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02-25-2010, 07:14 AM
  • An explaination of DPS. What is it? What does it do?
    Fix Red Matter Capicitor
    Be able to upgrade Liberated Borgs Neural Blast. I use it a lot but pathetic against higher level mobs, only does 1-2 damage. Whats the point.

  • Open up Earth for beaming down. If you have to do it from Sol, np. Would like to visit Starfleet buildings, maybe even Captain Kirks pad, how about a museum of old Starfleet items.
    More Borgs Missions, just love the borg. Got to admire their simplicity. 1 voice, 1 mind, 1 mission - KILL EVERYTHING
    Be able to have higher ranks at BO Stations and be able to use their skills. If a Commander Tactical BO is at an ensign station why does he have to reduce his skills to match? Does the station have simpler controls for the lower ranks? The commander would know what to do at any station he is at.

  • Open up the bridge for use in combat with your friends. Even have missions where its essential All flight, combat and powerups can be done at the stations and maybe viewed from the station as well on main screen.
    Cant think of anything else. But keep up the good work.
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02-25-2010, 09:06 AM
Rather than listing specifics at first, I thought I'd make it as generic as possible on purpose.

It's fairly basic, but all influenced by one thing. I've enjoyed the game a fair bit, but I'm getting rather concerned by the fact that I'm half way through captain, and the "end" is getting much closer, despite only playing a couple of hours a night.

If the game is going to keep its subscribers long term, things need to be slowed down, and we need more content & variety.

Short / Medium Term:
  • Slow down leveling or add many more higher levels
  • Add more side stories/quests to fill the gaps the slower/more leveling would create

Long Term:
  • Much more variety in the type of content. Its not terrible now, but too much more of the same and it'll feel a little too repetitive.
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02-25-2010, 10:03 AM
My Top-3 requests for the three cathegories:

Short-term requests

- Respecs
- Complete tooltips for skills. (No more "this 'for example' influences...", but complete listing of all effects a skill has to allow for proper character planning. Alternatively an 'official' information page that provides those infos.)
- Availability of a factions signature weapons via exploration or pvp tokens. (IMHO it's quite absurd that a federation T4/5 player can buy plasma weapons at Earth starbase, but no dual heavy phaser cannon.)

Mid-term requests

- Persistent, faction based PvP zones. (for a comparison, though no copy wanted, look at the RvR concept in Dark Age of Camelot ... capture points upgradable by guilds influencing presence of patroling guards etc.)
- Skill revamp (coupled with free respec) to make skills work with a capped system. (for example: NO more skills that have 0% usefulness after leveling out of its tier.)
- Working out little interface / control quirks that just annoy. (Reworking remote contacts so it's easier to find new quests. Removing currently neccessary spacebar-spamming to keep basic attacks going.)

Long-term requests

- Some concept for more diplomatic missions. (AFAIK difficult, as simple npc-clicking would be boring, but still: would be very "Star Trek"-like)
- already planned, but to stress that I like it: Frequent implementation of new PvE content ... not only for cap lvl (Effect: After enough attractive mid lvl content is added starting new characters becomes more interesting for (then) veteran players causing a higher low lvl population thus making the game more attractive for new players even when it has been out for a while. For a rather successful (in this regard) example compare with City of Heroes/Villains)
- Conditional, story driven cross-faction cooperation for (very few though) specific new PvE contents. (Again: Compare City of Heroes/Villains)
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02-25-2010, 10:32 AM
Mid/Long Term :

Remove the Ranking thing : I do not mind being a Captain Lvl 12, 29, 43, 69, etc... why should we go through ranks and not do as other mmo do : being a Warrior Lvl 2 or 80, do make enough differences...

Reputation system : that's allow you to be welcome warmly or not in a explored system which affect the end mission reward.

Secondary Carrier Specialization : Picard is a archaeologist, Janeway is a Scientist and Sisco... well more of a warrior

Let us having those kinds of options that can affect our choices in exploration/diplomatic mission

More different mission : diplomatic mission, exploration mission etc...

Diplomatic mission in which we have to really have to choose the right thing to say or do to successfully end the mission. OR allow us the screw things up that affect our reputation.

This mean a more elaborated discussion tree more la mass effect 2 .

Mini game : to solve things again, Mass Effect 2 did this quite well, even if they basic and realty simple

Multi Vector Attack: separate the ship in 3 part, 1 controlled by the player, the other 2 being NPC controlled and targeting the same thing we target.

Smuggler : be able to play an unaffiliated Captain who's is specialize in trading with everyone and do dirty work !
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# 975 more option
02-25-2010, 12:09 PM
1. Update info on what each skill do or work with.
2. More filter when looking for items to buy. (pricing, type, and so on)
3. more mission that just hit you as your flying around.

1. Trade skill and trade ship.(If it cost to much to buy items then let me make them) I still cant get the weapon I want and by the time I do I would move to a new ship.
2. More type of equipment to install on person and ship so you never know what type of weapon the ship attacking you have.
3. more skill of your officer or let them have access to kits.

1. custom ships A. I want 6 weapon not 4 but I know it cost me like weaker shield and turn rate. I want 2 weapon in front and 4 behind but hurt my eng. set it up so you can change everything on the ship but each change will have a good and bad thing happen. Dont have everything locked. just open 20 items you can add to your ship 6 items front 8 mid and 6 back. if you put all 6 items in front as weapon then you have no shield in front. So I would put 3 weopen in front and 3 shield in front to make it even or 4/2, 2/4, and so on. Like the back I put 4 eng (making it fast but hard to turn) 0 weapon, 1 turn base equipment to help with the turn and 1 shield (weak shield)

each ship will have a base but then you fill in 20 items to change the ship base. the next ship let you change 25 items, then the next ship 32 items.

By doing this each ship will change and you never know what the other person ship can do or cant do.

let say you put 4 eng in the back out of the 6 option. well each eng add +3 (= +12 to eng) I use my skill and can now make a eng that +4 each. I would then change and only put 3 eng in out of 6 ( = +12) which will free up one option which I will add shield.

2. Own land or a place to live in city for solo player. Fleet have then own star base (that custom see above) with shop and homes. Dont put 50 star base on the map but you can put 10 fleet to one star base (you just have a drop down which one you want to enter). Fleet pay rent and from time to time they can be attacked by PvP or PvE. The base need to be custom and if attacked if they win the space battle they can beam down and fight. base will have guards but player will fill in to make it stronger. How many guards or protection a base have depend on what option the fleet buy and rent. For solo player they can live in the star base made for only solo player and rent. so one base will be fleet player and another base full of solo player.

3. belong to other race, so if your human you have your own leadership on earth (player fill the roll in leadership by vote (fleet and solo player vote player in for leadership) but if I am tyhe race (no race at this time) it will have it own plant with it own leadership and player are voted in. I want more role playing action and not just your on one side of the fight or the other. sometime I hate both side or I neutal.
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02-25-2010, 12:41 PM
I would like to see expansion of teams and instances to at least 10 people instead of 5 - the more the merrier as far as I am concerned (over 10).

I would like to see system similar to what was done on City of Heroes with team instance missions that were scaled according to the amount of people and there levels.

I think crafting needs to be expanded to include a lot more gear and use a lot less of every thing that is available. Limit it to half as many types of things. Be able to build various level gear. Have a change of some rare gear being produced. Allow level building gear (you start off with a MK I and you can not only improve the quality of the gear with added perks but the level - MK II)

Be able to train up your crew and sell them - I thought this was part of the idea and maybe this is in the works. But your skill set and training should effect your crew members and one should have the ability to trade your crew members. Maybe Jon Jones trains the best Engineers with torpedo skills, and Jane Doe trains the best Science Officers specializing in sensor equipment ... etc

Long term - It would be way cool to have a mission builder with sharable player built missions.
Refitting ships in the ship yard - to be able to expand and update ships (craft-able)
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02-25-2010, 12:55 PM
- I know you said in a couple or patches, but this is going to kill this game. You Need to have more Admiral/End Game content. Plain and simple you are going to lose a large portion of your player base at 30 days due to there is nothing to do at the admiral level. This should be a short term goal even if it fits your long term description.
- Make it easier for a dang group to get into the same encounter for gawds sake! Who knew if you entered a DSE in the northern portion of the map, other group members have to go to the northern portion to enter as well to get in your instance.
- Make it so that loot does not drop only for the player that did the most damage to the mob, this pretty much makes it so science and to a lesser degree cruisers hardly ever get loot in a DSE unless they group with 4 escorts...
- New Gamma borg quests have crappy awards... Matter of fact I am not going to even do them so I will have banked experience when you do a level cap increase. I have better gear from the exploration vendors, and that is just sad.

Fleet Level encounters. Not Fleet Actions. I mean a limited access instance that only members of a specific fleet can join. Right now there is no real reason to join a fleet because there is nothing in the game that is really designed for a fleet/guild to do. Other than the social aspect of course. Not sure why this was not in release. Game companies focus too much on the beginning of the game when in reality more people spend more time in the End game. The beginning is quickly outleveled, but there is a max cap that people cannot go past, they are going to be in the end game longer. Well, as long as they have something to do. Not hard to figure this out.

Add content that is NOT soloable. There is no reason that thsi game should be completely soloable in every aspect. There is not a single encounter in this game that not soloable (well, maybe a scimitar/dreadnought isn't, but that is one ship that does not even count toward completion credit).

Missing canon here. I went to Rator III (new Romulan homeworld) and flew right up to the planet without a single Romulan fleet showing up. Um, what? Federation and Romulans do not like each other remember? You think a Romulan Warbird would be able to stroll up to Earth orbit without previous clearance? You think the Romulans would allow for an uninvited Federation ship to just stroll into orbit around their new homeworld? Yeah, ummm..... No.

Long Term
Start churning out the content for higher levels. At your current leveling rate in this game, you are going to have a ton of people at max level looking for stuff to do. There needs to be a way for them to advance (gear) to keep them interested in the game. New enemies/races are going to need to be either made or made to return to keep people in the game. I am not saying you need to have 50 things out there for people to do (although that would be awesome!) But you cannot expect to have one high level instance/fleet action/fleet instance to keep people engaged in the game. You need to have great items in several high level story based instances that are rare and that will keep people coming back.

All in all, you made a great game that will suck someone in at the low/mid levels. But the extreme lack of content for high level characters is going to kill you. There are too many other games out there that has plenty of stuff to do in them that the fickle MMO crowd will not have a second thought about switching to if something does not happen soon. It is great that you have ideas about upcoming content, but these ideas should have been realized WAY before you had most of your subscribers at admiral level. Your power gamers and more than casual gamers are going to leave when they have nothing to do. You have all probably stopped reading this thread by this point, but the bottom line to keep this game going, you need more content.
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02-25-2010, 01:12 PM
These may have already been said but I'm not gonna read all 50-odd pages. hehe XD

Short-term requests

These are small things that seem like they could maybe be done within a patch or two.

1. Fixing the chromodynamic armour so it shows up on Science characters.
2. I'd like to play at 70hertz, but every time I go in a new area through a loadscreen it resets to 60hz.
3. Fixing npc ships that get stuck in structures, such as the spheres in the borg encounter.

Mid-term requests

These are things which realistically would take a couple of months for the devs to do, given dev time, testing, balancing, and so on.

1. Overhauling the crafting system, perhaps. It doesn't seem interesting/viable to me so far.
2. I'd like it so you explode by crashing into planets/moons. Say after about 10-20 seconds of entering the atmosphere when your screen gets "white".
3. More filters on the exchange.

Long-term requests

These are "direction of the game" kind of things. Stuff that you want them to do over the next year or two of the game's development.

1. Even more ships, if possible. This could be lumped in with more factions.
2. Character customization is already great, but even more would be better! Something closer to Champions, especially for custom aliens.
3. More story-driven missions, preferably even with some voice acting! The one with the Guardian and time travel was AWESOME. I for one, also enjoy the text dialogue and never skip it like so many seem to do...
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02-25-2010, 01:43 PM
Short Term:

Bug fixes, Graphics not loading properly, ground textures mostly. Also some ships have weapons firing from outside the ship.

Combat Lag Delay: need a faster response to combat. Most skills you hit a button and wait to see if it worked.

Game engine stability: Turning on certain features seems to really slow down the game and use alot more graphic resources than necessary.
Example: sometimes in loading screens I can hear my graphics card fans working very hard. 2xGTX280 should have no problems with a loading screen.

PvP gameplay balance needs to be addressed. The federation should have cloak or anticloak skills at least. And not just a special skill on 1 Bridge officer. Should be a scanner upgrade or something on that line. Also when a klingon cloaks their shields are supposed to drop. I'm not seeing this. any Projectile already
enroute to target should impact the hull if the target is cloaking.

Mid Term:

Content: New story episodes and open PVP areas. Also some End game Group content too.

I would also like to see some better damage mapping. Mabe some parts flying off of ships when they take a direct hit.

Better ship models. The ship models are the same as they were in the old SFC games from 10+ years ago. Some more detailed ship models would be appreciated.

Also would like to see different weapons on my ship. When i have a heavy cannon opposed to a single lite cannon, I'd like to see a difference on my ship.

Would like to walk around in my ship too. Mabe have a few missions or items i can add. Like some special upgrades that you have to walk around in your ship and install. Weapons for tactical, engineering for engineers, science for .....

Long Term:

More playable races, Romulan, Borg, Cardassian, Founder/jem'hadar, Hirogen or other delta quad races.

Earth. I would like to see starfleet HQ on earth. And every faction should have their home planet setup to visit.

More locations from the shows and movies that can be visited and revisited.

Battleship class ships, and a level cap increase to 50+
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# 980 Ok
02-25-2010, 01:55 PM
Short term:
1 > fix the lost of buttons in the action bars please...very annoying when you are into a fight and suddenly one of the jam buttons are gone...
2 > add some kind of guide into the game like we can ask an officers where to find the bank f.e.
3 > more audio talk would be nice
4 > 100% support for joysticks especially the flightsticks...would be awesome

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