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Announcement: Zagerus (64th) Fleet is looking to beam you up!

Zagerus is a peacekeeping alliance dedicated to exploration and science in a war-torn galaxy. Everything we do from the individual level to the fleet level is to better ourselves and our allies.

Our original crew was aboard a vessel from the 23rd century when a mysterious time warp catapulted us into 2409. Now we need your help to grow and fight in this brave new world.

Our mission:
*Aid the pursuit of science and exploration
*Provide defense for the common good of all life forms
*To bravely go into the unknown of the final frontier

Affiliation: Federation

TimeZone: Mostly US, also UK/AU

Gameplay: PvP and PvE focus, with casual and advanced gamers, also will accommodate Role Players

Note: No restrictive rules or required schedules

Careers: All are welcome: Science, Tactical, Engineering, etc.

Other Games: Champions Online

Voice Server: Vent


Who we are looking for:
That you be a mature and helpful player who likes to have fun.
Be willing to make a positive contribution to the team.
Like to have fun and tell a good joke.
No set age limit (but if you act childish you will be asked to leave)

#Organization# (@handles)
Fleet Commander: Drucard
Deputy Commander: yangjc048
Deputy Commander: EmeraldSky
Vice Commander: Ikono
Vice Commander: Geobaldi

Open Positions:
Vice Commanders
Group Commanders
Wing Commanders
Squadron Commanders

About Us:
Our crew was aboard the USS Zagerus when passing through anomaly that time-warped us from 2264 to the year 2409. Now we are on a mission to form a coalition that carries the spirit of exploration forward despite great conflicts. This fleet will uphold and defend the values of the Federation while meeting the challenges and mysteries of the universe. Working as a team and having fun in the pursuit of discovery and exploration in the final frontier.

"We shall boldly go!"

Theme Song
Grow strong with us.

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