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02-24-2010, 04:21 PM
short term
1. space travel, warp is so damn slow...
2. DSE...spawns are just...nutso-unfair
3. galaxy-class and up cruiser turn speed, dear god man its like watching grass grow

1. more federation and klingon ship options
2. more factions! IE: romulan, cardassian, ferengi... all with unique pve and pvp content and ships
3. increase level cap, spread out ranks more...ensign to lt to lt jg to lt comm to comm to first officer to captain to commodore to on and so forth

1. keep introducing new content, i love this game!
2. more quadrants, larger sectors, much more to explore

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02-24-2010, 04:46 PM
I am not sure what would clarify what would be a short, medium or long term to be honest but I will try my best.

Make it where NPC characters have floaty names at all times, not just mouse over or target.
Better description of where a NPC for quest are located. Not just in a certain spaceport.

In game VOIP.
More instruction in the beginner quests. I read the instruction carefully due to it being a game
and was very confused several times.

Direct X 10 Graphics.

That is all I have at the present time. Thank you for reading and producing a very well thought out game.

I would also add PVP rank. Not just the admiral rank but something more.
Along the same lines, when people get the higher PVP rank they should be rewarded.
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# 953 my three things
02-24-2010, 05:15 PM
Short, tweak the command options for the away team combat it feels difficult and too hack and slash not much on the stratagey side of things.

Mid, being able to send items between your own characters even if it costs engergy points ect, or being able to reset skill points at a cost if necessary

Long term, penalties for party members in instances who don't actually do anything. getting sick of people being able to wander around while i work my butt off and still get all the credits and points for the mission. very frustrating
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02-24-2010, 05:18 PM
short term : Better description of where a NPC for quest are located. Not just in a certain spaceport.
please stop the spam ads that are posted in chat window. I say ban them

Suport for first person the way you move is terible please make ground mission first person option
and fix the player movement
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02-24-2010, 05:20 PM
Short-term requests

More Character slots!!!! New friend joined, I couldn't make an alt to play with him, haven't seen him on in a week =/

Mid-term requests

Memory Alpha's obviously a big one. Every weapon type should have a craftable version, and please fix the torpedoes so we don't need mines to make them =/

Long-term requests

Random missions need to branch more. For example (view as random tier system)

Pop in to check on research station on asteroid:

1) Scientists ask ship to search area
A) Missing shuttle overdue (search 3-6 possible areas masked via anomalies)
a) Enemies lurking in anomalies, ambush tactics
1) Shuttle found damaged, hiding from attackers. Escort to base.
2) Shuttle remains found, clear out remaining pockets
3) Flagship holding shuttle for ransom, disable and board to free crew
b) Unique readings on anomalies
1) Several scanned anomalies reveal time distortion, shuttle found stuck in time (freed by player)
2) Several scanned reveal unstable wormholes
a) Shuttle found/rescued
b) Shuttle remains found
3) Several scans show anomalies "weak spots" into fluidic space.
a) Shuttle trail ends at one. Too unstable to follow, Star Fleet will wish to research further.
b) Last anomaly patrolled by Undine scouts, shuttle hiding nearby (rescue)
c) Shuttle found studying one, scientist on board poor on time management and stayed to research.
c) Severe navigational hazard
1) shuttle crashed on nearby planetoid (ground rescue)
2) shuttle trapped, needing rescue (perhaps serious dot on ship while within range for transporter)
3) shuttle remains found, recovered to return to station.
2) No response from station
(tree similar in style to first branch)

3) Scientists request away team to deal with an issue

4) Scientists need help from hostile vessels

Though such a branch would be a bit of work to fill out, the same mission could be played many many times and still be fresh and exciting (as each mission would be different from the last)

As it is, we hail the asteroid and we know waves of ships will assault - gets repetitive fast.
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02-24-2010, 05:55 PM
Short term:
-Ability to upgrade lower tier ships to be usable for higher tier content. (hate how everyone has the same ship at the highest rank, too bland).
-persistent PvP zones
- Documentation of what stats do to your ships!
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02-24-2010, 06:14 PM
Short-term request:

It might be nice to be able to activate your power presets through a keyboard command (if there isn't one already), and to make it an available control in the binds menu. Alternatively, adding non-standard commands to someplace in the options menu might be nice too

Mid-term request:

Better weapon sounds would be ideal. Specifically the phaser cannon, disruptor cannons, and disruptor beams.

Long-term request:

Ideally I'd like to see the ship progression system changed a bit. Make it so that yes, you have to progress in rank in order to gain access to more ships and ship classes, but make it so that lower ship classes can still be just as dependable.

This way, towards end-game you could still play well with a defiant class, even if you have access to the Prometheus. The Prometheus is just more ideal under certain circumstances due to its larger design, but the defiant is still faster, more maneuverable, and has just about as much firepower.

Additionally, it'd be nice to have cross-class ship types. For example, an Akira might be a hybrid between a cruiser and tactical, where it has decent hull and shield strength, but less maneuverability and firepower compared to something like the Defiant.
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02-24-2010, 06:23 PM
Eliminate "pitch" limit in space

FvF PvP queues as a stopgap until the lack of Klingons can be addressed.

Fix broken missions and FAs.

Provide places to purchase common (white) even MK items for Memory Alpha.

Fix existing MA recipes and add additional MA recipes for other items. Higher rank phasers, tetryon weapons, more shields, etc.

Add "roll" control to ships.

Flesh out Klingon faction PvE. The lack of PvE content means few people play them, which makes them scarce for PvP.

Do something to make ground combat less boring and repetitive. This may actually be as simple as doubling weapon damage across the board to increase the pacing, which would be a worthwhile short term change to make.

The skill system needs to be addressed. This is more complicated. Issues with it range from the significant point cost disadvantage that higher tier weapons have for very little increased effect (which could be addressed by changing the point costs or tweaking the weapons) to the odd, last minute skill cap which really doesn't do anything to limit overall character power, it just means you can't explore alternative paths for your character very easily. This is somewhat cripling in a game where the bulk of what there is to do is trying the different ships and customizing them. You really don't have the points to specialize in more than one specific class of ship in the end game. There doesn't seem to be a good reason for the cap and eliminating it would also probably be a good short term fix for some of the things which ail this system.
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02-24-2010, 06:24 PM

-Ability to track memory alpha crafting progress
-Multi-targeting system: for example, the ability to set an enemy target in front of my ship, an enemy target behind my ship, and an ally simultaneously.

-In exploration zones remove the boundaries, so space seems more vast. Perhaps the spawn zones can track ships instead of requiring coordinates.
-More bridge functionality, allow sector space travel from bridge

-More dynamic universe: have the federation/Klingon border move around. Allow destruction/construction of bases/habitats due to boundary changes
-Have away missions that require certain combination of bridge officers with various skills. Perhaps give bridge officers certain backgrounds (which can be supplemented with training), skills like warp core theory, alien virology, etc. Perhaps to replace 'aid' missions
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02-24-2010, 08:07 PM
  • Auto- holster weapons in Starbases and non-combat Ground missions
  • Out-of-store display of Marks of Exploration (Basically an easy way to check on how many of each are currently in my possession)
Long range
  • Diplomatic solutions for missions
  • Larger exploration mission variety

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