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# 1 A not so good Arc feature
03-01-2014, 07:21 AM
We have a Zen promo now and I bought some Zen indeed. Before Arc I bought it on the PWE webpage. There were two stages, first you purchased the Zen and then you distributed to a game. You could do it right after the purchase, or you could do it at a later time. Right now I still have Zen waiting to be allocated to a game. I play STO and Neverwinter Online.

With Arc this has changed as it seems. When you purchase Zen you have to allocate it immediately to a game. I don't see that as an advantage and I ask PWE to rethink this feature and bring back the old system.

To clarify. Right now I do not play Neverwinter, but I like the game and if they have a nice offer next week or next month I'd like to have the Zen. regarding STO, which I do like to play right now, I have no interest in buying anything, but I might do it if a nice offer occurs.

Arc is only for windows if I am right, so I will probably go to my mac and get some Zen which I can safe for the right time and game.


Well, I bought some more Zen for my second account and somehow I got on the old PWE webside, where I could just buy the Zen and didn't have to allocate it to a game right away.

Suggestion for PWE. Keep it that way and streamline the ARC UI, so we can just buy Zen and can store on a general account to distribute it later to a game as we like.

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# 2
03-02-2014, 05:33 AM
I believe they are swapping to the new system to stop people saving Zen like this.
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03-02-2014, 08:40 AM
You can still buy it on the PWE website and leave it unallocated.

But yes, I agree, if they were to force you to allocate it, it would be a bad feature.

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