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02-05-2010, 08:50 AM

We of Task Force Chimera are seeking Brave and courageous People to join in our fight to protect and uphold the Federation against all those that are trying at this very instant to destroy us. The Klingons, Romulans, Cardassian Dissidents, The merciless Borg, and all of the Pirate and criminal scum Who fester in the uncharted regions of space. We are a Secretly funded arm of the Federation Military We answer to no one, and we are known by no one we go and do the jobs that the normal rank and file are unable to do. We will protect this Federation, Even if it means sacrificing our own lives to do it.

Welcome, I am Arturace Filandrio Loray Commander of the Task Force Chimera.
We are looking to recruit players of any age, skill level. Our fleet is here mainly to have a good time laugh joke and blow stuff up! We are just now forming up the core group has been playing from the start of Closed and Open Betas, and we all are generally a good fun loving group.

We have a Ventrilo Server, and will be getting a Guild Launch Site shortly. If you are interested in joining Fleet to just have some fun feel free to send me a mail either in game or on the forum my in game handle is Arturace Loray@Arturace feel free to hit me up hope to see you in Sector Space.

(also we might set up an RP channel If there are enough people who wish to RP)


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