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02-05-2010, 08:26 AM
Originally Posted by Kireas View Post
Don't speak for me, kthx.
I've no interest in the ops discussion but i'd just like to add that I always laugh when people makes posts like the one quoted.
If you don't speak up for yourself someone else will speak up for you. You took the time to post a reply, it could at least contain your opinions on the topic and why are people so touchy when people post 'all' or 'we' or 'most of us'? Don't worry about it lol.
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02-05-2010, 08:27 AM
Racism and hatred for an entire nationality is a true mark of stupidity. You cannot judge an entire people based on your experience with a few of them. The number of people you have met online that are from the U.S. is Infinitesimally small compared to the country's total population. I'll risk my own credibility by proposing that most smart people are probably too busy to play games and therefore you will never meet more than a tiny percentage of that caliber.

On the other hand:

Stupidity is everywhere, indeed, in every country ... so get used to it because it's only going to get worse. Stupid people breed like rabbits, while the enlightened are more cautious, methodic, and practical. Consequently, It's only a matter of time before stupid people bring back the dark ages with a feeble majority rule.

However, stupid people are not necessarily rude and hateful to others. Only if they are also mean at heart. Regardless, you must not assume that "stupid mean people" are isolated to a certain region of the world, either. They are everywhere.

The intelliectual evolution of mankind has been in danger of collapse for a very long time:

In the United States, a "C" grade in school is average and everyone else is less intelligent than that. This brings to light the fact that most people do not truly understand what they are learning. Most people around the world are stupid, statistically speaking. Be afraid ....... be very afraid!

All hope is not lost:

One of mankind's greatest achievements is the internet. Nearly the entirety of Humanity's knowledge can be instantly found on the internet. No longer does it takes hours, days, weeks, and months to do a research project. Just Google it. Even stupid people will learn accidentally by clicking on links that lead them around the WWW. The ubiquity of the internet will force stupid people to be a "little bit less stupid" whether they want to or not. :p

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