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(*takes deep breath*)

Okay, here goes. Feeling nervous. I like exploring, and trying to solve mysteries. I think it's a girl thing as not alot of boys do that on here. Anyways, I was in the New Romulus system wanting to get a closer look at the nebula-like atmosphere surrounding our new homeworld. I've never really seen it up close, and was curious.

Well, when my ship was going behind the planet, the perspective automatically shifted from far way (my usual setting for exploring) to really close up, then back to my far away setting after I travelled a bit further. Now, this suprised me as the viewpoint should remain constant. The only reason for it to shift to being up close was being close to something massive. Nothing was visually "there" that I could see, just the nebula gasses that was floating around. But for some reason my ship's systems was detecting a "wall" of some sort, but I simply couldn't see it. I pondered in trying to understand the "why" that perhaps it was a subspace fold, or a gravimetric convergence point (?). I'm familiar with a LaGrange point (an equilibrium point of no gravitational pull which is the idea spot for satellites) so this must be the opposite of that.

For the next 2 hours, I conducted maneuvers and found more places behind the planet that caused my ship's viewpoint to automatically shift up close. The mystery deepens, right? I decided to fly out far away to get a full view of the area (it's always a good idea to change your perspective in trying to understand things in life). What I found came as a surprise. Just as how a sun's solar wind affects a comet to create a tail in the shadow of the comet. So too did the local star in this system cause the nebula-like atmosphere to create a tail in the shadow of the planet New Romulus.

The phenomena that my ship systems detected as having mass, was the change of molecular density from normal space to the compression wave boundary of the nebula atmosphere. I have not encountered this phenomena in other systems, perhaps because those planets did not have as dense an atmosphere as our homeworld. Or perhaps because this is a two-star system so the effects of solar wind is double that of other single-star systems.

I was, quite pleased with the opportunity to use some of my amateur astronomy knowledge in understanding a space-mystery. As such, I look forward to more "realistic" environments elsewhere in the "Star Trek Online" galaxy.


Yay for creating exploration easter eggs for us.

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If you back up against a wall, or the edge of a zone in space, it will adjust your camera view under some circumstances.

This in no way changes the cool stuff you found in the game --- and those are great pictures, I am just filling in the gap on the camera behavior.
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I've come to find out, there is much truth in your words. By physically changing our perspective, we open another door to observe the same life experience but from a whole different perspective. Thereby affording us the chance to understand the "why" somewhat better than before. As a old Bajoran proverb says, "It's often in the overlooked details, that we understand the "why" to those unanswered questions in life" Such a simple thing, yet so rare in finding.

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Am I the only one who finds it attractive when a girl gets sciency?
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<(O_o) ..?
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Originally Posted by ghyudt View Post
Am I the only one who finds it attractive when a girl gets sciency?
not at all
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Is anyone other than me trying to figure out exactly how youre alive without a spacesuit out there

Everything is OP, plz nerf
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Originally Posted by rylanadionysis View Post
Is anyone other than me trying to figure out exactly how youre alive without a spacesuit out there
Ry Ry Ry we've been through this on TS its space magic at its most awesome, just like how we can heal our hull in like 5 seconds when in real life you'd be toast
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