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# 1 Ground Combat Bug
02-05-2010, 08:43 AM
Is anybody else having the following problems?


1. Everything starts out ok but with a few seconds or perhaps a minute or two at most my “WASD” key setup fails to function correctly (I am using the default setup). I lose the ability to control what direction I go in specifically losing the ability to go forward and it winds up that virtually all keys make the toon run sideways one way or the other. Turning just flat doesn’t happen just sideways running. (Coinciding with this is that it results in camera angles in the direction of travel, ergo you lose sight of your targets.)

2. A lesser problem is that the carried weapon drops off the display and the character looks unarmed, but the weapon actually functions as normally and comes back into display when firing.

The above a limited solely to PVP ground everything runs fine in PVE ground or space PVE/PVP.
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# 2
02-05-2010, 02:39 PM
I also have the same problem with my WASD commands in the first couple of minutes of combot. However, this occur on an Episode and i believe this error extends to PVE as well.

bump so dev knows
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# 3
02-05-2010, 04:06 PM
I've experienced this issue as well in pve. It almost appears as though the camera "locks" on the original targets location, then as the battle progresses the controls maintain that same vantage point even though the camera has moved on. It results in key driven movement (even re-keyed) seems to strafe in one direction or another with most of the directional keys. I'll try to pay attention better to see if it is possibly triggered by the target moving off camera while targeted.
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# 4
02-05-2010, 04:15 PM
Indeed, it happens on all of my ground missions. After a few moments in a firefight, my WASD keys only strafe left and right.
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# 5
02-08-2010, 04:15 PM
Yea, this just cropped up in PVE for me last night. Very random in PVE for me vice being very consistent in PVP. But, is the same issue,
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# 6
02-08-2010, 05:02 PM
I've seen the same issues. I was able able to navigate using the arrow keys, though, which seemed to reset the WASD keys movements.
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# 7
08-15-2013, 11:47 AM
I've also had this issue but only when using the Klingon Toon, one thing i spotted was taht issue only shows if game play is interupted but a pop-up window during a mission, and at the same time i would be turning either left or right.

On closing the pop-up i was then stuck with a toon that constantly headed in the direction i was heading prior to pop-up. Even if toon is killed he'd respawn running left or right, and only way to gain some control is to try to run in opposite direction to keep my toon going straight and using mouse control to turn. The bug also prevents crouching as soon as you release couch button he gets up and runs sidways again.

I have tried copying my settings from my fed toon, just in case it was a conflict in the controls, but so far no luck bug still appears.

If anyone know of a solution i'd love to know because i'm getting rather fed up with my toon running off the blocks in Infected Gnd Elite and ending up in the soup .... does make getting the Optional redundant

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