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Can anyone explain to me the practical differences between the Maintenance/Efficiency/Performance captain skills that can be unlocked at Lt. Commander, Commander and Captain respectively? There is one of each for Shield, Weapons, Engines and Auxiliary. For simplicity's sake, lets concern ourselves only with the shield based ones.

As far as I can tell, each of them merely improves a selection of powers, most of which overlap between several of the skills (Emergancy Power To Shields is improved by both the Efficiency and Maintenance, but not Performance)

My questions are as follows:
  • Is there any overall pattern or logic regarding how these powers/skills are paired up?
  • Do different skills improve the powers in different ways (Ie does maintenance improve cooldowns, efficiency - duration, and performance - magnitude)? Therefore, abilities with no duration are not influenced by the efficiency skills?
  • The efficiency skills list "Starship [Weap/Shi/Eng/Aux] Power Level" in their details page, but as far as I can tell have no influence over my ship's power levels.
  • Can someone summarize the differences between Deflector, Emitter, Hazard and Sensor abilities?

On a somewhat related note, the first two lines of every one of the captain skills' details page appears to be a redundant restating of the name of the skill, followed by a line which I have no understanding of its purpose or significance in any way. These two lines might as well be removed, and the actual informative part of the details page such as the English sentence and list of powers effected fully expanded upon so that we can understand their differences easier at a glance?

The "Starship Engineering" skills are the only ones which I have any confusion concerning. All other skill sections are fairly well defined as to how the individual skills differ from one another.

This all goes hand in hand with how the stats are explained. I know that the stat "Starship Phaser Weapons" improves the damage done by phasers, but based on the 70 points I have in that, how MUCH is it improved?

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