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I play mostly ground combat. I think it could use a few adjustments:
  • Reduce ranged Expose/Exploit damage by 50% (keep melee damage as-is for now)
  • Cap expose chance at 15% (no combination of skills, traits or abilities should allow you to exceed 15%)
  • Fix the shield bug (they're supposed to not recharge until 3 seconds of not being hit, but that's clearly not working -- they recharge even under fire. See the second link in my signature for video proof.)
  • Expose should not cause a 10 second hold.
  • After being held for 2 seconds, any damage should break any hold.
  • Rifle/pistol melee should not cause holds or exposes -- just a knockdown (it should be a desperation move, not the ultimate spammable expose attack)
  • Double the cooldown on all expendables (e.g., hypos)

I was also thinking about doing this one, but it may not be necessary if we fix the shield recharge issue and increase hypo cooldowns:
  • Increase all basic shot damage by 50% (do not increase special attack damage)

The goal is to make it harder to dominate matches with "one shot kills" but to keep the current pace by increasing regular damage, and also to reduce the frustration of losing control of your character for long periods of time due to holds. That 10 second hold caused by being exposed is the biggest problem.

With a 50% reduction in exploit shot damage, one shot kills will still be possible but mostly you'll only be vaporizing people as a means of finishing off a wounded player.

We should also probably consider increasing the cooldown timer on hypos and other clickies. As it is, it's pretty rare that I need a hypo and don't have the ability to use it. I was solo tanking a ground fleet action mainly by eating about 30 hypos...
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# 2
02-04-2010, 10:00 PM
As far as exposes holding you in place, I suspect that was fixed with the most recent patch. I was able to move A LOT more today while exposed than I have been over the past few days. Most of the time I was able to move away and seek cover while exposed.

I agree that expendables should have a longer cooldown. The way they are now, you can really abuse them in a fight. I know I can use a stack of 5-10 in one match if I have them on hand.

I would be interested in testing the weapon damage changes you suggest on a test shard, but I am skeptical about the whole thing. I think the special attacks might feel a bit lackluster if we had higher regular damage. Like I said though, I would be totally for testing these changes out on a test shard.

Also agree with you on the rifle melee changes. It wither needs to just be a knockdown or it needs a cooldown of about 6-7 seconds.
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# 3
02-04-2010, 10:07 PM
I'm sort of against putting a cooldown on the rifle melee spam. If it had a 7 second cooldown, well, what if you missed? I'd rather see it stay spammable but just not do any holds or exposes. (Martial arts and bat'leths I would keep as-is. Since you're giving up a ranged weapon slot, having a chance to expose makes more sense in those cases.)

It's also possible that if we fixed the shield recharge problem and increased the consumable cooldown there might not be any need to increase regular shot damage.

I'm just thinking that as it stands, regular shots are almost a waste of time in PvP.

You can buy those hypos, by the way. Mediums are 160 energy credits each. I buy them by the truckload. There have been matches where I've gone through 20 of them. I'm usually one of the highest rated "healers" and it's all from hypos. While it would literally kill me, we should probably double the current cooldown and see how that goes.
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02-04-2010, 10:30 PM
I am on the fence as to what to do with the rifle melee. I only really suggest a cooldown if it kept its current functionality. Otherwise I agree that it should still be spammable if it only has a chance to knockdown instead of be generally overpowered, lol.

As for buyinh hypos...I am a cheapskate.

They really do need a cooldown longer than 10 seconds, even though I would hate to give up the ability to pretty much chain the things. It might actually need a cooldown that is closer to 30-40 seconds, but in exchange shield charges and hypos would NOT share a cooldown.

I agree that the shield recharge problem is a big issue that should be looked at very closely.
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02-04-2010, 10:39 PM
Need to drop or significantly nerf timers/mannerisms on Holds.

Games with Feds who do not constantly hold are ok and pretty fun.

Whenever I find myself facing a hold hold hold Fed group I just leave. Its not fun its just dorky.

I don't recall a single version of Star Trek where they simply held people hit them then re-held and hit them more. Why?... probably because it would have been dorky as hell even on a styrofoam set in 1966!!
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# 6
02-05-2010, 12:18 AM
Would hitting someone with an exploit shot while they are exposed 'expend' the expose? Or can we have some focus firing going on, where you get hit by multiple exploit shots if you are foolish enough to stay in the open. Should an exploit shot on someone exposed refresh or extend the expose period? Giving snares and roots more power?
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# 7
02-05-2010, 03:12 AM
I like all of these changes proposed by the OP.

I'd also like to see any action done while sprinting made to immediatly stop you from sprinting. You shouldn't be able to run 20 miles an hour launching off split beams and heals left and right. Sprint should be a tactical move to cover distance quickly, not something you press every time it's off cooldown.
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# 8
02-05-2010, 07:00 AM
Sprinting is a little weird in this game. I think I prefer the method used by World War II Online: you have a sort of "exhaustion meter" that pops up when you sprint. Sprinting drains it fast, but only for as long as you sprint. If you stop sprinting it will slowly (slowly!) recharge.

I don't have a particular problem with the way they do it now, but it is kind of silly that I can only sprint for about 10 seconds and then I have to wait 10 seconds to sprint again.

Incidentally, my "50% reduction" was kind of arbitrary. I guess what we really need to ask is what kind of bonus it's currently applying. I'm thinking it's around 200% damage? That is, a shot that normally hits for 200 would exploit for 400? Maybe it's more like 300% though.

I'm thinking it should be closer to... 150% damage? I've shot people in the face, non-crit, T2 for over 300 damage, so if exploit was "only" 150% damage that would be a 450 damage hit to the face. Not enough to one-shot a full health opponent, but a hard hit.

I do think the hit should expend it, though. The teamwork component is that after you get a big hit on someone, it's up to your teammates to follow it up and finish the target off. Even though he's not exposed anymore, a regular sniper shot will probably finish him.

I do like the "expose/exploit" concept, I just think it needs to be cut back a bit. That would also help buffs and debuffs play a bigger role. As it stands, all the buffs in the world won't save you from a flanking exploit vaporization.
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02-05-2010, 07:05 AM
Well when I dont hold (weapon malfunction) the tactical captains, they two shot me while it takes me a good 5-6 shots to kill them (special attacks). Ground combat has plenty of problems beyond holds.
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02-05-2010, 07:15 AM
Originally Posted by Face
Well when I dont hold (weapon malfunction) the tactical captains, they two shot me while it takes me a good 5-6 shots to kill them (special attacks). Ground combat has plenty of problems beyond holds.
Two issues lead to that:

* The shield recharge issue I describe above
* The hypo cooldown issue I describe above

As an engineer, your shots aren't hitting as hard as mine and I can pretty well counter them completely with my buggy personal shield recharge and my endless hypo supply.

Whereas those aren't as big of an issue for ME killing YOU because I do so much damage anyway. I can power through the buggy recharge and the hypos, you can't. I think addressing those two problems would give you a whole lot stronger chance of beating me 1 on 1.

Incidentally, engineer deployables are very weak right now. There was that patch in beta that vastly increased player health but the engineer deployables didn't seem to get updated to match. So now I stand beside a medical deployable watching it go "1 1 1 1 1" for a completely negligible effect on my health bar.

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