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# 1 birdge crews and away missions
02-05-2010, 07:00 AM
Well... before i begin my rant... I just want to say... this is an awesome game...
I'm definatly enjoying myself and have already called in to work a few times.. heh...
So for this thread, I was just intrested to know what others expected; while I'm not a troll or trying to start a flame thread, there are a few ideas I've had and a few issues as well...
Also, just for info purposes, I wanted to make clear, I'm still playing teir 1... made it to teir 2, but then rerolled for more experience and rethink some choices I've made (as i continue to learn and experiment).

For starters (and purelly cosmetic purposes) Character generation and bridge crew... Holy Crap! Is it cool... I've never played a game that gave you so much control over uniforms and appearance...I've spent so many hours just doing that... truly amazing work!!! I just wish there was a way I could share my bridge crew with others... now while screen shots are ok... they aren't epic!!! My idea there is a simple feature which (while your on your bridge) a special emote that will line your bridge crew up behind you, with you in your captains chair (which is an emote that imo needs to get fixed) so you can take a coolass movie poster cast shot. I'm proud of bridge crew and really wish there was a way I could share them with others and at the same time, see what others are doing...any thoughts?

But (casue you there's a butt)... I found the structure a bit lacking... for instance....
Why can't I assign a first officer or cheif engineer? Isn't kind of the appeal having someone saying the engines are gonna blow, she take anymore... I mean, i get stations, but I like titles too... Haven't gone much beyond teir 1 or 2, but does it get better? Right now ALL the missions are pretty much the same (ground combat, which just takes too long... too long) In the later teirs is there going to be more information on missions so you know how to tailor your away team... "okay I need my sceince officer, an engineer and a couple red shirts" or "i'm taking my entire tactical squad of commandos to destroy the gorn ground forces" or is it always gonna be going to be beam down to with the ENTIRE bridge crew armed to the teeth for a diplomatic mission of peace? (which brings up a question... Is there a way, like holster weapon, you can switch uniforms without having to open 3 differnt menus? Drag emotes to a hot bar?)

All in all... I love this game and can't wait to see what's going to come of it.... while right now, it seems all about locking phasers and firing torpedoes... I'm really looking forward to some of the challanges in the higher teirs, which is something I haven't said about a game in a really long time.

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