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02-23-2010, 09:07 AM
Short Term Goals:
* Stability of exchange, both in fucntion and in form (add a sort by price option at the least and fix the 2 minute lag)
* Excelsior, nebula and Ambassador class ships, or at least extra parts to kitbash them in.
* A fix to seating. Make the BOffs sit in their chairs properly, and let us sit in our chairs by clicking them, then changing stance by the emote system, rather than using emote to sit leaving us floating in mid air.
~Bonus: get that NPC in Club 47 to get off the damn table! It just looks glitchy unless the other NPCs do more!

Mid Term goals:
* More random NPC ships to combat against, either based on existing ones or random ons.
* Ship lounge areas, or at the least a Ready Room with accolade items, pets, etc.
* More time travel missions

Long Term Goals:
* Bridge officer AI/dialogue, let us assign them a personality and some additional behavior and more expressive movement of all NPCs. Pointing, scanning, laughing, chatting etc.
* Enhanced Encounters: have us duel a klignon Captain on a mission for honor. More random environment effects while we explore planets and space. Along with this, give a more cutscene feel to conversations, showing either bridge views or something other than the fairly static dialogue box pop ups. At least make their lips move and heads turn. Something.
* More voice over dialogue, especially for BOffs as opposed to just the computer voice over. This will really help with being more varied, and entertaining.
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02-23-2010, 09:47 AM
i posted before but it wasnt very clear and i have also had more time to think about the post so ill repost.

short term

take space combat from outside the ship and put it inside the ship
make ships multiplayer and remove bo's
open up ships fully so that they can be used, add storage and crew qaurters and make it so we can buy and place furniture in our rooms abaord the ship.
get rid of this auto target crap. it make space battle boreing. its a competition of see who can mash the space bar the hardest, their is no skill involved

if everything was done from the bridge then the players at tactical can target subsystems and so on, it would make for a more personal involvement on the ship.

i know every one want to look at their own pride and joy and see their starship from a thrid person veiw, and see it in all its splendor, but what happens when they get fed up of holdng down the space bar and their A key ??????? that ship will only look pretty and great from the outside for so long before it gets tiresome.

mid term

change the fleet system, make it so single player can only fly fighter class ships or shuttle craft.
make it so that inorder to fly a starship players must join a crew/guild and only crews can have starships. starship are multiplayer and have crew qaurters/personal space and starage as well as replicators onboard. (remove replicator option from inventory)

also when onboard a starbase or starship, looking out of the windows will show exactly whats going on outside.

remove all loading screens and make game seemless.

remove and replace sector space with a more cannon and more startrek feel to long distance travel which will be done from inside the ship on the bridge.

also in reguards to multiplayer ships. all stations should be useable by all players no matter their classes. how ever their classes will have adrastic impact on their ability to work stations which are not aligned to their class. stations should include helm tactical science engineering. also the ships crew can recruit a contingent of orther players too to fill space when people are not online, when they are online spare crew members can fill roles of ships doctor running round healing the npc crews as well as buffing other players. engineers for putting up forcefield on the ship to block enemy boarding parties progression and to repair ship subsystems. and tactical to provide security teams to the diffrent decks and use heavy weapons to protect the ship and set up sentry drones and turrets onboard to halt and eliminate enemy advancement dureing a boarding.

long terms

fleets need starbases with full customizability, ie furtniture upgrades to make them larger and more explorable and useable, also when on the station looking out of the window should show space exactly as it is when your out their.. remove loading screens and malke seemeless transisitons.

space is massive, it needs to feel massive. at present their is nothing to do, their is not enough to do exploration is a pile of crap. make exploration worth doing not just those stupid little explore 3 systems things, they are dull and boreing and quite frankly rushed into action.

make planet side larger and more useable, make it so planet side is like being on a starbase we need a reason to visit the worlds.

bring trade into the game, starterk is ripe with freighter pilots trying to make living. also the exchange is rubbish take a look at eve-onlines market system and how it works and make something like it for startrek.. make it so players can use economy. while the earth people dont use economy other factions do. it is only earth people that doesnt have money and economy. the galaxy is a huge place full of lots of diffrent civilisations most of them prewarp.

also costumes are bum, i want to be able to wear what ever the hell i want to wear when i want to wear it. i dont want to be restricted to star fleet uniforms. if i beam down to a pre-warp civilisation i want to fit in so i may explore with out being detected, and i want being detected to become part of the game mechanics and all its implications.

some of you will disagree with me, but the game is not cannon, it doesnt feel like startrek and it certainly doesnt play or travel like star trek. it looks like startrek but it isnt.

i know its early days yet, but i cant help but think! will this be another city of heroes ?? is it really going to be that dissapointing as far as content goes and size. is everything going to remain template and linear.

part of charecter customisation is to wear and look how we want. this these clothing restrictions are not too great. give us more choice of civilian clothing and such.

i could go on forever with this cryptic.

as it stands im in half a mind not to pay another subscription fee tot he game, reason is im not impressed with it, ive completed it and im having trouble seeing any real decent future content that wil change the game enough to make it feel like star trek. i dont see cryptic putting in the scale and size sto needs for it to be star terk

and on another though, i see me paying the subs as fnding for cryptic to make the game great and vast with mountains of content as ive staed in my 3 above. im torn between decisions because i know the game wont entertain me for another 2 weeks let alone 3-4 months.

i hope cryptic make the right decisions, should i choose not to pay my subs i will check back in roughly 4 months to see what has changed, at that momment i will decide if i shall continue to play sto any more.

swtor is just around the corner and quite frankly their are far better games available for the same money already that have vast vast amounts of content and playability.

i feel cryptic needs to tell us exactly their plans for the year so we can see what they have instore for the game.

they are probably afraid that they might get it wrong and loose their players, well from a players point of view i would rather know upfront if the game will remain as it is and boreing or if it has some brilliant features coming our way. i would like to know upfront before wasteing a years worth of subs to find out the game will permanently blow.

right now cryptic you have your shell for a good game. you have your basic very basic foundations.. this game can be magnificant with the right dedication and input. its startrek for crying out loud STARTREK!!!!

you are honoured or should be to have the opportunity to make starterk real. noe one else has the licence to do this, the life and death of startrek online is solely in cryptic stuios hands, and as it is now, it simply isnt acceptable.

we know its new and we know its early but we dont know whats planned or thought of.. we want a real startrek feel not some crappy linear game with a startrek skin.
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Short-term requests:
Target subsystem failure announcements- I don't feel much when I hear that an enemy's facing shields are gone, a good captain sets up for this. If on the other hand I hear 'Their shields/weapons are offline' due to one of my dirty tricks, that's a bit more snazzy.

I'd like it if not every ship I kill explodes in my face due to it's warp core blowing up. Romulans use an artificial singularity so perhaps their ships half impolde and drag me closer. Ther are also plenty of other ways to kill a ship and leave it a drifting hulk than having them always warp breach.

Mid-term requests
Endgame content suggestion- Most of the admirals we see in starfleet are often linked with a department. It might be neat to add a secondary specialization option to admiral ranked characters and attach special perks to them. For instance Federation admirals would have a 'career path' to lead them to be part of the federation intelligence service, JAG, starfleet medical, Starfleet academy.
An example might be that an admiral level character chooses to be part of starfleet academy for their career path and they get a new random officer once per month.
An admiral who is part of starfleet intelligence might get to see an additional bar/icon on their targets which indicates which subsystem on their target has the least power to exploit the fact.
An admiral in logistics and supply might procure a few new experimental torpedo's which could be fired like the har'pangs from the planet killer arc (as ship devices) for massive damage and get perhaps two per week.
An admiral who is some sort of 'Sector commander' might be able to summon two or three starships to perform a massive hit and run torpedo attack on a target or come in quickly to lay a sizeable minefield.

Klingon Generals could also benefit from a chosen path. Generals could have the ability to call in blood debts which might grant them a few 'pet' elite ground troops for a while before they consider their debts repaid and they leave to fight elsewhere.

-The overall idea would be to add some spice and flavor to the top ranks as well as make you want to try different specializations. You might have an admiral who is a science officer who went down the career path in Starfleet Medical and you could want to make another science admiral who goes into starfleet intelligence. There could be all manner of mission options too which you do for your career path.

Long-term requests
I would like to see a flexible diplomatic system which will allow tensions to shift one way or the other in the grand scheme of things. It would enable the war with the klingons to recede and flare up while tensions with other races likewise ebbed and flowed.

I would like to see a more variable mission solution scheme which lets me develop my character and possibly allows them to develop a 'reputation.' If I continually choose nonviolent solutions a klingon NPC will have less respect for my charater while an intellectual alien race NPC would greet my character welcomingly. Let me become a Kirk or a Spock and let the other folks in the galaxy know, respect, or fear me on arrival.
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02-23-2010, 10:22 AM

Short Term:
  • Cargo bay and weapon inventory. We should have to replenish our supply of torp and mine.*

Mid Term:
  • Admiral's Task Force. A team action that is a series of ship and ground missions with an accolade and rare drop when finished. A powered accolade would be nice where one would get a 1% boost in shield power levels and stuff like that.
  • Starbase's for fleets, one fleet starbase every sector block with the perks. E.g., if limited torp/mine supply comes into play, you can resupply at fleet star base.

Short, Mid, And Long Term:
  • More missions, Fleet Actions, and Task force content.
  • Boarding, and hand to hand combat to capture a ship that can be added to your ship inventory
  • New rank of Fleet Admiral. If you can capture and repair a ship, once you hit fleet admiral you can captain that captured ship.

*Having a limited supply would increase the level of game play in PvE and PvP content.
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02-23-2010, 10:46 AM

Short Term:
  • Add more to the ship replicator. Ships are capable of much more than replicating foods. Integrate this with exploration and relief missions.
  • More ships, more costume options, more weapons.
  • More robust exchange search options.

Mid Term:
  • Exploration missions. They need to be as time consuming as combat but still need some skill. Mini-games (e.g. Mass Effect or Bioshock) or puzzles to solve.
  • Ground and Space weapons are only used for their effects. There should be noticeable resistance for certain factions against certain weapons. I would recommend instead of having a faction with 1 weakness, have each faction have 1 strong resistance. Gives players more options but not making them focus on 1 damage type.

Long Term:
  • More open space to explore. Explore, not eradicate.
  • Diplomatic skills for players and/or BOs. Able to solve disputes with diplomacy.
  • More factions, more ships. Interesting and diversive gameplay.

Some suggestions:
  • Science Missions. Player encounters rare nebula activity. If Player has Spatial Anomaly skill of 7 or above, they can research the phenomena. Can also be multi-tiered, so there are stages to which they can gain skill points through the mission but each stage requires another skill to accomplish.
  • Engineering Missions. Player encounters a research vessel adrift. Everyone is alive but they have been unable to get the ship's engines or communications working. If Player has Starship Engine Maintenance 7 or above they can try and repair the engines, or if Player has Sensor Array skill 20 or above they can attempt to repair communications. If they repair engines, the ship goes to a nearby station for further repairs. If they repair communications, they find out the virus that crippled the research vessel has now crippled their own. Various skills and some chance rolls come to play if the player can correct it. Otherwise they have to call for help which cancels any further mission rewards.
  • Special skills for science and engineering missions. Skills are only gained through these missions, and do not affect any combat abilities. Player can then use skills at Memory Alpha for more advanced crafting.
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02-23-2010, 10:48 AM
ok, just found this thread... spending too much time in general discussion i think!

first up then,


1 - PvE difficulty. 90% of the ships i've encountered present no more threat than i had in the starter ship, dispite my gaining access to more weapons and abilities along the way. the only notable differences were the romulan/reman factions, the borg and the keldon class ships. during beta some ships had access to Boff style skills and that made people think a little harder, putting that back in or increasing the frequency of their use would make more of a challenge.

2 - Ground combat, having NPC foes be a little smarter in combat would go a long way to improving the feel of combat. they need to work as a team more, and while disintergrating our exposed Boffs would be a bad thing, why not let them cause an instant KO? force us to work more, think more.

3 - less batteries! @_@


1 - interiors. even non functional ones. a couple of corridors, a cargo bay, engineering, mess hall and a medical bay, all things we've already seen art for in-game. open them up to the players in the same way bridges are now and work functionality in as you can.

2 - spatial anomolies. could work the same way as DSE's but instead of launching into a combat mission with other players you get into a mission involving some kind of technical problem, subspace collapse, unknown particles causing the warp drive to go offline.. plenty of fun, no combat, i'm sure there's plenty of ideas you can draw from in the series.

3 - less batteries... no really.. loot tables could do with some re-working. at the moment you could fight almost anything, be it a fighter or a cube and get a battery drop, or a rare blue console.. these need tweaking so you're more likely to get "better" grade items from harder foes.. and less batteries!

and finally..


1 - fully fleshed out storyline for klingons. random PvE content is ok for now, but they really deserve a story as epic in scope as the federation. it can even be the same story (yeah i've worked it out :p ) but told from the klingon perspective. they need interaction with the romulans and the cardassians on the same level as the federation has, not to mention the borg and even the mirror universe could be done. this will take time i know which is why its in the long term part, but it HAS to be done.

2 - living ships, and i'm not talking bioships, once interiors are in we need to begin to see missions taking place in and around our crew.. i've posted before about altering Boff requsitions from being hailed for a new one and bam they appear, to having an in-ship mission that highlights a member of your crew and at the end promotes them, for inclusion to bridge duties or re-assignement to another ship as an officer. it would give a much deeper sense of connection to the Boffs and give a new type of mission as well. Engineers could help you and your existing Boffs solve problems with computer malfunctions or warp core issues, science officers could help you resolve an ancient mystery found on a recent away mission thats taking over the crew or something, and tactical officer recruitment missions could involve being boarded during combat.. there's so much scope here for helping create a more in depth world, but even being able to walk about inside your ship and interact with NPC crew members will go a long way.

3 - the rest of the federation. going by your in-game galaxy map we've got less than 1/2 of federation controlled space in game right now. everything "north west" of sol is closed off. from my understanding the ferengi alliance is headed up that way as well. I know many people are talking about the delta quadrant or the gamma quadrant being added, but i'd like to see the alpha and beta quadrants fleshed out a lot more first. these areas are away from the "front lines" of combat with the True way, romulans and klingons so it'd be an ideal area to expand into with diplomacy and exploration, especially as the federation have a treaty with the ferengi now too. oh, and opening up the section of space with betazed in it would also be nice. in short, before throwing us to the ends of the galaxy, lets build our home up some more.

i've got thousands of ideas i could put forward along these lines, and i know other players have just as much, if not more, and many should be achievable with the engine being used, as they're based on things we've see in CoX and CO (i know CoX uses an older engine but its basis in terms of physics is still pretty much the same feel from a player's side). it would be nice if a "player suggestions" forum could be opened up so ideas like this could be easily monitored and have a "safe" place to appear rather than being buried under general discussions and lost to the back pages.
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02-23-2010, 10:49 AM
Short: Respec
Medium: Exchange and inventory sorting
Long: More content. I'm almost max level with 5 days of /played, and I didn't powerlevel or anything.
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02-23-2010, 11:10 AM
everyone has covered the short, mid, and long term well. i only have one major request that would make the game more exciting to me and that is relativly simple to add, and that is incorperate "klingon battle" song by jerry goldsmith into the game. i wish more would request this of the devs.
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02-23-2010, 11:44 AM
NOW ! - RESPEC: Find a way and make it happen.

Short -

#1 - FIX the Exchange. Minimum add sorts and ability to do some filtering. If the 25th century can't master a basic Exchange the universe is in real trouble.

#2 - Auto Grouping - Add everyone in your zone to Fleet battles and the same for open instances. When leaving that instance auto-leave that group!

#3 - FIX the Map - Even if I can't auto pilot across the galaxy I should be able to quickly look up and see other sectors in DETAIL from the map.

Mid Term -

#1 - Ground Combat : This is boring and I feel more like a gerbil being forced to an end, there is nothing open about it. Limited self skills make this as fun as going to the dentist. I still laugh to myself when the targs run backwards at me.

#2 - Content - If this isn't improved upon pretty quickly this game will die a quick death. One month in everyone is bored already.

#3 - Interface - Fix autofire, allow some kind of customized interface work to be done. I still have no idea whom my team members are targeting fast. The main key to other MMO's being successful was the ability to customize the interface, go to curse gaming and look at the sheer number of mods for WOW alone.


#1 - Ships - Seriously I don't know why we are shoehorned into such a small number of ships. Every-ship should have some variance of modification as well.

#2 - Combat - More ships vs you isn't making it tougher its unrealistic. As a single starship would you continue to fight multiple enemies at once? Make combat some sort of skill test not just spamming all your cool downs when you can. Team formations and teamwork is simply not required atm. Except for CE which currently is ridiculous.

#3 - Crafting - Take the current crafting and rewrite it. Keep the badge stuff as an option but no reason you couldn't craft in a starbase or even ship yourself to make 'standard' weapons better.
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02-23-2010, 12:47 PM
Short Term
1. Fix the ground mission bug that freezes my character in place (forcing me to abandon the mission and start over). This has happened to me on both the Starbase 24, and Paris (Tom Paris klingon child) missions.
2. Make the auction house more user friendly. Add detailed search options so we can search for items easier.
3. Add gender details to BOs in the auction house.
4. Eliminate the 5 player requirement to create a fleet/guild. Anyone should be able to create a fleet, and then recruit others as time permits.

Mid Term
1. Add Klingon PvE content. I like PvP, but it gets repetitive and boring. The Klingons need storyline archs as well.
2. Klingons need more ship type models. The Bird of Prey is cool, but I'm sure they would have developed new designs within the last 100 years.
3. For us that paid extra to play Ferengi and Klingon Federation characters, they really should add some extra costume pieces for us (example: Ferengi business suits, Klingon house sashes, etc.). Worf and the Bajoran's got to wear their cultural items with their Starfleet uniforms...why can't we?
4. Let my Ferengi character fly a Ferengi ship (use the ship types from the Birth of the Federation game). You already have the 3D models for the Marauder.

Long Term
1. Player housing. My idea is to give us full access to our ships, or at lease the major sections of the ship (bridge, engine room, medical bay, holosuit, etc.). Let us be able to add furniture, decoration, and even custimizable npc crew members within the rooms. Maybe even crafting station (if a true crafting system is ever established).

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