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02-23-2010, 02:50 AM
Short term
1) HARDER PVE! I died all of maybe 10 times leveling from lv 1 to admiral. Space just needs a bump in damgage that the ships do. But the ground PVE is so rediculously carbare my 4 yearold nephew litteraly got through a mission....yes hes 4! And not the bightest kid either.

2) LESS XP!!! Ok so I am a power grinder but even still it took me 8 days to cap klingon BG! And then another 8 days to RA feddie! Thats a little over 2 weeks and I have 2 Admirals ,thats an Admiral every week or so..... no no no. Thats no how these things work. I would say 1 month minimum! to xp cap. This has obviously been accepted in other successful SWG and WOW. Rule of thumb I belive is 1 month power grinders, 2 months casual players and 3 for workaholics who dont get alot of playtime. 3)

3) Elimination of "CLICK AND LAG"! The exchange needs more ...stability...i guess?? Not really sure what it is but It is next to impossible to click and drag from inventory to ship or bank or vise versa when on the exchange or most of the time at any starbase period. Would like to have inventory managment = to wow....sry for the reference but hey, some things they really did well.
The Exchange needs an overhaul! Needs sortable menus ie... price low to high, alphabetical...etc.

Mid term

1)Conquerable fvk war zones.

Long term

1) This is a big one for me...Professions! And crafting system = to or better than SWG! Hate WOW crafting! Too simplistic. Honestly I go back to SWG every now and then just to craft... lame to some relaxing to others. But I think there is huge potential in this game for this. From mining minerals in space and on planets to crafting armor to shipwights and wepons. Mines on allied planets and in space would be safe from attack but on planets in contested space they could be destroyed by enemy players. Better yeild from contested area mines worth the risk. STO would then have everything i would ever want in an mmo.

These are really the only things i find wrong with the game... If you knew me, you'd know that was a miracle in itself.... I'm usually a complainer . But I am hoooked! This is a great game with huge potential. Very very well done devs!
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02-23-2010, 03:37 AM
Well alot of my points have already been posted but ive not seen this point..which i hope is a short term thing but i suspect it will be long term..

I would like the introduction of reset button for my Skills..exactly like the reset talents in WoW were i pay 50g to reset..on here it could be like 5k Credits or something
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02-23-2010, 04:08 AM
I have a few things I would like to see:

--One thing I would like to see is the removal of exploration zones. At first I guess that sounds rather demanding of me. But what I would like to see is sector blocks and exploration zones merged. So you can be in sector space in Regulus Sector block and if you decide to explore you change the view and Regulus's systems vanish with unexplored anomalies popping up. perhaps it can also rezone if it's easier. After all, there are lots of unexplored territory in the space the Federation already occupies. If it's easier.

--On a different note, I would like to see the crew system changed and expanded on. Right now it goes up and down and seems like a system that didn't quite get to were it was intended. I think this should be expanded on by adding a pop up screen that gives a breakdown of tactical, engineering and science crew numbers. If you have a larger number of tactical crew then you can resist boarding party with nearly no effects. Engineers can bring damaged systems back online quickly and so on.

This is also a great place to add a death penalty. Right now I often lose half my crew in every fight. And of course they return mostly by the next fight. Even dead crew reappear out of nowhere. I get frustrated with how bazar that is. I think injuries should come easy and deaths slowly. Deaths can also give your ship a death penaly by losing functionality in your ship when your crew gets low. If you lose 10 to 20 crew per death plus 1 crew member for every 10000 dmg taken then sooner or latter you will need to restock your crew. Cruisers can stay in the fight longer and do allot to help other ships in a team setting but any ship should be able to transfer crew. If Escorts and their small crew numbers are a problem, cheat a little. Increase their crew and give them a "battle hardened" passive skill that lowers the number of deaths and injuries.

This should give a death penalty by forcing players to go to a starbase sooner or later. Who knows, maybe Cryptic will even add indicators showing the loacations of starbases in the sector map

--- Add a feature to sell items back to the vender plz. I was upset when I purchased a gun and then found that the vender screen had reset to the top when I was not looking and I had the wrong gun. That may not sound so bad if it was not for the fact that this was no ordinary vender, it was a very high end vender whos currency is marks that are hard to get. I had a gun I didn't want and lost a days worth of marks.
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02-23-2010, 04:55 AM
Short term: and Mid term
Add voice overs for NPC
Add Command and control from bridge.
Add a transporter room, and other parts of the ship
Add Deaper missions, have more things happen than just find this or kill that.
Fix the Fleet badge
Be able to have ship damage ie shooting off a eng like the pre video for the game.
Long term
More options for Ships
Have the galaxy class ship seperate with battle bridge like shown in videos
Be able to attack plaent from space
Have life forms on planets ie animals
Be able to dock at space dock not just get close and beam over
Add space shuttles for missions, it would be nice to set in a shuttle seat and fly around your ship
Higher a sci fi author to write deaper missions
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# 895 My two energy credits...
02-23-2010, 05:05 AM
First, I'm sure some of these things on my wishlist have been mentioned before, so hopefully they will be considered "more votes" for 'em:

Short Term Wishlist
1. Option to lock the buttons on the action bars. I manage to pull things off while I'm in combat. A modifier key on top of a right click would make the buttons less likely to get moved/lost.

2. When getting info on items (right clicking the info tool tip), you get not only the tech description with stats but a following layperson descriptor. So the first lines would say, for example: +2.5 deflector dish, +7.5% tachyeon whatever; and then there would be a following descriptor that might say: This item/thingy will cause you to do more damage by x%. Something that cuts it down to a simple explanation of what it does in very easy to understand terms (concrete numbers applied to concrete concepts). I've also noticed that when I'm choosing a reward item, I cannot right click and get the info box that has the extended description. It makes it that much harder to know what to choose.

3. The useful tips and interesting fun facts that are offered on the transition screens flash by far too fast to be read and thus are useless most of the time (unless there is a delay in loading a new area/scene or the tips are really short). I would actually like to read those tips and fun facts. Maybe there could be a tips/fun facts section in the computer database/library to which we can access from our minimap button. (perhaps this is already there but I haven't found it yet?).

Mid-term Wishlist
1. I often lose my pointer on the screen. It would be nice if it had a better contrast from the background or at least was a bit larger. Maybe it could even have a modifier key to make it flash or do some other thing in order to quickly locate it on the screen. This is probably a bigger problem for those of us who have large monitors. Maybe there could even be an option to customize the cursor?

2. The rewards screen shows how many credits and points you get, but the numbers lie on top of the icons and are the exact same color. This makes it a bit difficult to read. Perhaps this could be tuned a little to make the numbers more legible.

3. The map could be better. On the galaxy tab, I think it would be very helpful (and realistic) if one could zoom in on a sector block and then zoom again in to a sector to see the systems. We shouldn't have to be in a particular sector to see the systems in it. These sectors have all been charted by Starfleet and therefore a zoom in would be doable. Overall, the galaxy map should be more dynamic and useful and perhaps even three dimensional. Furthermore, the area map for planets, ships, and stardocks is very bland. It would be nice to have the places on the map have pop up labels and more detail. Hopefully this is something that has been intended from the start.

Long Term Wishlist
1. Where is Starfleet Academy?!!! It would be wonderful if we could beam down to Starfleet Academy in San Francisco and explore the academy grounds, seeing the city background. I'm not expecting Crypt to build the whole planet but being able to run around the academy grounds and buildings would be brilliant. Players could even go to specific buildings for training (like a Sciences Building or Commanders Hall). I think the Space Dock is a bit claustrophobic. This would also be a great central gathering place for a community of players. Having an open and central mall/park area outside would be a nice place in which people would want to congregate. Somehow, the Space Base is a bit sterile and cold for hanging out. You could even have a night/day sky that corresponds to the actual time of day that San Fran is experiencing. Very cool.

2. A bigger better and smarter computer database. The whole wealth of the Star Trek universe should be in the computer database/library. We should be able to not only look up data on the immense IP of Star Trek, but we should also be able to access the details of game play, items, ships, races, systems, etc. We have the internet today, so the future computer database would be extremely large and thorough. I would rather get details on the game from within the game then have to key tab out to my browser and search the wiki or google things constantly.

3. Much better ground combat and more exploration. I have been attacked by Klingon pig things running at me backwards. During combat, the characters look a bit like highly detailed paper dolls and the action is a bit stiff and preprogrammed feeling. There is not much to explore. The worlds end. I run up against invisible walls. And there are no animals or non-quest related threats/mobs. No birds, no fish, no wandering mammals. It just seems like the planets have plant life and hostile humanoids that are directly related to the quest at hand. Aside from the pretty environment (and they really are beautiful to look at. One helluva job there guys), it all seems rather empty and uninhabited.

Finally, I must add that I love this game overall, in spite of my gripes. I expected there to be a lot of growing room when it started. I am still impressed with what there is. And I'm looking forward to Cryptic taking our suggestions in hand as they make it better. You folks have impressed me and I think what you have is terrific. Cheers!
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02-23-2010, 05:28 AM
Short term:
1. Got to get More Missions and Episodes while lvlling. make more story content. Seems like around cardassian space it really falls off.

2. PVP is extremely confusing starting off. Perhaps make a starting guide of what you are supposed to do once you have been to K7.

Mid Term:
1. Fleets need to be able to have a fleet logo to put on the ships.

2. Fleets Should be able to have a headquarters they can go to on certain planets that you make for specifically for this purpose (Mars/Earth). I know its kinda a rip off of Galaxies, but i believe you used this concept in COH/COV with hideouts and Lairs.

Long Term:
1. Fleets should be able to be divided into sub-fleets (squadrons). Would help with organization and promotion with in our fleets. Give more for us to do with our fleets and creates more interaction with our fellow STOers.

2. This might even be able to fit under midterm, but lets get fleet holodecks for simulations and training. Basically, lets have the ability to program simulations and train our fleet members whether it be against each other or grouping together to fight a vast fleet of vessels.

3. I would also like to see something similar to what COH/COV had as far as a mission creater so we can come up with missions for our fleet to do etc.

Hope everyone likes the ideas i have come up with.
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02-23-2010, 05:38 AM
Short Term (within a month):
Fix how PvE text box interactions work in game by making it mandatory for all players to click Continue before the game takes over and you are in a fight or you are forced out of the text box. Yes it's still broken under certain circumstances. Q&A needs to give this system in all of its iterations another pass and the DEV team needs to change how it works. The current iteration of this needs to die a very quick death. By the time you fix it all my friends will be max rank but at least others won't have to suffer through this horrible game mechanic.

Here is me hoping you guys fix this by the 45 day patch. Please fix it. It makes me want to dispatch someone with a bat'leth every time I run into it.

Mid Term (six months):
Full PvE content for Klingons that makes sense for that faction. You guys have it right that Federation type PvE content wouldn't work for Klingons. So don't make it. Make PvE content that fits the faction. What did Klingons do during peace and war in terms of managing their empire? They fought each other and dealt with their enemies mercilessly. Do it right or don't do it at all. I think I'm echoing the DEV team here. The point is that it can be done. How?

The Federation player might deal with a dispute with miners by talking it through diplomatically. The Klingon player would disruptor whip the swine for daring to complain at best. At worst he would execute the leader as an example. Problem solved. Don't sugar coat it.

I mean seriously if I can re-write Federation missions and make them worthy of a Klingon than your professional writer/writers can do it justice as well. Have the story written so that it's a completely different experience but you can keep similar situations like the mining dispute that would no doubt occur. Heck the Klingons would need to deal with rebellion from those under the thumb of their empire and that alone could be a massive part of the storyline. Sorry but I get really passionate about writing and story telling.

Pull this off right and everyone will want to roll Klingon just to play through that story and have a whole other experience.

Long Term (1 yr):
Lets have a three way? Maybe not yet.

My understanding is that you guys want to push out Romulans at some point down the line. Don't or at least not until you have a pretty good working base for PvP. Right now you have almost none. Trying to do a write up on PvP is not easy based on the instance system. However since we are stuck with it you may as well do it right and make the most of instancing.

I don't think I can bring myself to do a write up on it right now. It would require a dozen hours and I would hit the max char limit at least twice. I'll do it later in its own thread. Maybe this week if I can put that much effort aside.

Regarding Romulans: If you do them make sure you do them right the first time and make them a PvE story as I suggested for the Klingons. How the Romulans manage their empire would likely be similar to the Klingons. Actually based on the series and movies it would likely be even worse. The current storyline under Federation progression plays into this like a charm. Those Remans you been suppressing for eons are quite a bunch when you decide to arm them for use as cannon fodder aren't they?

Oh the story you can weave into this. Again if done right everyone will want to play through the Romulans to experience that story arc. This can continue later on down the line with the Cardassians and their struggle with the Obsidian Order and the Dominion.
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02-23-2010, 06:19 AM
Short term:

1.) Let the Character sit down in the Captains Chair instead of Beaming out (Sequence when leaving the Bridge)
2.) Autogrouping when entering a 5-Man PVP-Arena
3.) Progress bar for crafting at Memory Alpha
4.) Sort option for Exchange by price
5.) Copying the whole Name of an Item to the Search window in Exchange (for example by Ctrl+Click on an Item)

Mid term:

1.) Adding more Fleet Actions (especially for Admirals)
2.) Adding a Raid Interface and in addition to that Raid contend! (Most important to me, because Fleets donīt make much sense at the Moment)
3.) Possibility to upgrade any Ship to a Tier 5 Ship

Long term:

These things would be nice, but shouldnīt be prioritised.

1.) Bridge functions to navigate the ship.
2.) More Ship Interiour
3.) More Areas
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02-23-2010, 07:33 AM
Short Term:

Fix more bugs
Work on reducing lag

Mid- Term

Kill instances inside of bases. Make turbolifts and doors work without instances. Make Quarks open to the rest of DS9.

Option to turn off grid in Sector Space as well as paths.

Make tanks, dps and science ships easy to identify quickly in fleet actions. And perhaps add leader options.

Make bases like SB 1 and DS9 larger social zones. Decrease the number of clusters and up the population size or something else that might work.

Long Term

More freelance Exploration, bascially more solar system type content like you are going to be adding. I want to explore a system and not just one planet.

Waaaaay better crafting system. The on you have is so very limited and lacking imagination. How about Tactical, Engineering, and Science crafting options?

Option to reprogram your replicator with items you would like to have for use. I.E. add batteries, hypos, make melee weapons, etc...

Minigames added to DS9 or Starbases elsewhere

Holodecks, especially at Quarks!!! With Quark actually being there and selling holo time to you. This could open up ideas like combat sims for ships or avatars that are fun and customizable. PLus content from the shows could be added to these for nostalgic reasons.

Graphics improvements to ground missions. Perhaps better looking water, trees, ground textures with more detail.
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02-23-2010, 08:51 AM
OP, only thing I disagree with is the XP. I only play for an hour or so a few days a week. I have a level 3 captain, and would hate to have to grind even more to make it to admiral. IMO, adding the last five levels of Admiral a grind feast with a sweet reward of having a captured Klingon, Romulan, or whatever you choice ship in your personal arsenal or something like that. Also, a tonne of content and FA's that only an admirial level ship and crew can do.

If not the grind fest for RA 6 - 10, then restructure to meet the fantasy world of Star Trek which has 7 levels between ensign and admiral, not unlock tier one ships till commander, and standard uncustomizable ships at lower levels:

Admiral (tier 5 ship)
Commodore (tier 4 ship)
Fleet Captain (tier 3 ship)
Captain (tier 2 ship)
Commander (teir 1 ship)
Lieutenant Commander (standard light cruiser)
Lieutenant (standard destroyer)
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Ensign (standard frigate)

Personally, my biggest peeve is pitch, and a three row tray. A +/-90 degree or better pitch would be a real nice addition, and would make turning in my galaxy tighter on some groups that are on a higher/lower z plane to me. I like to have a space between types of powers, e.g, tray1 is weapon, space, special movement like evasive manoeuvrer; tray2 is heals, space, buffs; tray3 is weapon buffs, space, enemy debuff. I like that space to separate the groups which is slowly going away as I rank up - a four or more tray would be nice.

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