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02-15-2014, 02:02 AM
i don't care about the Jupiter but i very much want the Typhoon

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# 12
02-15-2014, 05:15 AM
I support this thread
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# 13
02-15-2014, 07:14 AM

What about the idea of releasing a 'super-heavy cruiser' for each faction?

An updated Typhoon for Federation, an upgraded Negh'var for KDF, and possibly an upgraded D'deridex for Romulans.

Following the recent Sci-stroyers, give them the ability to switch between attack(tactical) and defensive(engineering) modes with special consoles that change function depending on on which mode they're in.

In defensive mode the console allows them to channel energy(the inverse of how Undine ships chain together) to all nearby (uncloaked) friendlies and boost everyone's subsystem power levels. In attack mode, the console allows the ship to continuously channel a stream/cone of radiation/energy directly in front of the ship for several seconds. Perhaps have the console disable engines for the duration of the ability as a trade-off(either mode).
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# 14
02-15-2014, 07:22 AM

I'd love to fly the Typhoon. Personally I find it's a better much design than the Avenger I love the Dual Nacelles and it pulls of a Sturdy Bulky look without being overly blocky like the Avenger
I definitely support the release the Typhoon and I wouldn't mind getting the Jupiter too.I'm surprised it hasn't been released already it has plenty of support.

Support the Federation Typhoon and Jupiter Class Starships.
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# 15
02-15-2014, 08:37 AM
Nope. Do not want!

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02-15-2014, 08:37 AM
+1 support for this.
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# 17
02-15-2014, 08:58 AM
I support the Typhon and Jupiter. Personally I would only fly the Typhon, but others want to fly the Jupiter and I think it would be a good addition to our line-up.

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# 18
02-15-2014, 08:59 AM
Originally Posted by adverbero View Post
I would support the Typhoon ( Providing it gets a nice going over from the Art department Just like the Scimitar did before the players go access to it )

Not so keen on the Jupiter, Its kinda one of those Frankenstein ships , but I'm not agaisnt it being avalible to players, I just wouldn't want one
Pretty much this. I think the Jupiter could actually look pretty nice with a bit of polishing. Maybe even make it that broadside cruiser they were talking about a while ago.
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# 19
02-15-2014, 10:28 AM
Originally Posted by snoggymack22 View Post

Yes to more ships! No to more tiers of ships.

I support this all day.
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# 20
02-15-2014, 06:59 PM
Originally Posted by kamakaze101 View Post
Quote: The Typhoon Class is a dreadnaught that will most likely not appear as a playable ship until we increase the skill point cap to full Admiral. Even then, we haven't yet decided if this will be a player ship, but we can be convinced to make it so if there is enough support for it.

1: The Typhoon is a BATTLESHIP and will be referred to as such on this thread. The JUPITER is a DREADNAUGHT.

2: This is SUPPORT thread, and not for discussion. Use the 100's of other threads for that.

3: As said above, If there is enough support for the Typhoon and Jupiter classes, they will have a good chance to be added.

4: If you don't agree, don't post please, or at least be nice about it.

A "dreadnought" is a "battleship". I disagree with the concept of adding garbage for the sake of being able to roll around in it. Now if you wanted that garbage to rule the universe it would be another matter.

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