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02-08-2010, 03:40 PM
Short: Add some indication of progress on memory alpha

Mid: Redesign the skills/level system from the ground up, rather than leaving a cap on a skill tree that is not designed or balanced for a cap.

Long: See Mid.
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02-08-2010, 03:41 PM

(Things I am expecting to see any patch now)

1. More Klingon uniform options, especialy for female.
2. T2 BattleCruiser.
3. Klingon Starcluster PvE content. (We need something other than the nebulas really badly.)
4. More descriptive tooltips on skills, powers, and certain items. (Ex: What the heck is the difference between Transphasic and Chroniton Torpedoes anyway?)


(Stuff I expect to see over the next two months or so)

1. Larger variety of PvP games. (Seriously getting tired of Arena and C&H all day every day.)
2. Klingon Ship customization. (Nothing short of the options Feds have)


(Stuff I expect to see by the end of the year.)

1. Full Klingon Episode content, from tutorial to end-game.
2. Large scale PvP content, such as territory control.
3. An increase in skill / level cap.
4. The cryptic store to go away forever.
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02-08-2010, 03:41 PM
Short term:

1. The ability to log in.
2. The ability to stay logged in, not get DC'd.
3. Cruiser turn rates adjusted.
4. The suggested fix for the admiral level skill point issue in my signature implemented.
5. Some content to do at 45, preferably worth doing repeatedly and taking plenty of time before done with it.
6. Toggle on/off for shield balancing.

Medium term:
1. More content for 40-44.
2. Merchant ships that sell commodities roaming exploration zones.
3. Respecs.
4. Improved fleet controls.
5. Improved information provided by skills, powers, and so on.

Long term:
1. Mini-games for non-combat stuff.
2. Lots more content for all levels, for all factions.
3. Dialogue related diplomatic missions that you can "fail" complete for less of a reward.
4. More ship models/parts for all level ranges.
5. Cardassian playable faction.
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02-08-2010, 03:46 PM
Hello this is a great thread and I would like to add my own suggestions .

Short-term list

1- Tips popup bug and general UI problems llike when trying to skill up, the stats doesnt get updated correctly when skilling up.
2- Better description of the effect of each skills in the captain's tree (the BO's are good, captain is hard to figure out) as well as console items (+1 to photons, what does it do exactly?)
3- fix the missions. Some missions are still bugged (borg fleet encounter for example).
4- fix bugs, like the warp animation not being always synched.

Med term list

1- Better bridge functionality and a rescale pass before adding new bridges
2- Open PvP encounters, like territory grabs etc (something more persistent than just your usual "unreal tournament matches in space"
3- A rethink of the death/respawn system. There is no challenge.
4- Redesign of memory alpha and the crafting system. Crafting is the most pathetic one i've ever seen. Again CO style crafting is not good for STO.

Long term list

1- Major rescale pass. From huge turbolift doors, to small ships vs stations, to the designs of rooms. Evrything is too big. There is a serious need to rethink the design here. CO style does not fit STO style and camera issues are none, you can find workaround to camera issues. There is already alot of fixes suggested here in the forums and examples can be taken from other games as well. Rescale is required
2- A new mission system. Again the actual system is taken from CO, you need to move forward and invent something new, better. Having missions dispatched via a screen with some guy standing doing nothing and reading text is not very good. This is how it was in CO, it was ok in there but try to innovate, don't just change the UI colors or you will endup with mmo clones based on an aging engine.
3- Show us that you care for this game on the long term. Don't bombard us with expansions, just keep working on it and work to maintain your player base, if you don't try to be too greedy, then you can have a hit title and lots of subscriptions for the long term. Don't screw it up!!!

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02-08-2010, 03:47 PM
Short term
Put klingon Bridge officers on klingon ships (not the generics we have now)
Include some more NPCs to add the history of Gorn, orions etc in the klingon sector
Correct the respawns in PvP matches so you dont spawn on top of the entire other team.

Mid term
Klingon Content PvE
Medical bays and repair facilities in PvP guarded by turrets and used as the spawn location when you get killed in PvP
Dealing with hold/exploit damage and making standard weapons do more damage.

Long term
Open PvP space and ground.
More ships especial race specific ships
Race specific starting locations and stories mostly for klingon races as they are not all one happy federation of planets.
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02-08-2010, 03:49 PM
Short Term:

- Deliver/Enable all pre-order items. (TOS skirts come to mind as one example)

- Add even more server capacity so long waits in the queue are a thing of the past

- Crush bugs related to frequent disconnects, especially when on ground missions.


- Permit a 'universal' transwarp (with 30 min. cooldown) to all sizable stations in the game, including Memory Alpha.

- Provide new (and better) descriptions for character advancement and ship consoles so its plainly clear what adding points to various skills and switching from one type of deflector to another actually does.

- Tie participation in Fleet Actions to either character level or ship tier to give more parity to players competing for the rarer loot drops. Players will then compete among similarly-leveled characters and/or ships.


- Create fully-functional ship interiors- Decked out ready room with medals/trophies, Bridge/Ten Forward/Engineering, etc. with lootable/buyable fluff items and expanded amenities like a scaled-down Ferengi merchant, opportunities for missions and RP to have their start on one's ship.

- Enable Klingon PvE and more playable races/factions (Romulan/Cardassian). There doesn't seem to be enough PvP variety at present to support playing a Klingon as a main and adding new factions/races adds freshness to the game.

- Improve Content by adding more episodes, further fleshing out the 'Genesis system', and developing more 'canonical' types of missions involving tough command decisions, intrigue, using technology to save the day, and employing clever diplomacy to resolve conflict.
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02-08-2010, 03:50 PM
  • Ready Rooms and other interior ship locales.
  • More costume options from the show and films, specifically including female buns and long hair, long jackets, and other items illustrated with photos in the Costume Request Thread.
  • Social clothing for Risa (beach wear), Vulcan (robes) and other locales.
  • Get Gorn, Orion, and Nausicaan ships in game, Klingon side. They wouldn't need to be that different from Klingon ships; they'd just have no cloaking device, and better shields or hull or something to compensate.
  • Get that Star Cluster Genesis content open to Klingons, so PvE is a realistic path to leveling.
  • Remove the Skill Cap. I call this "Mid-Term" because I hope that this was always the intention, and that the current skill cap is only in place while the level cap is also in place.
  • Romulan Faction, with PvE content.
  • Flesh out the Klingon faction with story-based Episodes and other PvE content.
  • Missions with multiple outcomes. The stories we have are good, but when we all know that they are just window dressing for repeatedly pressing F, there is no sense of success in completing them.
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02-08-2010, 03:51 PM
Short term-
Address the skill trees, they need reorganizing. The 60,700 cap is set to low, lack of points for admiral skills available.
Ship models into the c-store asap- nebla excelcisor etc etc

Medium term-

Ground comat- The only living thing on alien planets appear to be romulans, klingons, cardassians etc.. Add some life to the planets..
Space- I don't need to barrel roll, but 45 degrees is too restrictive when u build missions where u make us move vertical.. Making us spiral up is lame.
Transwarp options

Long term-
Add more story based content. If you don't like exploration missions or DSE's you shouldn't HAVE to do them to level, and you currently do. I should be able to level up via episodes and patrol missions without being stuck without content.

I want to be able to walk the halls of my own ship (the maps are already in place for this) and I want missions to take place on my ship. IE - klingons try to take over, medical outbreak, equipment malfunctions etc.. as seen on countless shows.

Here is my big one long term..... after admiral, let me give one of my BO's their own command, and they will start at lvl 11. I'd buy char slots for this, and it would make me more interested in leveling alts if they could skip the learning to play the game stage of 1-11.
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02-08-2010, 03:51 PM
Short Term:
-Pre-order bonus fixes (so we don't have to hear any more whining about them)
-Exchange: auto-sort by lowest price first
-weapons holstered except for when in combat
-gold sellers - add a filter to in-game and mail communications that auto-blocks messages containing certain text identified by cryptic as spam related: if messages containg [gold seller site here].com are auto filtered, it'll at the bare minimum have to force the spammers to constantly keep acquiring new domains to function.
-camera lock: give me a toggle to allow me to lock the camera at the current viewpoint relative to my ship.
-documentation - a bit more info about just everything in the game might be nice.
-disable tooltips/skip tutorial (we're already "skipping" a tutorial for the klingons.. just do the same thing for fed chars once someone's hit level 6.
-existing content fixes
-fleet action level brackets
-upper tier cruiser turning, even if it is just out of combat.. I'm intentionally delaying my cruiser captain just because I don't want to go through that torture.
-latency issues in large PC gathering locations. Would scaling the number of roaming useless NPC's help any? ("beam out/in" NPC's as PC's enter/leave map?)

Medium Term:
-True 3-axis space movement.
-Klingon PvE content - some of us really don't have any interest in PvP
-More diverse content - mix and match some of the current elements - add random NPC encounters to ground situations, get rid of the magic "5" number
-Allow players to purchase (in-game credits) add ons for their bridge - links to the exchange, mail, bank, vendors, customizers, etc.
-alter fleet action rewards scheme to balance out amongst the three ship classes and their strengths
-Additional ship customization - I'd love to use some of the parts from other tiers (or even other classes), because let's be honest.. some of the existing designs are less than stellar.

Long Term:
-Expanded content engine - give us choices that determine the outcome of the mission and the rewards that come with it. Diplomacy, non-lethal/explosion ending combat, ship based missions (how many of the tv episodes occur solely on the ship?) Mini-games?
-Expanded genesis engine - something a little more than fly in circles in the exploration sector stopping at "unexplored systems"
-A better "crafting" system - I'm really not a crafter, but the current setup ultimately feels like a waste of effort.
-Non-federation ferengi - what's more fun than trying to make a profit?

Really minor gripe:
-change the animation for running while scanning. it's like the character's joining in an irish dance festival
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02-08-2010, 03:57 PM

1) Skill trees need to be reworked from the ground up
2) End game content, fleet actions, group missions
3) Ship & Class rebalancing


1) Open world PvP, engage enemy ships on the sector map
2) Better storylines that don't just abruptly end, the episodic content is disappointing at best.
3) More mission variety, maybe some actual puzzles rather than having your bridge officers explain everything that happens to you.


1) Better crafting system (existing system is garbage, limited item selection, no way to reliably acquire the data samples needed)
2) Galaxy map expansion
3) Factional area control, let player actions determine what sectors are held by which faction (ex. Klingons actually take over Fed space)

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