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Black Star Legion, and our Officers welcome you to:

Battle Group Eight

"... Quality over quantity ... Excellence without exception ... Shipmates before self ..."


Earth Space Dock
Deck 834 - Section Alpha - Outer Ring
Present Day

You exit the turbolift and turn the corner, before you stands a rather confident looking Vulcan, behind him stands a rather stoic Klingon Tactical Officer and to either side of the Vulcan is a tall and determined Englishman as well as a Trill Starfleet officer. Behind the trio you see the polished glass and oak wood sliding doors with the Starfleet logo as well as the triangular shape of the Battle Group Eight logo. Above the sliding doorway you find what appears to be an old wooden plank, somewhat polished with a carving on it.

As you get closer you see it reads:
"... Quality over quantity ... Excellence with no exception ... Shipmates before self ..."

A deep, confident and rather booming English accent catches your attention as at least half a dozen Starfleet Officers of various ranks stand before the four men. You slowly walk up to the back of the group listening...

"Battle Group 8 Bridge Officers and Starship Captains...." Admiral Lioncourt begins. "I am Govannan Lioncourt, Vice Commander of Battle Group Eight. To my left are Admiral Valion Cunningham, our Battle Group Commander and Captain Khaed of Strike Group Two."

"You have taken your first steps into a greater world. The United Federation of Planets is beyond anything you have ever had the honor and privilege to participate in. The mere fact that you have joined us today, displays that you have the desire to not only met, but exceeded expectations. That does not mean you donít have to prove yourself, on the contrary, this is where the real work begins." He continues, you notice the rather quiet and observant Vulcan looking right at you....

"When you first joined Starfleet you likely found it hard to begin with. You most likely weren't used to the level of training ahead of you, nor be familiar with taking orders. You may have found it a pain to look after your equipment. The effort you have to spend studying and learning various subjects as well as undergoing simulation after simulation, may even seemed like a waste of time. But the discipline you had undergone now will prove to be very beneficial to you indeed. It will help you to remember that everything you were taught during your time at the Academy was done for a reason. It builds up team spirit, and trained you to act quickly and effectively in times of need. And when youíre on active service, youíll be glad of the time you spent there. You are now ready for anything the universe can throw against you."

"Attaining the rank of shipís captain is considered the culmination of a naval career. When a person earns command of a ship, they have attained a position of honor, regardless of the size of the ship. There is a certain amount of chauvinism on the basis of ship size and power, but being the captain of say a Steamrunner class starship often carries more prestige than being a staff officer of any rank. For this reason Starfleet often understands if a shipís captain will turn down a promotion to a staff position. Starfleet honors these officers as it benefits Starfleet to have officers who intimately understand their ship and crew in order to gain the greatest possible performance from them." Lioncourt continues as several of the Officers nod in agreement....

"Battle Group 8 is one the best in Starfleet, and that means that every crewman and officer is highly trained to carry out the various jobs demanded of them. We are lucky to have you, and look forward to a bright future serving along side of you." He finishes as the tall Klingon standing behind the Vulcan crosses his arms looking like a predator....

"With that said. Captain Khaed will accompany you to Personnel where the Yeoman will square you away with your Strike Group Assignments. Ensure your ship XO's contact Operations before returning to their ships." Lioncourt finishes, "Admiral, anything you'd like to add for the new additions?"

Cunningham just shakes his head, "No Admiral. We have work to get done, and itís on the front lines." Cunningham retorted confidently, his hand relaxed behind his back as he evaluated the new Starship Captains in front of him. His Head of Security, the Klingon Tactical Officer behind him quietly grunted in approval, and just smiled at the Vulcan's lack of speeches.

- Down to the Facts -

Black Star has been around in one form or another for six years. We made our break in Star Wars Galaxies and today we are coming here to Star Trek Online. Our officers are some of the finest I have worked with across three games over the years. We pride ourselves on dedication and commitment to our members, ideas, and employing fresh concepts and unrestrictive methods.

To give you an idea of the quality we have, we have over four prior guild leaders of extremely successful guilds among us. Two of which were responsible for the very first ever fleet battles that Starsider became famous for. We have on our staff over a combined 30 years of raiding experience spread across at least eight of us. We have three people who are either active duty military or in the reserves as well as several people who are first responders in real life. We have university level professors, students, professionals across several aerospace and defense industries as well as many others.

What is most important, is we have people who stick together. Those of us who have been in Black Star Legion from Starsider in SWG, I count at least five members, some of them I haven't talked too in years and here we are. I'm very proud of who we've brought in, and I can't wait to see who joins us.

We are highly orgainized and yet fluid enough to bring solid tactical and operational concepts to the field.

Today, we ask you to join us and carry on the torch that has lite brightly over the years as we take a new step, on a new journey.

Sponsored by Black Star, Battle Group Eight has deployed into Star Trek Online Ö.. Weíre not a guild, we are an experience. And now we challenge you!

General Data:

Who to contact in-game: @Valion ..... @Govanator ..... @Khaotyk

Website: Battle Group Eight Website

Recruiting Application: You will fill it out when you join our website, it will be autoposted and reviewed.

Age: 18+ ... No exceptions.

- Voice chat: We use ventrillo. It will be required for large scale fleet operations (even in just a listening capacity.)

- Role Play: We encourage it! We create it and employ it.

- PVE: We master it.

- PVP: We bring it.

- Strike Groups:
Within the Battle Group we hold individual Strike Groups manned by our Starship Captains, and lead by our finest Officers. Each is designed from the ground up by its respective Strike Group Commander, and each of our Strike Group Commanders, along with their crews must prove their salt here. We don't give anyone position or title here.

We have a very unique concept to our Strike Groups, and we do it in such a way that we can bring individuals to the head of the table and let them bring their ideas into their groups. What we don't do is constrict membership with a lot of rules, tons of ranks like most of these other Star Trek guilds.

1. Everyone in the fleet (with a couple of exceptions) will carry the rank you are in-game. We're all Starship Captains here, so your guild rank vs. in-game rank will be the same. You promote in the guild when you do in game.

Exception 1: New players, and new members will undergo a Trial Period where you will have no rank and be one of our Officer Candidates. You will be expected to join us, get to know us and let us get to know you. If you join us then never talk to us, you won't last long.

Once you trial period is over, as well as have been here and active with us consistantly for a week. Your Trial Period will end, and you will then wear the rank you are in game. If you are a new player to STO.

Exception 2: Guild Officers who carry a functional position in the guild will be the only members who move beyond Admiral in rank of the guild. So if you are an in-game Admiral, and you have no functional position in the guild, you will remain a Captain with us. If you have a funcational position with us, you will be promoted accordingly.

NOTE: Only "Command Staff" Officers will move to the Admiral ranks.
NOTE: "Support Staff" will remain Captains with special titles.

Player created mission content:
Join us and find out what this means ......

The House of Black Star:
Whether we are sending Black Star against Battle Group 8, running Red vs. Blue Force Operations, or going after other groups around the galaxy. The House of Black Star is for our membership who has Klingon faction characters and desire a certain level of quality, excellence and certain levels of creative fun. Or, our members can use it as a place to take a break from the Federation side and enjoy a more casual side of something new.

Whatever the reason though, we cater to our membership so our people stay together.

For those who stand out, perhaps you'll be picked for something Black Star is exceptionally good at, and something even our regular membership knows nothing about ...

Your future?
I'll leave that up to you to write here. You won't be led around by the nose, but you'll have people at your side. You won't be pampered, but you'll be highly respected within our ranks and together we'll be known as a solid group, tactically sound and a group who has earned respect. But what is most important, you have the ability to create your own future with us here, unrestricted by starting at "Crewman", unrestricted by "Admirals" who are set in the chain of command. The only question is, how far do you want to travel in this journey?

Thank you for reading. There are a lot of guilds out there, some who have been established a long time in the Star Trek environment. We're not built to be the biggest on the block, nor the most popular. We are built to bring our membership something special, fun, something with imagination. And if we become known, then its because our membership took us there.
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02-04-2010, 02:48 PM
Bump for the day. Thank you to those who've looked at our page and we hope to hear from some of you.
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02-05-2010, 07:13 AM
And so it begins, glad to see this up
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02-05-2010, 01:50 PM
Yes it does. I look forward to seeing how our first mission set works out.

Great to see our new members coming on board!
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02-06-2010, 02:32 PM
Bump and I hope everyone has a great weekend.

We got some of our folks together and The House of Black Star is born!
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02-06-2010, 03:51 PM
I'm just not very smart.

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