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  • The maximum number of personal inventory and bank slots has been increased:
    • Main inventory slots for all characters have been increased by 18, and the number of character bank slots by 12.
      • This is a free increase for all existing characters and for all newly created characters.
      • This will take effect when the weekly update goes live.
    • We have increased the number of times you can purchase the “12 Inventory Slots” and “12 Bank Slots” options from the Cryptic Store.
      • You will be able to purchase the “12 Inventory Slots” option up to 6 times, instead of the previous limit of 3.
        • This allows the purchase of up to 36 more inventory slots than previously allowed.
        • When added to the 18 free slots, you can now extend main inventory by 54 additional slots.
      • You will be able to purchase the “12 Bank Slots” option up to 12 times, instead of the previous limit of 4.
        • This allows the purchase of up to 96 more bank slots than previously allowed.
        • When added to the 12 free slots, you can now extend bank storage by 108 additional slots.
      • This will take effect when the weekly update goes live.
    • There is no increase to account bank slots.
    • There is no increase to fleet bank slots.
  • Caitian and Feresan tails no longer appear when wearing the Dyson EV suit.
  • Dyson Sphere Uniform upper pieces are now in the Jacket Loose category instead of Off-Duty.
  • Resolved an issue that was preventing Romulan captains from benefitting from Away Team Leader.
    • When on ground missions, Romulan Captains will buff the skill levels of all of their Bridge Officers by 1 for each level they have, from 1 to 50.
    • This functionality is already present and working for Klingon and Starfleet captains.
  • Spire Fleet Holding:
    • Resolved an issue that would cause Pimek Gren to appear twice in the Spire's Duty Officer Store for Starfleet players.
  • Hirogen Ships:
    • Enhanced Inertial Damper Field power no longer shows a generic faction power icon.
  • The Transwarp to Fleet Spire power no longer shows an unnecessary buff icon in space.


  • The 4 year anniversary mission “A Step Between Stars” has been moved to the Solanae Dyson Sphere tab in the Episodes list.
    • It is now a level 50 episode.
    • It no longer rewards Qmendation marks.
    • Rewards still include choosing 1 of the three new Dyson Space set pieces.
    • Replay rewards also include the choice for a Dilithium Ore Container.
  • Dyson Science Destroyer (Anniversary event version)
    • Players who have slotted the Anniversary Event Reputation Project will still be able to buy Qmendation Packages in the Lobi Store.
      • The price is 5 Lobi for a package of 10-20.
      • The ability to purchase Qmendation packages will end on 3/13/14.
    • Players that have NOT slotted the project will NOT be able to buy Qmendation Packages.
      • Instead you will be able to buy the Dyson Science Destroyer for 600 lobi in the lobi store.
      • The Dyson Science Destroyer will permanently be in the lobi store for 600 lobi.
  • Bonus Experience and Bonus Foundry weekend events have been added to the calendar.
    • All Skill Points and Expertise rewards are doubled during the Bonus Experience weekend event.
    • All qualifying Foundry missions will reward a choice of Reputation Marks as an additional reward during the Bonus Foundry weekend event.
  • Updated the episode “Trapped” to add missing mission objective waypoints.

Known Issues:

  • KDF captains cannot switch to all costume slots.
  • Romulan ship warp trails are not consistently the right color based on chosen faction.
  • There is no error explaining that loadouts and quick equip will not work if the captain’s inventory is full.
  • Powers granted by a space set are not remembered in the power tray when using the loadouts feature.
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