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Short term:

1) Beaming to non-combat zones should have weapons holstered.
2) A death penalty should be in place. I dont care what others are saying, its what made other MMO's function. You die, it hurts your armor, or simulates wear and tear. Even in the 25th century things need maintenance.
3) Lets get bigger ship interiors!!!!!!!!!

Mid term:

1) Klingon PvE increase to include more klingon space. Maybe missions that are espionage into fed territory.
2) A better 'real' crafting system.
3) Klingon PvE.....oh alright then I will change it....Federation PvP

Long term:

1) Romulans as a playable race.
2) Open up various other ships from other races (i.e. Ferengi maurauder) dont mock my spelling!!!!!
3) Everything else that gets repeated at least 10 times on this forum needs to be placed into very serious consideration. Other wise you will lose many customers and be left with another D&D online or Anarchy online lol..... please dont ruin Star Trek online!!!!!!
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02-24-2010, 01:25 AM
Short Term
1. Remove the constant and completely uneeded mission updates--if the mission is to destroy 5 enemy squadrons, I don't need an update after every single one I destroy. It's like having a mission to kill 8 kobold and you get a pop up after every kobold you kill telling you to kill another. I hate the pop ups.
2. Add respawn points to ALL ground combat missions.
3. Add a bloody sorting system to the auction. My god, come on people.

Mid Term
1. Try making ship combat at mid levels and higher more detailed--in the show, it is not always necessary to destroy a ship, you can also disable them to the point they are useless. The ability to target systems on a ship can be used to do this; allow systems to be taken offline unless repaired, and the repair depend on the engineering skills/Bridge Officers. Allow for the deaths of the crew members to degrad/disable the abilites of a ship to repair, fight, fly, etc. I think this would make space battles even more fun, and eliminate the need for multiple enemies to make the fight a challenge.
2. Ground combat could have people ducking for cover and finding it. i know I'm one of the few who actually enjoys ground combat, but I would also like to see the damage my away team do equal mine but it doesn't appear it does.

Long Term
1. I think the classes should have the ability to discover/create new ways of doing their jobs: Engineers should learn how to make a ships shields and armor better, Tactical should come up with better attack patterns, defensive moves, and so on. You get the idea. Have the classes make discovers, or have new abilities be purchasably with merits.
2. More story based missions. I would like it, if the game were nothing but story based missions but that's just me. This is the part of the game which impresses me the most, I find it insanely entertaining. If you could incorporate diplomacy and other things into the stories it would be even better.
3. Random story missions. It would work like the space encounters except the players would not see it coming. Ships would be taken to normal space where a mission would begin. The mission could have multiple parts with unique rewards at the end. If you look at the shows, this is basically what happens to them for the most part. Rarely do they get an assigned mission from Starfleet.

I have been very pleased with this game. I have played a lot of game, I mean a lot, and even though this game is still new I like it most of all. I can see good things ahead, and ignore the WoW fanatics...those people are scary.
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02-24-2010, 01:31 AM
short term:

-weapon should be holstered automatically in non-combat areas
-turbo lift doors should open before loading screens
-speaking of loading screens, they should be less jarring: for instance if I'm entering DS9 why not show a short clip of my ship moving towards DS9 in the distance (or something like that), instead of the abrupt loading screen that we see a zillion times. It would just make the game flow much better.
-Can my officers please stop getting stuck behind obstacles on ground missions?
-better sorting in exchange (by price, grade, etc.)
-better explainations on skills, what they do
-better writing, less spelling mistakes (if i'm noticing spelling errors there is something seriously wrong).


-get rid of memory alpha all together
-crafting should be done on our ship: if we would like to craft a impulse engine, we would head to engineering and use a computer console to craft. This would also give us something to do on our ships.
-we should be able to travel in sector space while inside our ships, this would also disable the annoying enemy targets that take you into an instance automatically (only while inside your ship does this apply).
-more creative missions

long term

-like many others have mentioned, exploration in this game is non-existent. I want to be able to warp to a sector (that supports exploration), pick a star and explore a planet.
-I'm not a grinder, but honestly I would like to beam down to a planet and have the option to explore, kill some animals, find some goodies then beam back up.
-All systems should be open whether you have an episode for that particular system or not.
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02-24-2010, 01:40 AM
Short term

1. Continue with the bug fixes. You've done a great job the past few weeks, keep it up!
2. You've fixed some quickbar bugs already. Now all you need to do is when I get an accolade skill tell me what it is so I can put it where I want it instead of adding it randomly to my setup. I'm tired of being in combat and then noticing a new icon...
3. Option to disable/delay all tooltips, preferably by type, not just a few.
4. Option to sort items on the exchange by price and name. This needs to be after the current filters.

Mid term

1. Please...please...redo the entire skill system OR remove or greatly expand the cap and add lots of skills as originally promised. As it stands now the weapons skills are broken (nope, not gonna spend precious limited SP on "style"). The ground skills are perceived as less useful than ship skills so less people will invest in them. Both the engineering and operations skill sets need to be consolidated to reflect the cap. I wouldn't mind a cap if the skill system was designed for it, but it wasn't. And the cap REALLY makes me resent having to spend points in skills I don't care much about to level up.

2. A real crafting system. I sort of like the anomalies, but as a crafter in several MMOs, would like the ability to mine or otherwise "create" resources and then turn them into something useful without dealing with stuck-up NPCs.

3. More music! I love the ST themes you have now. This is the only MMO I've ever played where I didn't disable the music within the first half hour. But I'm greedy and I want more.

Long term

1. I love the episodes and the way you have worked ST lore into them (more please!). But the patrol and exploration missions leave a lot to be desired. Let me make decisions in missions. Let my decisions matter. Give me diplomatic options.

2. Let me discover new races and bring them in to the Federation or Klingon (or other) empire as the case may be. Let those races then act accordingly when other Federation or Klingon players run across them. This ties in with #3, as discovering and recruiting other races fits in well with an RvR system.

3. Other playable factions such as Romulan. Some type of RvR combat between all playable factions that makes a difference to the persistent world, such as capturing/controlling star bases or sectors.
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02-24-2010, 02:15 AM
Short Term.

Fire all those involved in making this game, for taking used code and thinking they could shove a product out the door that seriously will never live up to what we want, need or can believe in.


Create a world where we have to work small problems to fix the larger picture... example, as someone has said.... have stations where you have to connect the dots to fix a problem, or diplomacy or fight could be equal in the solution.

Long Term.

Make a universe where it's as beautiful as EvE online without it being as complicated... if the people at cryptic can do that, then, they can keep their jobs....if not, go work on another Crap title with the same code...

(Not being able to have Z axis WORST Choice ever....) Seriously... who approved that crap?
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02-24-2010, 02:43 AM
Okay, I've only played for about a week so far, so I'll probably have more to add later.

Short Term

1 - an option to enable one of or both the following
1a - a first person view
1b - a camera angle centered right behind or right above your ship following the direction that your ship is facing, if i angle up so does the camera, if i angle down likewise.

2 - fix spelling errors and related items such as making sure the correct language is being used, and that coding isn't coming through the interface, example : an NPC mentioning font's mid sentence.

3 - something for T1 Klingons to spend PvP badges on. currently all the T1 PvP gear is equal to or worse than Klingon starting gear

Mid Term

1 - more varied exploration missions. it seems almost all missions at this point follow one of three formula. combat, giving aid, scanning anomalies.
combat comprises far too high a % of that, especially since i have so many other ways to find combat if i wanted it

2 - PvE for Klingons, I've read several times on the forums that it didn't exist, i thought it was an exaggeration until i played a Klingon for an hour.

3 - balanced PvP : currently there are 2 things i know of that are unbalancing it. one is the fact that only Klingons can cloak, the other unbalancing issue is that most games I've been in seem to invite one team, then invite the other team somewhere between 30 seconds and 3 minutes later.

Long Term I've not played enough to tell, I'll try to revisit this in a couple weeks
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02-24-2010, 02:50 AM
Short Term:
- Give me some neutral Bridge officers. Like a Helmsman and an XO.
- Let me search within a price range on the Exchange. I list my items for a reasonable rate. I only want to buy items listed in a range that I deem acceptable... everything else is just clutter and in my way.
- Better skill details. What does it REALLY do? What does it REALLY affect? How does it affect my and my bridge officer's skills?
- Smoother transitions between instances. And if loading screens stick then at least give me ones related to the area I'm either coming from or going to. If I'm beaming onto Starbase 01 I don't want to see the interior of a klingon starbase while I'm waiting. It's very confusing and makes me think the game is about to put me somewhere wrong.
- Balance PvP a bit please. As it stands each and every time I've tried I've lost within seconds and over and over again. I'm ignoring those missions because they're simply impossible, even with a good build, for the casual gamer.
- Fix equipment comparaisons - When I get a quantum torpedo drop and mouse over it in my inventory why on earth would I want to compare to my phasers or cannons? I have no intention of replacing a phaser bank with a torpedo launcher... Equipment should be compared with like equipment not like equipment location.

- More Uniform/skin (and fur!)/body accesories (see:tails) options. Not more colours. Just... more uniforms. Of the ten that come free I can live with one. and I don't even do that. I just where one of the TNG uniforms. It's not much better but at least it's classic. It's difficult to make a Caitian without the ability to put fur on your character.
- More space. I know we've just scratched the surface of where this can all go. Let's open up the quadrants... all four of them. Let me wander off to the Delta quadrant for a while.
- More factions. You're gonna need to fill that space with something after all.
- More ships. Some of the most iconic and well loved ships are missing entirely. Namely Excelsior, Oberth, Nebula, Ambassador and Constellation classes. Each ship has it's place and by offering two seperate T5 ships, you've proven that multiple designs (if different paperdolls) can be made available at the same tier under the same profession.
- Lift the skill cap. This isn't because I want to keep levelling. Heck I'm only Commander 1 right now and I've been playing this character since the headstart. I just... second guess every single skill point I spend worried I'm going to break the character or make a mistake I can't take back. Character builders or respecs aren't the answer. The answer is to let us spend and earn freely. Otherwise we have to gimp our characters on the way through so that they're more powerful later.

- Crafting. You're gonna have to basically scrap it and start over. There's no point. I don't even keep my anomaly stuff anymore. It's confusing, disjointed and there's no where to sell your crafts for a reasonable rate and get noticed. It's just a waste of time.
- Diplomacy and Exploration. Lots more of that. I hope that in time... the war is resolved, the neutral zone boarders put back up (unless a new alliance is formed) and that ships can travel about focusing more on discovering a butt load of content you guys worked on, seperate from the main game. Hence opening up say.. the Delta Quadrant or the Gamma quadrant. Exploration isn't about going to a big giant nebula cluster and finding unknown systems... it's about skirting around the outskirts of the territory... in the vastness of space... tripping into situations and learning new things. The outer reaches of our galaxy... not next door in a gas cloud.
- Fleet Headquarters. Space dock has how many thousands of decks? What about Deep space 9? I want somewhere where my fleet members can gather. Where there's less lag and a zone chat with only fleet members in it. Access to the fleet bank without tripping over everyone trying to access the normal bank. Maybe even share the floor with three or four other fleets offices so they can mingle.
- Colonization type missions. What about expanding the borders? planting seeds on new planets? Building starbases and transporting staff too them in these new sectors.
- Heck maybe that could open up a whole nother tier. Where you are in charge of a starbase... That opens up a whole new section for ideas and things. And gives a large fleet something to work towards... besides endgame... it's not just about content... it's about giving us way we can entertain ourselves indefinately. Maybe as an admiral in charge of a fleet and starbase you have the ability to make custom missions...

The posibilities are limitless. And every direction is better than sitting still. I feel we're doing a good job so far and we can only go up. Tackle the small stuff... plan for the big stuff and work you're way towards the game evolving without you having to brainstorm up new content all on your own. Each new line of code and every change towards a large more encompassing universe is a step in the right direction.

The question shouldn't be 'what do we do now?' It should be 'where do we go next?'
Meaning uhm... that there are endless choices... you just have to pick which part to tackle next.
As long as your still moving... That's what counts.

Wow I'm wordy tonight. er... this morning O.o
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02-24-2010, 03:50 AM
First of all i canīt understand all the complaints and talk of leaving this game. For me itīs an game in its infancy and with care and love it will grow into something great i think. It already made the first (and biggest) hurdle and succeeded in getting the Star Trek feel to it

With that said onto the list of requests (suggestions)


#1: Making the combat cams flow abit better. Miss the function to zoom out when in aim mode.
And the Camera often get stuck when you are thrown about by grenades and stuff and
subsequently locks your movementkeys to the earlier camera angle.

#2 To be able to buy in bulk from vendors by one click (shift+rightclick) or something like that.

#3 Stop powers from auto appear in quicktray

Medium terms

#1 Give us starcaptains an ready room on the ship in wich we can decorate with souvenirs from missions

#2 Implement an second currency (Goldpressed Latinum). Wich are usable in certain vendors for food,
souvenirs, costume parts and general for stuff that are not Star fleet issue but personal belongings.

#3 Spice up Quark' s bar on DS 9. More music, Dabo girls and maybe some mini games where u can bet
Goldpressed latinum and hope you get lucky (Not with the dabo girls that is)

#4 An extra costume slot for off duty clothes and clothes to match.

Long Term

#1 More Diplomatic mission Solutions. Give us the options to fight us through or talk us through.
A bit more variance would be good in missions i would love first contact missions.
Souvenirs from missions to show your accomplishments and maybe some kind of "Renown" stat
or title to show how you solved the missions.

Well that was all folks, appologizes for errors in spelling and grammar that might offend.

Peace and long life.
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02-24-2010, 05:32 AM
Short term:

1) increase the range of buffing and healing abilities. Right now it is every man for themselves. I have two healing abilities on my escort, Hazard Emitters and Engineering team. Like everyone else I tell people that if you want healing from me you come to me because I will not chase. The range on all this should be at least 10, ie the range at which combat takes place.

2) A timer for PvP that closes down instances if teams are unbalanced by 2 or more players for more than 60 seconds. Small awards should be given to the players to reward them for showing up to alleviate people getting upset over getting large numbers of scenerios that shut down on them.

3) Change patrols back to where they can be shared, but fix the problem with them auto-completing if you have done them before.


1) The game seriously needs a Tier 5 Fleet Action for Federation. Right now the tier 3 and 4 are unavailable and Admirals are going to the Tier 1 and 2 Fleet Actions to alleviate boredom and angering the low levels.

2) The Federation needs at least one ship that has undesignated bridge office slots, like what the Klingons have.

3) The ability to change where Transwarp takes you or more than one Transwarp option to alternate star bases.

Long Term:
1) Crafting. The game needs crafting, badly. What is currently at Memory Alpha is a store that takes up a lot of space in your bags and bank. Generally considered worthless by the majority of players.

2) More Klingon PvE content. I like PvP, but I won't make a Klingon just yet as I don't want to burn out on it being the only option to level.

3) Fleet Starbases in a contested zone. This is a little tricky because of the instancing, but here's what I'd like to see.

Create a large instance with 5 or 6 spots where Fleets can create their own Starbases. Make them buy everything from the turrets on the base to the interior and crew of the base. Create multiple base options that determine how many external weapons can be fit on the base and how many options can be put into the interior.

Let the Fleet put everything from shops to security personnel in their bases, maybe even some gambling halls to entertain the crews on R&R.

Now, create requirements to destroy the base that require fighting both inside and out. I.E. The base has a ton of Health, shields and weapons. Taking out key points inside the base can damage the bases ability to defend itself. Taking out an entire engineering section could reduce power to shields or weapons. Taking out the operations center can impair the weapons systems accuracy as the crew of the base is forced to resort to back up stations.

Now, once we have the systems down for creating and destroying bases, thus opening them up for new Fleets to create their own bases, we need to create a scoreboard so that people can see what instances are being controlled by which side and at what ratio. I.E. do the Klingons hold 5 out of 5 bases or 1 and the Federation has 3 and 1 spot has no base at all.

Additionally, to encourage Fleets to spend ridiculous amounts of energy credits on their bases add the option to purchase Fleet bonuses to the base. I.E. 5% damage to energy weapons or projectiles, +1-3 points of power to a subsystem on all Fleet ships. The larger and more expensive the base the more bonuses the Fleet can purchase. Which will also require spending more on defenses as the Fleet will have to start all over if they base is destroyed.
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02-24-2010, 07:02 AM
RvR, long term end game just like Pirates of the Burning Sea

Increase mission payouts to reflect the time spent to run them

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