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02-17-2014, 09:48 PM
The impact of the weekends is serious for Fleet Marks, particularly for "small fleets." Fleet marks are needed every day, in large quantities. With the old system (to which fleet marks were added to HELP with the small fleet problem) the fleet marks bonus would happen twice daily. The cooldowns on Defera (a good source of daily fleetmarks) allowed you to run this daily and get a meaningful amount of marks.

Now, with weekend events, every other weekend, it will be lucky for fleet marks to be bonused once a month. Further, the Defera cooldowns will (likely) still exist, meaning you can only run it 4-5 times during the "bonus". This is equivalent to what you could earn in 5 days in the old system. This is a roughly 25 day "loss" to bonus fleet marks every month.

So, small fleets are facing a reduced inflow of fleet marks to fund their daily demands.

I can only see increasing fleet marks (and only fleet marks) returns permanently to "bonus" levels as a solution to this challenge.

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