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So, I put this in the "Graphics/Sound" and "Gameplay" bug reports threads as well - seems others have had the same issue, or ones quite similar.

During an Elite STF mission today - and, OF COURSE, seconds before we took down the final Cube - my screen went totally black. I could hear everything: the Borg automatonic threats, the weapons fire, etc.; I could even (by making a guess where it was) diminish the screen to see my PC desktop - all present and accounted for, and I even opened the STO Forums to see if it was some sort of graphical or connectivity thing on my end: nope.

Well, in trying to sort it out, it obviously kicked me, because there was my desktop screen; no STO. I logged back in, chose the same character, and it put me right back in the Sibiran System where the STF took place ("The Conduit (Elite)," by the way, in case it turns out it is a map problem), and there were the messages: "Congratulations, Captain - You Have received Omega Marks..." and the "Optional Objective Successful" tab. But? NO MARKS, NO Neural Processors; NOTHING, even though it said I received them (should have received 90 Omega Marks with my bonuses, the Optional, and the Mission, according to my logs)!

I can't recall if this is the same map, but it happened once before. Of course, during that play, the mission had only just started, and when I couldn't sort out the problem, I rebooted, thinking it was my comp - I was taken back to the map wherein I launched the PvE - didn't expect anything different - and it showed no queue count-down nor any "leaver penalty," which I almost expected.

So, in a way, glad there are at least a couple of others who have had/are having the same issues (feel bad for those guys, too), but what gives?

Devs/IT folks: seen this one before??

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02-19-2014, 12:15 PM
This belongs in the Bugs subforum.
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