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Hey Cryptic,
It would be nice if the windows in the HUD were re-sizeable (like that chat box) or if some could be disabled.
A smaller group window like a mini window would also be nice, the present group window (especially in ground combat) takes up a large portion of the screen, a portion that would be nice to actually use to see.
Not to say another game is better or anything but in ****, there is a mini grp window that shows players health and stuff that a player can enable that keeps track of health etc in a mall window that can be dragged to a desirable spot.

Another note:
The only way to move the HUD sub-windows at the moment is to go into HUD Re-Arrange. It would be nicer to be able to drag and drop the HUD windows while on the main screen rather than having to escape and go into the HUD re-arrangement.

Just some thoughts

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