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02-05-2010, 06:34 AM
Originally Posted by Bansheedragon
Last I heard about Consoles Stacking was that consoles do stack, but with diminishing returns.
This means that if you have 2 or 3 consoles with the same bonus you get a reduced bonus added for the 2nd and further reduced for the 3rd.

An example here.
If you equip a console with say +25% turn rate you get the full bonus.
But if you equip 3 of them you dont get +75%, but more like +50% increase.
If I am correct, which I might not be, I think if you stack three 25% turn rate modules (and if they have no stacking penalty for using multiple) you will get 25 + 18.75 + 14.06 = 57.81% turn rate. As I think the first one would give you 25%. The second one will give you 25% of the 75 that's left. The third one will give you 25% of the 56.25 that's left after that. I might be totally wrong though.

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