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# 31 Shadows Rising
03-19-2014, 10:04 AM
Handle: Sithscourge
Mission title: Shadows Rising
Mission's faction: Federation
Level requirements: 31+

Star Fleet reports that several ship have been attacked with their crews abducted. Ships logs indicate the Ferasans may have been involved. Contact was lost with the last ship that was following the trail of the attackers.
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# 32
03-24-2014, 12:41 PM
This week's new missions post is available here: http://starbaseugc.com/index.php/tra...mar-17-mar-23/
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# 33
03-24-2014, 08:24 PM
What the hey, I'll throw my hat into the ring.

Handle: @starswordc
Title: "Bait and Switch"
Faction: Starfleet
Level: Any

With a rise in piracy, terrorism, and general mayhem in Beta Ursae, Starfleet Command orders you to report to Admiral Marconi at Deep Space 9 to help patrol the sector. It should be a routine assignment.

It's never routine.

Trailer: http://youtu.be/JPOTpV0xrrw
Vadm. Kanril Eleya, U.S.S. Andraste, Strike Team Alpha

Useful Links for Foundry Writers | "Bait and Switch" -- Fed Foundry project, Part 1 rewards-qualified!
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# 34
03-26-2014, 01:52 AM
Handle: @darkfirewithin
Title: The Wings of Omicros
Faction: Federation
Level: 16+

Synopsis: With the Solanae Dyson Sphere now active, several Delta Quadrant species have started to engage with the Alpha Quadrant. One race, the Omicronians, wish to become members of the Federation. It is your duty to oversee the negotiations and ensure they run smoothly, as there are hostile forces moving against the integration.
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# 35
03-27-2014, 06:09 PM
+My own mission this time!

Handle: @RogueEnterprise
Title: Orders - Part I
Faction: Federation
Level: Any

Teaser: A remote planet in Eta Eridani has been found to have great quantities of Boromite, which could be used to synthesize Omega molecules. All AQ governments have agreed to quarantine the planet. Unfortunately, a Federation scientist has defied that agreement -- and if discovered, it could mean war.
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# 36
03-31-2014, 01:02 AM
This week's new post is now up, here:


Starsword, I didn't include yours because this list is supposed to be "new" missions -- though if you did a revamp recently I think we could bend the rules and put yours up. Is that the case?
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# 37 Warbirds & Zombies
04-02-2014, 04:41 PM
This mission is designed for Romulan characters at level 35+. It is also a indirect sequel to my first foundry mission, "Runabouts & Zombies."

An alien force called the Asowai has invaded the Romulan colony of Mortuus with a army of the undead.

Can you save the Romulan Republic and stop a Zombie Apocalypse?

Mission will involve heavy ground and space combat. Fighting will be unbalanced at times for challenge factor. But you can handle it.

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# 38
04-05-2014, 06:24 PM
I am humbly submitting part 2 of my Eclipse series for your kind review

Title: Eclipse #2: The Borg of 4028
Handle: intrinsical
Faction: Federation
Level: 41+
Banner: http://i1110.photobucket.com/albums/...psb9baabee.jpg
Priority one message from Starfleet Command. We are to rendezvous with a Task Force Omega Agent at the specified coordinates in the Lackey System in Sirius Sector Block.
Historian's Note: This story occurred just prior to the Special Task Force missions, "Into The Hive" and "The Hive Onslaught"
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# 39 The Rise of the Red Eclipse
04-06-2014, 06:34 PM
Synopsis: In the recent years, strong anti-Federation sentiment has begun to sweep through the colonies and allied systems, adding tensions to bordering settlements along the DMZ and increased friction between the Federation, Klingon and Romulan powers. With the hope of trying to once again bring peace between the Klingons and the Federation, Vice Admiral Jameson has completed a well-hidden neutral station and has invited dignitaries from the Klingon and Romulan Empires, Cardassia, the Orion Syndicate, the Ferengi Alliance and a new addition to the Federation, a Celestisan Consulate. Only the Remans declined the invitation, but they have asked for a proxy to stand in their place instead. This is where YOU come in.

Everything seems to be going well (as well as ambassadorial negations go) until the terrorist organization called The Red Eclipse makes an unexpected visit. Now you have to not only locate and rescue the dignitaries but stop an all-out war driven by a madman with a nefarious plot hell-bent on destroying the Federation at all costs.

The Rise of the Red Eclipse
Starfleet 35+

You are called to act as a proxy ambassador for the Remans in a dialogue focused on bringing peace between the strongest factions of the galaxy. However, with the arrival of a madman and the kidnapping of the delegates, the only hope for peace rests with you.

Story-driven, dialogue heavy with multiple dialogue options & outcomes, challenging space and ground combat.

Banner in sig below... cheers!

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# 40
04-07-2014, 12:30 PM
This week's new missions are posted here:


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