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# 1 The Empire Strikes Back
03-04-2014, 11:48 PM
Ok all, this is gonna be a RP thread, for KLINGONS! You can continue on with my RP, and these are still all in the same universe! Good luck Generals! (PS, sorry for the SW title :p)

Keshka Brotang Ragar sat at the commanders seat. One of the new recruits walked up to him, 'Sir, I..err.. well.' the recruit stuttered
'What?' asked Keshka, his eyebrows raised. He found the recruit tiresome, and he had just met him, which is generally not good for someones career.
'Well, uhh, I think we found a.. errr.. cloaked Federation ship' the Bekk finally stuttered. Keshka put his hands on his head, something the Earthers called a 'facepalm'. 'What?' snarled Keshka. He found anger building up fast. Suddenly, a Defiant class starship decloaked. 'BATTLE STATIONS!!' roared Keshka. 'Fire all weapons!' ordered his first officer, K'Gan. The disruptors began firing. 'Enemy shields at 20%, sir!' stated one of the officers. 'enemy shields down!' he later yelled. The Ch'Koks disruptors pierced the Defiants hull. Soon, the Defiant burst into flames. 'Contact High Command' ordered Keshka 'tell them we've found the Starfleet ships'

Ok, now you can continue! Good luck!

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