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First off I would like to say I love the game. The overall game design, gameplay and combat is great. It has a great foundation. You did a great job designing the world, ships, characters, and overall gameplay.

That being said, now for the constructive criticism.

Leveling seems to be way too fast. I am not a power leveler, I like to read the quests (and am a slow reader) so it usually takes me longer to get through missions than others. But the leveling really seems to go by too quickly. IMO you should have to be in a rank for more than a week (or for some a day) or less. Not sure if or how this could be fixed at this point.

I love the Episodes for the Federation side, and all the other missions. The Genesis System is cool, I am hoping you expand on it, it has allot of potential. I would like to see these types of things on the Klingon side as well. I know Klingons are a Warrior race, so PvP is a good setting for them. But they have a story too. Some of us would like to experience that, not just go kill, kill, kill. And if/when you add Romulans and Cardassians, or any other Faction, I hope you will do the same. They all have their own unique story, and I think most of us would like to experience that story similar to the way you have done the Federation side but in their own unique way. It would be great to not only live in the Star Trek World as a Federation Officer, but also a Klingon Warrior, Romulan Commander or another Faction. But with a story, not just PvP.

I understand why you put the Skill point cap in, but I am hoping you are still looking at ways to remove it without hurting the game. Perhaps in conjunction with slowing down ranking up. Maybe increasing the amount of SP you have to spend in each tier to gain rank. I think allot of us would like to be more diverse Captains than we currently can be now with the cap the way it is. I am not speaking for anyone but myself, but I would gladly go back to Lieutenant if this was changed and we were all given a free Respec.

As far as endgame goes. It would not be an issue if it were not as easy to get there at this point. But allong with PvE group content, I would like to see it focus allot on the War. Maybe Give Fleets their own Space Stations to defend along the neutral zone, that sort of thing.

Like I said in the beginning, I love the game. You guys have done a great job bring the look and feel of the Star Trek Universe to a MMORPG. The foundation is there, but there is allot of things that can and I hope will be done to make this game so much better. There are probably allot of things I have not even thought of, these were just a few of the things I have seen development wise to make this a game people will play long term.
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02-05-2010, 09:26 AM
I think part of the problem is, people level at different paces, and people play for differernt lengths of time.

I've been playing mmo's for a while, and was in STO beta and headstart. I usually put in 2-3+ hours a night playing. Since headstart...I'm only now Lt rank 4 (or 5). So...that's like two weeks for me just to get a rank and a half.

Some members of my fleet are already in their T3 ships, but for all I know, they play 8+ hours a day.

So...who are you going to cater to? For me, personally...I feel it's about right, especially given the amount of content available.

If they slowed it down drastically, for the 8+ hour people...I feel a week is enough time to stay in the Miranda, but lots of people probably burned through that in a day or two.

It would be different if there were a NEED to switch back and use those older ships from time to time. But as it're always going to be using your latest tier available. Too long in one ship gets kinda zzzzzz.

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