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# 1 powerhue and quirks
02-04-2010, 07:04 PM
See I find it funny, the main reason this was done, I keep being told, was to keep it "in cannon"
... the game is cannon now?
That aside, I think this is a funny reason to do this when you can, within the game, find "Iplay naked" flying the "USS Hooray for boobies" or more to the point, you can find five people, playing 5 characters, ALL named "Iplay Naked" ALL flying identical USS "Hooray For Boobies" starships.
Even more horrifying, Ive been hearing whispers about a fleet named Chuck Norris, all playing characters named Chuck Norris, all flying USS Chuck Norris ships.... if I ever see it ill be reporting it... thats just stupid imo but thats the point. Even if the character name thing isnt doable cause of the account tie in... whatever thats about, I dont really understand that explanation, the fact that ship's names arent unique is just plain dumb, expecially with the alphabet suffix (IE enterprise -D, -C). I rather do think they should have made it so that we all were flying NX class ships, that at least would have made it a little more believable, all our ships with different loadouts, different configurations, randomized looks, etc.

I love the game, even as is, the powehue thing doesnt matter to me, really. Just a few quirks Ive noticed

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