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02-05-2010, 07:34 AM
Originally Posted by Mulciber1261 View Post
Welcome Captain!

We are Rogue Specter, and would love to have you!

Founded in 2408 on Starbase 500, We are a fleet that has a small amount of members--currently--looking for many more--We are compiled of people who have been in both Closed and Open beta, People who have little gaming experience, and people who have a lot or this is their first MMO.We are friendly, and casual, and we do not require role play but encourage it.

Our Fleet was founded on the principles that many others simply refuse to acknowledge--that every individual has an opinion, and their opinion is entitled.

We are Rogue Specter Fleet--We are members who have broken away from another Fleet during Open Beta because we simply did not thrive off of the drama that their fleet had--this is a game, and we did not want to have the drama that most MMO's experience interfere with game play.

We were founded on January 19th 2010--We have both a Ventrilo Server and a Chat Server. We Welcome opinions, and diversity--and We help our members in pvp, pve and other game play. Our application process is easy.

We Welcome you to our site--please join us if you want a fair, drama free, MMO Experience.
Look at all the copy and paste it!! Thats not showing genuine interested in someone, thats just boosting numbers!

The Andorian Imperial Guard aren't like that, we value every individual Guardsman, we're sociable and we don't take ourselves too seriously, just organised enough so that PvP and fleet actions are as smooth as possible, with everyone knowing what to do! I honestly dont know how old everyone is, haven't asked, its not important, we're just a great fleet of like-minded people that want to have fun...we're mature, but fun and sociable at the same time...
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02-05-2010, 09:04 AM
I would like to echo my friend Xone's suggestion you check out Fleet 187. We not only have members constantly looking to group up, we have several vent rooms so groups can focus on their mission. The 1-8-7 is not a PvP, PvE or RP fleet. We allow members to play the way they want. Check us out and see what you think.

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