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Hey Cryptic guys,

I just got done doing the Pi Canis sector block patrol missions, for Mempa, Hromi and... Xanrantine, was it? I don't remember exactly. Doing these back-to-back-to-back resulted in a string of about fifteen consecutive space battle missions, most of which involved searching through an asteroid field or a debris field to scan object and/or kill enemies.

Frankly, it became enormously repetitive and I was desperate for some away team action. I think you had a pretty good mix in the Tier 1 sector patrols (Sirius and Regulus block sectors), but in Tier 2 is seems that it is almost exclusively space.

My feedback would be, please revise this content to slip in just a few ground missions, maybe one in each of the three sectors in the Pi Canis block. It is my personal opinion that STO is at its best when it offers players a mix of ground and space action, so that neither of the two starts to feel stale. In fact, if I were you guys, I'd make it a rule of thumb that no sector patrol mission should offer only ground or space missions. There should be at least one of each kind of mission present to break up what quickly becomes monotonous content.

That's all, thanks.

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