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I can't seem to find any info on what any abilities "activation 0/none listed, 0.5, and 1 second" means and relates to specifically?

In orbit of ESD or K7 etc for example, when i click or hit a keybind for any abil, the abil activates instantly or no matter how fast or slow(how long/sustained) u press click or key it it seems however in combat often times you click or keybind an abil and it wont activate as in it's lit up, u click or key it, it shadows, then relights as in it didn't activate, many times even.

Does this mean that activation time (x) only counts when in combat/red alert mode or is it lag issue or ...what???

Positive and Constructive responses/replies only Plz , otherwise, plz direct a reply to me in a private msg. TY

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any number of things can cause problems: if the skill requires a target, and your target dies, it will not fire. If you are placated or whatever, it will not fire. Some skills interfere with each other -- I have not found the common denominator but I know I have tried to spam and some do not fire, almost like there is a global cooldown so you can only fire so many in a given time, but it behaves inconsistently. And lag will mess with you but generally in lag it fires, just not right away. Generally you know it if you have lag and when you do, expect a little strangeness with response times.

I think most of what you are seeing is some sort of anti-spam global cooldown though. The only times I have experienced this sort of thing were of course the worst times, panic and try to hit all your buttons at once and only 1/3 of them are accepted...
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03-18-2014, 02:35 AM
I have seen this and have troubleshot it down to key binds. I balance shields with my space bar and activate certain powers with it also. I have found out that I need to stop my key bind space bar pressing and allow the last ability to activate before clicking on another one. I also found out it depends on activation time of the last ability in the key bind. I recomend slowing your key bind down. Try playing with it. Also resize your hub. It helped me click on them faster making my HUD smaller. This made the abilities closer to get her and smaller. I had to be more precise with my mouse movement but I managed to get through.
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