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Kinda same boat here, I've read through here and its still a bit confusing, all the numbers anyways.

Currently, my Full KDF I have 16.8% Chance, and 117% Severity. I currently use all advance fleet AP with DMGx3 and CrtH, and 1 KCB. I tried swapping over to Fluidic AP all CritDx3, (per calculator) and was consistently doing less damage. I am assuming its because my CrtH was so low. Right now bonus accuracy is about 32-35% i believe.

Here is my build. Currently 1 male/1 female SRO, rest nausicaans (some reason it wouldn't let me select a second male SRO so i went with female)/ Stiill and traits are on there.

Ive gotten it at 30K, but I want more consistency considering it was only once i hit 30K. When I parse it says crit chance is about 25%, but the severity remains about the same or up to 125%.

So with the lower critH and Serverity of my character what mods and consoles would be the best?
I use to do 100K DPS, but then I took an arrow to the knee.

Your Ramming Speed III deals 242658 (243540) Kinetic Damage (Critical) to you.

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07-26-2014, 10:48 AM
I'm such a nooblet. I just bought 10 of the exploiter consoles not noticing that the locators gave twice the mods!!!!!!

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