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Hello STO community!

This channel is based on my original post here


The purpose of this channel is to bring some variety into the daily grind for vet players but also tailor to new players just getting into STO. It will also bring some challenge/enjoyment back, I hope, into the STF's that we all do.

As mentioned in the title this is NOT meant for high DPSers. The whole point of this is NOT to run thru ISE (Infected Space Elite) in 2 mins but rather use strategy and teamwork, I will explain more on this.

Star Trek Battles is catered towards bringing some show accuracy (x2 maybe x3) into STO. I touch on this in my original thread but what I mean by accuracy is in the show you DO NOT see a ship like the Defiant take on a Cube solo rather it takes a whole team of ships working together bring down the Cube. You also DO not see ships park n' shoot, they fly around in circles going in and out... see clip in my original thread for basic idea. (Still a classic IMO). Here are some of the ideas I have to achieve this.

- Ships MUST be outfitted with their race specific weapons for example the Feds use phasers Klings Distruptors and so on.

- Ships MUST have torpedoes fore and aft, again race specific.

- MK of weapons are to be lower than MK XII (WIP) FYI, ran ISE with a team w/parser and was running MK X blues phasers/quants/torps and was still able to pull 7+ dps. EDIT: When running ships of a lower Tier let's say the Exeter or using ships with 2 fore/2 aft, You can in fact load her up with Elite phasers. One of the fellow Captains/Admin uses the Exeter and parsed in ISE clocked in at 5007 dps.

EDIT for weapons: You can indeed use MK XII weapons BUT it still needs to be race specific and you will probably have to adjust your weapon power or take off consoles.... again the goal is to NOT melt cubes.

- MK of shields, engines can still be MK XII or end game sets.

- No parking!, all ships must be flying at all times. (NO stopping unless engines are offline) EDIT: I have seen the Enterprise D take a defensive position where it was between the Ent C and incoming BOPs as well as someone mentioned seeing the bigger ships taking a parking position. Up to this point there has not been any issues with this guideline but if you saw it you can do it is my stance. I personally will fly my ships cause that's what makes it fun for me. Keep in mind tho you park your defence is lowered as most of you know.

- Any ship in the game may be flown, it does NOT have to be a canon ship, i.e. Avenger with phasers or Elachi with disruptors.

- Parsers CAN in fact be used as a tool to adjust builds as required. DPS CAN range from anywhere from 3k - 7k but that is STILL subject to change and that will mostly be up to the individual but I think 5k - 6k is the sweet spot for now.

- Also I request that we ALL keep a level of HIGH respect to one another when using STB channel. No swearing or abusive comments, it will NOT be tolerated. This is meant to be fun and not a debate or a place to start taking shots to one another. If there is a misunderstanding and you cannot resolve it let me know and I will try to help as best I can.

EDIT: March 20, 2014 - It looks like I accidentally erased all my edit's of the channel so far. From what I can remember this is what I had which was more or less giving updates of how the channel was doing.

- First full team
- Overall personal experiences
- RP is playing a major role in the team ups and now can use comms to better communicate
- All questions can be asked and it will be discussed amongst members
- Making sure that the end goal is to have fun and play STO as close as we can to ST all in the name of fun
- My personal thanks to all who is making this STB fun and fun for me.

EDIT: April 10, 2014 - The channel thus far has grown so much and the people within the STB "community" are all GREAT people IMO. Everyone is so super helpful to point of even offering up items such as phasers/torpedos/consoles which they can easily make some EC but instead try to help out new STB Captains in their STB build. I could not ask for a better group of Captains to fly with.

Last night Nato a leader of Fed Alliance Fleet has actually offered up FREE access to STB members for those who require access to high end gear/ships, to be used OUTSIDE of STB of course.. hahahaha, all that they ask is bring your own FM if buying a ship. Nato as well has set up access to their TS, we actually lost Risingstar's but we still had Steve's and now Nato's. Nato is also offering his invitation to STB members to become members of Fed Alliance if they do not have one which is my main Captain, Trizeo's, fleet. If you purchase something you do have to be in the fleet but if you want to go back to your old fleet that is NOT a problem. Nato has been with STB from the very beginning of the channel's creation and he has mentioned that he has been impressed with the growth but as well as the "community" that has come out of STB. He also joined in on some runs and I remember him saying something along the lines of having to work to complete the mission which was good for a change.

The past week or so we have also been doing some "themed" runs like low tier ships or Galaxy ships and they have been a great hit IMO. I personally liked the Galaxy one! Last night tho what started as a low tier run question turned out to be a 14 man Klingon scout force but it was suppose to be low tier but we had some people who didn't have low tier ships and we had some new people try out as well who were not STB'd speced. I mentioned that all was welcome to join so it kind of lost the original idea of the run.

Which leads me to my next point. What I've noticed is sometimes setting up runs does take time. I ask that make sure if your going to be doing an STB run ensure you have the time. Sometimes what we have done are like mission briefings where we met at a bridge of a Captain and did some RP'ing then after had to wait and set up the team/private que and it did take almost 40 mins from beginning to end. Are all the runs like this? No.. some are quicker than others but there are certain things we do like the following for EVERY run.

- Meet up above earth orbit or DS9
- This is where we form up and "report" or discuss mission tactics/roles
- After a run we form up again "report" and warp out

It's kind of turned out to be a tradition and I vote for it to be that way every time.

This has been kind of a long rant! hhahahah... This past month has been nothing short of AWESOME for me personally so I want to thank you all who have joined and encourage new Captains to give STB a shot. I look forward to doing more in game content with my fellow STB Captains and only hope that STB grows even more.

Here is a list of the Admins of STB.. feel free to contact them in game or myself.

@reyan01 (Etilen)
@jindaro (Solona)
@admiraltrappitt (Zacky/Sud)
@Arkhangel81 (S'vek/David/Jerick)
@risingstar2009 (Emira)
@Tyrinius (Clare/Setek)
@natorepublic (Nato)
@inputend (Andrew)
@steveangelis (Steve)
@dragonsbrethren (Kinanra/Tharon)

And of course myself @trizeo1 (Trizeo/ZED/Tuzak/J'war)

Captain Trizeo signing off!

EDIT: April 20, 2014 - Here are some vids taken by one of the admins @risingstar2009 - thanks Captain 07 (<--- salute)


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# 2
02-18-2014, 09:21 AM
Good plan - count me in!
Originally Posted by robdmc View Post
Remember, this place [Captain's Table] is so desolate that upon entering the Aenigma Nebula you will be prompted with a warp out box because the game thinks you flew there by mistake.
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# 3
02-18-2014, 09:55 AM
I like the idea.

However... What do you consider the romulan race specific energy weapons? In the series they used disrupters, in sto they use plasma.

And for the Klingons, they were seen to use all kinds of torpedo weapons, what's their torpedo?
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# 4
02-18-2014, 09:56 AM
I love this idea...count me in too. It'll also allow people to use ships that have fallen out of favor, such as the Galaxy for example, that are just collecting dust in a hanger.

If you like Foundry missions, try mine here!
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# 5
02-18-2014, 09:57 AM
I would do this, sounds like a good change of pace, and can make my science ships useful again.
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02-18-2014, 10:07 AM
Originally Posted by djf021 View Post
I love this idea...count me in too. It'll also allow people to use ships that have fallen out of favor, such as the Galaxy for example, that are just collecting dust in a hanger.
Originally Posted by wetworth1 View Post
I would do this, sounds like a good change of pace, and can make my science ships useful again.
That's great! I will send you invites when I'm in game next.
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# 7
02-18-2014, 10:18 AM
Ok, count me in as well
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02-18-2014, 10:42 AM
Originally Posted by djf021 View Post
I love this idea...count me in too. It'll also allow people to use ships that have fallen out of favor, such as the Galaxy for example, that are just collecting dust in a hanger.
You could actually extend this to "canon ships only", but that would probably turn off a lot...
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# 9
02-18-2014, 10:47 AM
I'm interested but I'm not sure If I could afford making a new build. Then again, you did say that we have to use mk XI or lower, and I don't think phasers are that expensive on the exchange. Plus, this would be a way for me to try the new loadout system. I might be able to join. Send the invite to @timothyre99 and I'll try to make it work.
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02-18-2014, 11:02 AM
Send me an in game email about this to @steveangelis and I will join.

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