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02-24-2010, 08:12 PM
Some new PvP maps for space and ground
A "starting gate" for PvP maps

Fix the tooltips
A character planner
Some raids like Crystal Entity that don't allow re-spawn until fight resets.


Keybinds would make this game thousands of times better, and while I get to have macro's anyways the rest of the community seriously needs them.
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02-24-2010, 08:41 PM

definetly movement. I want to use a joustick when I am flying my starship. and I want a simple button to push to re center the image to a forward image . I keep having to re adjust the view in the middle of ship combat and then it seems to readjust it again. I want it to stay as the forward vgiew if I want it too.

Land movement it horrible. on the map I want to point and click and then sit back and watch as my character walks the whole way there without having it get stuck trying to enter a doorway or get around a bush.

If the movement issues do not improve then I am not sticking with the game, so there is no sence giving a secon and third thing I want improved.
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02-24-2010, 09:34 PM
Being able to upgrade a ship so that It can be used in the next Tier. T2 to a T3
Better or more information on skills, equiptment, and abilities.
Balanced PvP
***Bonus**** Stronger Warpcore stats that the Cruiser description states but currently lacks

Nebula, New Orleans, Excellsior, Ambassador and other ship classes introduced
Fed ability to cloak, or at the very least, special ability to detect cloak
better variation in hull strength, shield strength, and warpcore between ship categories

Being able to play as Romulan or Dominion faction
Bajoran worm hole going to the Delta Quadrant
A fluid border between waring factions that change daily based on PvP, and/or raids . (Having factions being able to capture and hold planets along borders)
***BONUS*** Fleet starbases

EDITED for color
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02-24-2010, 09:38 PM
new long terms

Completely change the way we arm up ships and personal.

for ships

Let us change out warp cores
Let us give up an front weapon for an aft and vice verse
Long range battles
terrain that MATTERS no more hiding enemies inside asteroids

away teams
Remove armor change it to "devices" we can put on hands arms torso head that have functions like normal mmos
I hate to say this but make combat more like wow right now its BORING. ( I really hate to say that but its whatt people are used to )
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02-24-2010, 09:46 PM
Short Term -

Re-spec is really needed.
Achievement progress more of it keeping people interested in the game.
Fixing bugs and Balancing the ship classes more. eg what specific job is the ship best at doing.
Loot system eg the highest dps should not get the loot.

Mid Term -

Adding more complex Fleet action's for max lvl's.
More Bridge Option's eg hologram mini games perhaps.
Universe events eg make some place for Fleets on either side can compete for that particular Zone.With a Fleet action in the zone for something to do after either side has taken the zone to encourage players to all participate.

Long Term -

Sto has Great potential u cant change a MMO game to much from other MMO's otherwise u are not making a MMO.At a end game point of view with 25+ and 40+ Fleet action's adding more of a variety in the game.
Balancing the ship classes should and will be all three as in end game u want to know what each player's particular job is whether they are tanking dpsing or healing/buffing.U still need to have each of these class's and as i said in another post making a punishment for dying will help here.Same re-spawn timer but a 2 min 20% Reduced overall power on your ship will prevent escort ship's tanking and make them be more of a tactical ship.Do as much dps while taking as less damage as possible is a Tactical ship.

I am happy to answer any questionnaires Cryptic may have to help improve the game as i believe this game has GREAT Potential if given the time.There are not many Space games with free flight that are MMO.
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02-24-2010, 11:10 PM
Short - Instead of PM other players, Hail them.

Middle - Related to the Hail option, voice chat is needed. Also, when hailing give an 'On Screen' option which allows you, in a small box in the corner of the screen (or if on your Bridge, the viewscreen), to see the Bridge and the player you're hailing. If you really want to get ambitious with this, allow the player's mouth to move when they press the 'Voice Chat' button, have explosions and bridge officers flying about during combat, that sort of thing.

Long - Introduce just one more server, and make it exclusively a Role-Playing server. Players have to stay in character all the time. This would be enormously popular - I wouldn't do it in Lord of the Rings, but I'd do it in Star Trek (and I'm equally a fan of both franchises), and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Of course, you'd need those Short and Middle recommendations too. This and this should tell you all you need.
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02-24-2010, 11:37 PM
Implement full z-axis movement.

Make it so that all the chips in a class, for example the Vesper and Constitution, actually have something other aesthetic differences, so there's actually an incentive to pick a particular model.

1.) Implement real RPG elements that allow us to follow our own destiny, as opposed to being led by the nose. I heard the upcoming Star Wars game will allow this, and if it does and yours doesn't, then I'm leaving, because nothing compares to a real style RPG where the character picks their destiny. Just look at the original Fallout. Or Colony Wars. Notice these games had different endings depending on what the character did throughout the game.
2.) Let me deal with someone other than with my damn fists! Fighting should be an option, not the preffered solution. There should be many solutions to a problem.
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02-25-2010, 12:12 AM
i would like to see more specific subsystem targeting, for example, i would like to be able to target and destroy specific weapons ports to prevent firing a specific weapon, the shield generator to prevent the use of shield buffs or exploits, the transporter system to prevent the use of boarding parties and engineering teams, or the tractor beam emitter to prevent being tractored, or free yourself or a teammate from being tractored. maybe even target sensors to limit detection and tageting, and target deflector dish to prevent related buffs and exploits. target impulse engines to limit maneuverability, and the obvious warp core targeting.
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02-25-2010, 02:18 AM
Short-term requests

1) Full tooltips on all Skills (in the training window), to show every power and ability affected or affected by, requirements to use the power (like other skills or a particular starship), and what equipment (such as consoles) modifies the power;

2) Draggable short-cuts to the four Power Level presets, so that they can be dropped upon the Action toolbars for easier use;

3) Repairing the desperately-broken keyboard buffering system, which presently fills up with movement commands (during space combat) and becomes unersponsive to things like turning. Dump that buffer quickly, or sample it less often, or something! My ship has to be more responsive!

Mid-term requests

1) An "Outbreak-" style tutorial at "0th" level (Cadet) to teach many of the non-intuitive basic concepts that the game current takes for granted at the expense of new players;

2) Greatly improved economy, with more class-unique items to improve drop rate and variety (batteries are getting old). Also, some kind of marking/color code for the dozens of items that everyone gets automatically (say, when picking up a new starship) so that we remember to not try to sell them on the Exchange (as, for the reason above, no one EVER has to buy them);

3) Greatly expand scanner functionality to do a few things: all anomalies, not just one at a time in random order; mission items/locations on a separate switch; enemy locations, again, on a separate switch. These should all dump to the map as markers until the zone is cleared, and perhaps you can add items/powers to improve range, sensitivity, etc.

Long-term requests

1) Limited cooperative zones with Klingon forces, ala "Hell In the Pacific," etc. "The Enemy of My Enemy" stuff. We're forced together; must fight a stronger foe. Maybe even make a grudging Klingon "friend" for some future scenario;

2) More free-form deep space missions. I.e., places you go just on your own to truly explore, and find quests there, perhaps for some kind of "currency" that leads to the purchase of alien technology or artifacts. Epic-sized space zones to feel truly like space.

3) Perhaps some dead-serious "Voyager-" style play, where you're caught in some vortex and dumped in a truly random part of space, the mission being scouring the nearby systems for planets containing information to get you back "home." Obviously, your Transwarp wouldn't work this far out.
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Short Term

Star ship Bridge as main operation point.
Be able to sit in chair and command BO etc .
Be able to walk arounf your own ship, have NPC crew walkign around ship
Have your own captain quarters etc.

Med Term

Have other players sign up to your crew and join your ship
Treat a ship like a planet with interaction, maybe missions and crafting in engineering
Bridge screen to be used for outside views and comms, maybe with other players
Better in game crafting and bazaar similar to Star Wars Galaxies where you ca nreally trade and make profit etc.

Long Term

Postings to star fleet bases and head quarters as a job
Full in ship game play and interation
Personal assets to put in quarters etc.
Department on ship to craft i.e. Medical, Science, Engineering

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