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# 1 Regarding Commander Sulu
02-04-2010, 07:54 PM
Stardate 87701.81

Admiral Quinn,

I assume I have permission to speak freely, sir, especially considering the stuff I found on your computer the last time I scanned it for spyware when you got a trojan from a porn site. Seriously sir, that was amazing yet awkward.

I would like for you to seriously consider moving Commander Akira Sulu's desk nearer to yours, because his desk is currently located near a very tiny black hole that seems to affect only him and his personal space.

If the Admiral objects, I recommend moving Sulu clear across Earth Spacedock or perhaps on the other side of the sector to get him away from the black hole and a large payout of Starfleet Merits for finding him.

Either way, I question the wisdom of a Federation officer in a leadership position who is invisible to fully half of the standing force.

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