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02-15-2014, 07:11 PM
Originally Posted by lianthelia View Post
Exactly why I love the Captain's Table and for more!
In another thread about the CT I suggested that they disconnect the ability to use those party devices in that zone.

It would make the people that don't like those devices happy.

The devs wouldn't have to create an all new zone to do it.

The party people don't go there anyway so it wouldn't affect their fun.

Only the griefers would complain.

And it could motivate people to sub/buy the LTS.
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02-15-2014, 07:12 PM
It's a nice place to visit, but Cryptic never really established a reason to go there. Like access to unique NPCs. For example, perhaps one vendor NPC gave you access to some of the Veteran Rewards like the Fireworks, EVA suits, or the Yacht. I could also see some of those story NPCs talking, that offers you a free transwarp to their area of space. Like talking to T'nae warps you to Alpha Centauri, or the Cardassians transporting you to Beta Ursae.

Maybe restore the preview NPCs, giving vauge tidbits of upcoming content? Maybe limited early-access to subscribers to some missions?

I'm sure others could come up with more interesting ideas that could benefit the Captain's Table.
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02-15-2014, 07:13 PM
Originally Posted by talonxv View Post
Don't even have to do that. Called hit u, bring up your ship while in space, nice little tab at the bottom of the ship's picture. Shift to any ship while in space without having to do that.
I missed that. Thanks.
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02-15-2014, 07:16 PM
Originally Posted by thutmosis85 View Post
Well it could AT LEAST use a "Transwarp Option" ...
Good golly this would be the best thing to happen to that current waste of coding.

Please Cryptic, get rid of those annoying gas clouds over the home planets and put the Captain's Table on the Transwarp List for those that have access to it. THIS would actually make it useful.
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02-15-2014, 07:47 PM
Decisive improvements on perks for lifetime-subscribers
I don't need any more perks, really. Oh, maybe one.

Put the hourly events back the way they were. K thanks.
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02-15-2014, 08:08 PM
wishful thinking but some veteran only missions would be nice, even if you only get an accolade. bust something unique (not uber) like the retro phasers would be nice
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02-16-2014, 03:25 PM
Speaking as a fleet leader and a lifetime player, my fleet and myself came up with these ideas.

Captains table should have a Power Tray ability, like Diplomatic Immunity or a Bridge Officer Ability, that Transwarps you there. Only like a 5 min cool-down, not tied to Transwarp cool-down and or have the nebula at more locations. Maybe disable during Tour the Galaxy Mission.

Once there you can go to any starbase local map, or back to where you were like Fleet Base's Return to Sector.

Should have a tailor there you can buy any fleet clothing from, like Oddessy, Spire Researcher, or Miner Outfit, same price as would be normal cost, maybe have a Energy Credit Cost for them instead of Fleet Credits. Also should have stuff only from lobi store or other costumes that would be there for a dilithium and or Energy Credit Cost.

Should be able to sit in chairs, have a club like club 47. Have a commodity vender there that sells all commodities at Embassy Prices. Also should have full Starbase Facilities like Shipyard, ect. Should have mission doors, cups on tables, ect for foundry missions.

Should have mini games like poker, chess, and other games. Also should be able to play any mini game in game as a test/fun.

Should also have a doff mission person like at Academy to refine an extra 1000 dilithium.

The game discriminates against single players who prefer not to be in fleets, some of these would help those players and also, make the map useful.

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