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02-17-2010, 06:06 PM
Short term: Orions for the feds, put them in the CS, I really dont care! Please?!

Mid-term: More long hairstyles for the females, maybe a curly one.

Long-term: More trek-feel... less combat in future missions, or balance it out better... no more P'Jem or Admiral Zalles fiasco missions. More exploration and discovery.
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# 722 Ground PvE/PvP
02-17-2010, 06:41 PM
I want to see ground missions and pvp turned into a true fps or 3rd person shooter with true mouselook, etc. I've tried to map the buttons but it's still crummy at best. I hate the fact that the only way to win is to have a group that moves together, otherwise it's relatively pointless.

If it were turned into a true fps, then it's possible that it would be the first fps in history that's pretty much hack free because it lives in an MMO and historically speaking MMO's don't have hacks... Anyhow, not just that reason but I'd also love to see this because it's irritating that I'm camping a corridor and the Klingon group comes around the corner and owns me immediately where as if it were a true fps one person would have the chance to eliminate the other's based on skill. Plus it's fun lol.
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# 723
02-17-2010, 07:23 PM
1. Replayability. We need content that we can play more than once.

2. A sense of place. We need places to go and do content. Replayable content at a particular place.

3. More in depth content. Please make longer team based encounters. If we can play them more than once then you can invest more time in it.

4. Actual loot tables on some kind of a boss. Clearing a lvl has no meaning now there is no climax or loot at the end.

(I am at the lvl cap btw only 2 missions for me to do, Explore stuff and kill stuff)
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# 724
02-17-2010, 09:11 PM

Just keep doing what your doing, fixing bugs, and optimizing the engine. Id also like to see more descriptions on powers, and details about skills.

Id also love to see a warning about changing bridge officer skills, how that loses the skill points spent.

Change weapon to default holstierd on beam down.

Mid term,

Difficlutly slider, We need to make missions harder if we want. G
ive us ways to replay missions, Or knock our lvl down to go back and replay missions.
give me a way to turn off XP for those that want to lvl slower

Ship damage, Let ships damage effect how they work.. taking damage hard on one side, perhaps those weapons fire decreased power, to much damage forward, maybe torpedos dont work. engine area, your top speed and manuvering is reduced.

Long term
Larger planets to beam down and explore.. I want to adventure over ground,
Larger systems to explore. I want to fly around the entire earth solar system from sun to pluto with out zoning !
give science officers non combat exploring type missions. find minerals/resources.. find botanical samples, find new life forms.. all this as an explore aspec of the game.
Bridges and ships interirors..

Let us have a functioning bridge that other people can join us on our missions.. Make engineers divering power and repairing items, tactical officers arming photons, and fighting off invading parties, Sci officers boosting ship functions using councils. Bring the MMO aspec to the bridges. and let us exlore, repair, and hang out in many aspecs of the ships.. from 10 forward, to the engine room, sick back, crew qauters, and everywhere in between.

Add Holo decks, Mini games like spring ball and target practice, fighting games like tuskatsuu, Maybe even a dixion hill novel..

add all that ill be one very happy STO player
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02-17-2010, 09:28 PM
1. Fix/improve the exchange (e.g., add listing time limits, add ability to sort by name and/or price)
2. Fix/debug the identified missions/problems (e.g., ground bosses missing their triggers to move quests forward, missions that don't work -- regularly anyway -- such as the Borg Hunt and Temple Rescue, etc.)
3. Modify the Crystalline Entity mission (way too freaking hard, you basically need 20 friends who will pay attention to you and/or have read the strategy guide on this to beat it) and the Doomsday Device (way too easy -- I parked my cruiser in front of it, full defensive buff, fired the three torps, mission over)

1. Explain the skills better (e.g., currently it says, "if you take 9 levels in this, you might be better at things like this" but it doesn't tell you what kind of powers you'll unlock and/or when)
2. Redo the systems for Exploration Badges (this is just too confusing and esoteric... I have to get badges from this sector for these merchants for these goods, and other badges elsewhere for other merchants at other locations... and what the frak are all these credits for?)
3. Redo the systems for upgrading items (seriously, I'm a commander and I still don't have enough resources to finish upgrading enough Mk II items items to unlock the next upgrade person meanwhile I'm using Mk VI? Seriously.)

1. Add PvE content
2. Add PvE content for Klingons
3. Add Romulans as a playable race
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# 726
02-18-2010, 08:06 AM
short term
1. raid espiode
2. more max lvl content
3. respect

1 acutally raid that require you to have 20-40 people in them
2 make fleet necassary give thema purpose like raid on fleet pvp
3 housing

Long term
1 give this game an acutally mmo feel to it cause do this game single player is boring
2. more factions
3. make more sense of the story line because i didnt get a sense that fed and klingon were at war at all
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# 727
02-18-2010, 08:52 AM
Honest answer?

Everyone else has in depth bug fixes and stuff.
Here's what I want


Please get licensed music in here, it's the one thing SWG got pitch perfect & it's sadly lacking in STO.
Go on, you know you want to.
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# 728
02-18-2010, 08:55 AM
Short term
1 new exchange with more specific search options like money min max price, listing items by money or by name
2 solve some persistent bugs missions big dig, neutral zone missions...
3 more stores let us buy crafting mk IV mk VI equipment

medium term
1 increase and improve gameservers
2 some quiz missions dont just pick glowies you know explore new worls and seek all new life and new civilizations...
3 solve the items info bugs some items dont show his info right and a game guide explaining the skills a lot

long term
1 holodeck missions theres a infinite options inside your holodecks
2 inside own ship missions like the 80% TNG episodes
3 extra skill points for teaming (like you done in COH) this is not a single MMO
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# 729
02-18-2010, 10:34 AM
Give us the option to toggle NPC/Player Ship names off in space.

At the very least this will give a far less cluttered screen when having numerous ships, torpedoes, fighters when in combat.

Toggle for Shield indicators (we already have a shield diagram as well as voice and visual notification of shield failure on target.

Remove global cool down on more then one Torpedo Launcher (you give us dual launchers on T5 ships but then castrate us.)
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# 730
02-18-2010, 10:42 AM
Well, here's my input.


- Re-enable voiceovers for bridge officers
- Give more font options for ship names and registries
- Lower the credit requirements for ship customization.


- Less combat based exploration missions

- Being able to form NPC fleets with our bridge officers acting as commanding officers of our other ships.

- More avatar customization options.


- This thread

- Add missions based on our own ships, or randomly started by our own bridge officers.

- This thread

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