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# 1 Voice Coms for any STO Player
02-04-2010, 03:00 PM
We have opened up a Teamspeak 3 server (This is the NEW Version not the old TS2) for public use for Star Trek Online players.

We can host up to 390 users with another 1024 user Server(s) on standby if needed.

If your Fleet needs some voice coms, pop by and talk to Kold. or send me an email at koldfusion dot ca at <---- Sorry but gotta pwn the spam mail propagation.

Server Information.
PORT: 9987

Server Status Page

We are welcoming anybody speaking any language, but any languages other than English need to stick to the specific channels. So if you speak Spanish or Russian we WILL make you a special channel just for people speaking those languages. Server Admins only speak English so if you would like to have a Russian Channel please ask in English.

We ban without prejudice Sound Boards, Tools, and anyone coming on trying to harass users.

Our current population ALL play STO!

We also ask that you do NOT "poach" other Fleets members and doing so will remove your fleets privilege.

We are all here for a common goal, To learn and play STO for the most it can offer.

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