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# 1 Quest to 10,000 DPS
02-17-2014, 10:39 PM
Greetings all.

Let me start by saying I just as of 18/2/2014 picked up ACT and started to keep track of my DSP. I've been playing STO from the very beginning but I never felt the need to keep track of DSP as I don't PvP and I always just felt I did well enough in PvE.

However, then NWS came along and for a long time now I've been idly trying to beat it. Now I have the time available to me to where I can really work on builds so I can put something together that can't hold up in NWS. I've heard that 7k is sort of the bare minimum to be considered passable at NWS.

I've spent the evening using the following two ships

And keep coming in around the high 6k low 7k mark for overall dsp which I think is respectable for random builds. I have the entire Andorian set available, HEC, FPE, all reps to work with and the EC and Dil production to basically get damn near anything in the game. So I'm asking for help. I'd like to touch 10k overall dps if possible so I can have a shot of at least holding up my end of NWS.

Suggestions would be welcome.
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02-17-2014, 11:01 PM
I too am tried to get to the 10k DPS mark. i am current hitting the 7-8 range with an Aves class.... in my experience, i have found that upgrading DOFFS and stacking Atk patterns can boost over all DPS. the thing to also note is that like me, youre using a cannon build. that means A LOT of the dps others get, they get because their weapons are firing longer. That is the say, they dont have to maneuver much to keep target in there arc. they can tank with little movement. yours and my ships cannot do that speed and movement is life and to sit still is to die. that means in our moving, a target moves out of out arc either because it turned or we completed a pass and are coming around for another. during this time, our main weapons arent firing. so it may also pay to fly in a manner that keeps weapons on target.

Remember, for cannon users, DSP per se isnt the goal, but an overall DMG output. That is to say, how much DMG can your opening volley put out? DMG over time isnt our game, spike DMG IS. granted our two ships have different roles, mine being a science destroyer and yours being and escort but the fundamentals are the same i just have a few options you may not while youre DMG output potential is higher.
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02-17-2014, 11:16 PM
This reply is for the andorian ship:

To increase your DPS drop the kinetic beam. Another turret will benefit from rapid fire etc.

Your shields are weak no use in bolstering them with the sci consoles. instead add the romulan science consoles that decrease aggro and add a plasma proc plus offer other things like shield repair enhancements. Procs equal more dps

I would also drop the Andorian wing cannons...add another dual beam. 2 dual beams in front will benefit from fire at will

Years ago it was found that ships could effectively power 6 weapons and maintain high power levels. With the advent of cruiser buffs you are most likely enjoying a 25% bonus ability.

I would also drop the cutting beam for another turret or a breen torp/mine ( no energy usage and the best torp mine weapon)

On a solo target you are going to rip them to shreds.

Engineer Ensign and LT
I would have emergency power to shield 1 and emergency power to weapons 2. Most mobs you will be fighting in STF's will loose their shields so fast the energy mod has little benefits

Engineering team 1 for the Ensign. Make sure you get a Doff that gives you ability that whenever you use and "emergency power to" it gives a `10 binus to all other systems.

You are squishy already and only one sci heal is asking for trouble......2 heals that do not use the same cool down are primo.

I run a similar build, not quite the same, as this and I am parsing about 14k spikes and a sustained dps in stfs about 10k
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02-18-2014, 12:55 AM
My Kumari's set up thus:

5 DHC's up front, cutting beam and crappy graviton Gorps back (the torps there for the crit bonus with the console, it'll get swapped out after I get some vulnerability locators).

ENS Eng: epw1
Lt Eng: epw1, a2sif 1
Lt tac: TS, CRF
Lt com tac: tt1, crf1, apb2
Com tac: tt1, CSV1, apb2, CSV

Doffs: 2 hazard systems doffs, 2 shield distro doffs, whatever else you want.

This is as an Eng captain, so you might wanna swap epw to EPs.

It pulls 15k encdps all day long if I'm not drunk and fly it like a loon.

Also, I'd suggest leaving the loot drops, they make handy spawn markers.

Edit/ should've actually checked your builds first, that kumari one looks alright, dunno why you're only pulling 8k. You are getting reet up close and personal with it? Close to 2km from target as possible?
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02-18-2014, 01:13 AM
Originally Posted by adabisi View Post
To increase your DPS drop the kinetic beam. Another turret will benefit from rapid fire etc.
You don't run the KCB for it's own DPS, you run it to get the Omega Weapons Amplifier proc, the 2-piece bonus with the Assimilated module. That grants a pretty hefty weapon power drain resistance (600, I think), allowing all your other weapons to do more DPS. More than makes up for what the turret would add. Easily.
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02-18-2014, 01:18 AM
If you have the resources to efford this, you could try this...


Take some Conn Officers to reduce the TT, rest is up to you.

I know, I know ... some would say "heresy", why do you use beams? Simple answer: Beams are not that range dependant than cannons and I prefer to stay on range in most ESTFs

I've got a pretty similar build with my Mogh and I can hit 15k with no problem. The Kumari should dish out a lot more damage.
You can switch out the lieutenant Eng skills if you don't want a bit survivability.

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02-18-2014, 01:41 AM
For nws you want a ship with lt com sci and use he, tbr and gw on it to slow enemy advancement. Good options would be the chel gret or the prometheus fed side. Then just get two copies of scatter volley and at least one apb(3) and just sit there waiting for you wave and when it does arrive just buff up and fire away
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02-18-2014, 04:09 AM
Originally Posted by twam View Post
You don't run the KCB for it's own DPS, you run it to get the Omega Weapons Amplifier proc, the 2-piece bonus with the Assimilated module. That grants a pretty hefty weapon power drain resistance (600, I think), allowing all your other weapons to do more DPS. More than makes up for what the turret would add. Easily.
KCB's own dps is considerable, assuming you run with max weapon power.

This is my kumari fit, gets 30k dps in estfs with good piloting. It's about as far as cannonboats can go. You'll have to switch to beam arrays past this point.
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02-19-2014, 10:28 PM
You are on the right track, just need to fine tune your build. First question I have to ask is what is more important. Is it NWS or 10k DPS. Both can be done easily. I hit 10k DPS in my Vesta as a science captain so a tac should have no problem. Either way what I see is your ship is geared for attacking solo opponents, I come to this conclusion because of the beam overload and cannon rapid fire, while it is good for solo target it is awful for maximizing DPS. I am not saying you can't do it, it is harder to do.

For NWS, best to change ships but if you are unable to, I would lose the dual beam bank. I have beaten. NWS and I would run the since version of the Kumari vessel. You lose a little DPS but gain so much more.
4dhc of you choice but for NWS I would recommend polar on for the system drain.
Gravemtric torpedo for the rift proc, it can act as your GW.
In the rear the kinetic cutting beam and a turret.

The cutting beam is used for the two piece proc, it helps reduce weapons power drain, thus increasing DPS from energy weapons.

Use the omega two piece to assist in shield stripping. It grant shield system power drain to your enemy. You should also keep Plasmonic leech console. Now you are draining from the console, two piece omega, and polaron weapons.

Shields, people are going to argue with me but I hardily ever die in NWS, the best shields in game are high regen shields. Capacity is crap. I recommend Elite Fleet Regenative Shields, adapt, and either the res a or b, I would get both, but the one you use for NWS is for resistance against antiproton. According to the combat tracker bioneural point defense do the most amount of damage to players. So you need some thing to resist anti proton.

Bridge officer abilities should be for AOE. You are I in NWS you do not need Attack pattern omega. It only increases your damage. Use attack pattern beta 3. Not only will in increase your damage by lowering resistance to enemy ships but damage from enemy warpcore is going to be more effective.

I would run these bridge officer skills
Commander tac: ApB3,CSV2, TS2, TT1
Lt commander tac: TS3, CSV1 , TT1

Time your torp spread 3 well, you get a time period before each wave. Activate it while waiting it is active for thirty seconds so when your enemy comes in it launches and makes rifts. The you TS2 will be up sonnet in the wave.

Your universal slot turn into a engineer.

Lt eng: RSP1, EPTW1
Ens eng: EPtS1

Here is where your doffs come into play. I would run three damage control doffs for reducing the cooldown of EPtX abilities. Running three purple one and my EPtX skills are always active and always on cooldown. Also find a RSP doff. This will be important in wave ten. If you have of can afford I would get two con officer doffs that reduce the time ApX abilities. This could bring your APB3 close to cooldown.

Lt sci: TBR1, HE1

Your tac concoles should be four locator consoles of what ever weapons choice you are using.

Your two eng consoles should be on fleet neutronium and Plasmonic leech.

Your four science consoles should be the zero point energy conduit from the Romulan rep, it increase crit hit, Borg assimilated console for the same reason. Isometric charge and another of your choice. One of the ones I would consider is from the Lobi store, the teykentic console, it is spelled wrong but it is from the temporal warfare set. It increases crit, particle gen and turn rate.

While I recommend polaron for the above reasons, you can not go wrong with antiproton or disrupters. Specially the Elachi type.

To add more crit damage pick up two blue male Romulan boffs from the ops center in the embassy, they have superior Romulan operative on them, this increases crit hit and severity.

Remember the more often you crit the more damage the shot does. It also goes for accuracy. I prefer at least to acc bonuses on my weapons to make sure I do not miss.

This is a link to the build.

Also where do you run your ACT at. Most people including the people who run the 10,20, and 30 k DPS channels use ISE.
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02-19-2014, 11:10 PM
Thanks for all the replies. I've changed my builds a little or rather back to my normal on the Charal for more survivability since if you are dead you aren't shooting and thus producing DPS. And more importantly I've started getting closer to enemies. Normally I've seen sitting at the 5-7km range and have gotten down in French kissing range, or about 1km away. Huge boost to my dps just from that.

Also, now that I've had the ACT a few days and have learned to read it, I'm happy to say I can spike near 30k and have brought my encdps over 8k. I'm still working on the Kumari as it is more geared for aoe. Also using suggestions and principles from here I have also started to tinker with a HEC, which I ultimately intend to use for the NWS on this particular toon. On another toon, a Frommy, I have a beam scimi that is coming along nicely. Needs lots of work but progress is being made.

Might take a while to gather up the gear on everything up to uber purple mk xii, but in the mean time I plan on working on my piloting and order of ability activation.

And for those wondering, ISE is the official bench mark but I do run the ACT in CSE and KASE just to see how I'm doing.
Cheers from Antonio Valerio Cortez III, Half-Celestial Archduke of the Free Marches Confederacy.

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