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During the Ground Portions of Federation mission Preemptive Strike. At least 1 respawn point is completely in a Part of the "Prefab" rock formation. It is my Impression that the Prefab rock formation has been altered since this mission went live, as a second rock formation later in the Mission hides a Romulan Landing Party, and both rock formations partially blocks the path.
  1. Play Preemtive Strike as normal.
  2. During the section where you Rescue Starfleet Prisoners: Die and hit respawn.
  3. You'll find yourself stuck in rock formation.

Once stuck, the Command /stuck does not work, as you able to move. As a "work around", the Standard Beam out/Beam back works.

As the issue is with the Respawn point, players can pass though the area with no issue.
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While going through the ground part, all my landing party was knocked out, so I hit the respawn button. We all re-spawned in a rock. Couldn't move. Had to beam out, which started the entire mission all over again.

This is ridiculous. Someone move the re-spawn point away from the rocks please.
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02-28-2014, 06:22 AM
Glad to see someone else with this issue: http://sto-forum.perfectworld.com/sh....php?t=1035441

Plus I think there is a "bug report" forum.

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