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So as i sit here waiting for SOL to load, it got to thinking, why do i have to go there?

I know not everything can be moved around or made convient, but some things could be.

Many people have complained that their is really no interior to your ship. So why not give it some uses. Like you have your bridge already, but then maybe have one turbo lift that reallly works and then selectable locations. So if all you want to do is to do some crafting with the annomolies salvages, and you have done the mission to learn about it, you can have a replicator room that allows you to do this from your ship without having to travel to the star base. You just want to access the bank or exchange? Maybe a comm room that allows for access to those systems without having to take the time to travel and load.

It seems like it could give the usefulness of a ship interior some purpose, but also really help on loading issues by NOT requiring a player to travel acrossed space and into heavily populated areas just to do some basic maintainance to your game experience.

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