena combat.

Short Term, I would like to more functional bridges, the ability to right click to sit in a chair, in fact let's just say a more fluid emote system (why do I neet to type "/em" before my emote when in other games it is as easy as "/<emote>"???) and possibly ships in the C-Store.
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02-17-2010, 11:19 AM
Short Term:
- Skill Respec.
- More indepth skill descriptions and statistics.
- More variety in missions. Perhaps more diplomacy based missions?
- Character name changing.
- More fleet gameplay options (Fleet areas, bases, customization).
- More hairstyles.
- Add ability to tweak eye angles in character customization.
- Add a bit more admiral skill points in order to make high levelled weaponry more viable.
- Increase battery stack size.

Medium Term:
- Collision damage (not significant damage, just something to make bumping into ships and asteroids something to avoid).
- More exploration based gameplay.
- Epic campaigns that span the entire playerbase from lieutenant to admiral.

Long Term:
- Implement some sort of upgrading system to lower tiered ships in order to make them more viable for admiral level play.
- Dynamic space areas. (Ie: Federation space increases/decreases based on player performance in key missions against players of other races)
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02-17-2010, 11:27 AM
I would like to add that I would like to see less "nebulous" space in the short term.

As well as fewer asteroid belts. (Don't the devs know the danger they are subjecting the inhabitants of those planets to?)
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02-17-2010, 12:22 PM
I'll add a Long Term wish:

Every system should have multiple uses, so that when you fly up to it you could choose:
- Continue <storyline mission>
- Random Exploration Mission
- Random Combat Mission
- Social Map

etc. Having some unique social 'town' in every system would be interesting.

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