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Hi, I have been playing STO for a week during OB, and now throughout headstart and I didn't have a single technical fault (sure - lots of unable to login faults due to servers being up and down like a yoyo but the game itself was very stable)

That has all changed since yesterdays patch. I went from no crashes in 2 weeks to 3 crashes in 5 hrs... There is no seemingly noticable pattern about when it crashes (twice when trying to trade with Ferengi by SB24 and once again when fighting in a signal contact in psi velorum) and also now when I pick up items or go to a shop for a breif moment the name of the item is all messed up (e.g rather than Medium Auxillary Battery it says Auxillary_Batt_Med or something like that for a split second)

I see another patch is coming out today and I hope this fixes the problem but if not, PLEASE look into this.

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