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02-05-2010, 06:20 AM
totally agree
And just to clarify 5vs 1 with the feds waiting for you to spawn ...
thatīs not rare either
Had a funny map playing deserted factory...
5 vs 2 (one kling stuck in the Wall....
so practically they were hunting me or 20 min straight, and i left cause no other klink was joinin...

But as posted above... there are impovements on itīs way. G-PvP has a lot of Problems, like no resis buildin and the insane damage with E/E, makin many builds and classes useless. Or the rewards...
Atm the only way to play is teamowrk teamwork teamwork. The second the difference in numbers is to big, the game turns into a slaughter, or runnin man
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02-06-2010, 06:33 AM
Here are 2 more things to add to this that were brought up.

When you spawn into the map, that pop up screen can kill precious seconds while you scramble. Although I hear there is a way to turn popups off or something, I am unsure if this stops the pvp one from coming up. I have not turned them off, so I don't know.

The other thing is, HERE is what you HAVE to do until they fix this:

If you spawn in with like just your or maybe 2 versus 5 of them, and you are gunned down within seconds of spawning into the map, make sure you and your anyone with you STAYS dead. Do NOT respawn! Wait until the rest of your team shows up. If one more person shows up, tell them to stay dead until the you have a full team. What this does is force the game to allow you to have an even match. However, usually getting this setup gives them a 5 to 10 point lead sometimes, but beats running into a hail of fire just to respawn. I mean, are you a lemming? Are you? Why run off the cliff? Wait till your team is all there, THEN respawn and play the match as it should be played.

I have had Klingons do this to me several times, and now I do it as well. Sometimes members on the other team will complain about not wanting to wait, but mostly it is that they don't want a fair fight. They will beam out, and eventually the match will continue as planned.

Remember, there is no timer in PvP, so take your time. You get more rewards for winning than allowing them to constantly farm you for xp by not waiting for a full team. Most of the time I have done this, we end up winning the match, or ends up feeling more like a "good game" at the end.

Just my suggestions, you can do what you like. But until then, why not try this and see how it works for you. If the other team complains, send them a link to this post and tell them to post about it here. The more feedback we can get, perhaps they will fix the pvp and make it at least an even match. I mean sure there are always going to be questions about balance, but when these two mechanics are not in the game yet, all balance goes out the window.

So remember, vote to stay dead until your team is full!

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