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02-07-2010, 10:33 AM
Originally Posted by wolfman007 View Post
I don't understand all the questions and complaints about prices. This is an online game. Online games have some of the oddest economies you'll ever see. When placing someting at a high price, the seller isn't losing anything at all. So what if people don't buy it ever? It's not like the seller is going to use his item.

But what if someone DOES buy your MK I phaser for 30k? Then good on you.

A personal experience from the other day: I looted a MK III purple-quality item that was utterly useless to me. I looked on the exchange, saw one on there for 2.4mil, and thought, "Now this is an opportunity!"

So I posted in zone chat that I was selling the same item for 400k. Holy smokes, I was inundated with whispers from all kinds of people, none of which wanted to buy it. Some people were actually ANGRY. Appalled that I would sell ANYTHING for that cost, much less a MK III.

I got several comments like, "nobody can afford that, this game was just launched, what's your problem?"

My response? "But what if someone can? What if someone does?"

After about five minutes of performing damage control on all the flames sent my way, I decided to try my luck on the exchange. At 2am, GMT -8, I set the item up for 400k. When I woke up at 6am, it had already sold.

That's right, sold. Sold for a "ridiculous price nobody would ever pay".

What's my point in all of this? Who cares if a body wants to try to set bait for a sucker? If an item is purchased, the price wasn't "too high".
Who cares if it was a purple mk3 a white mk5 will have the same effect you are lucky you found a stupid person to buy it
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02-07-2010, 10:44 AM
He lies, nobody will buy a mk3 item for 400k

Originally Posted by NSTO
Who cares if it was a purple mk3 a white mk5 will have the same effect you are lucky you found a stupid person to buy it
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02-07-2010, 10:48 AM
I sell a good bit on the Exchange, just by having reasonable prices.

I also shop smart on the Exchange myself. The trick is to narrow down what you want, then scroll through the pages. When you are looking at nothing but Phaser Beam Array Mk II, its very easy to scroll through and just look at the number of digits and the leading digit. Usually by page three or so I find a good deal and I buy it.

For example, the first trip through the Exchange for my current captain, I went in with a little over 4k credits. I walked out with a pair of Mk II phaser arrays, a Mk II torpedo launcher, and a Mk II deflector dish with a handful of credits to spare.

Heck, I found a bunch of Mk III phaser rifles on there for less than even the replicator would give me for selling them off. I marked 'em up a few hundred credits and put them back on. If they haven't sold by the time I get back on tonight, I'll go vendor them to a ferengi trader for an even bigger profit.

Easy to get rich right now if you just know how much you can get for something, and look through the Exchange for anything priced less than that.

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